August 19

Space Habitats

For my space habitat the place i have chosen is mars, and here why, on mars the temperature is -73 degrees c – 20 degrees c, so that is sort of normal and we could make things warmer by putting heaters powered by solar panels and we could make water by melting the icicle’s and then making water, and we could not only make power from solar panels we could also make it from making that water hot with like the solar panel power heater’s, and then that could create steam which could power things. we could terra-form the environment by planting plants like potato’s, carrot’s and etc. this might have a change on the environment by having new plants and then if there is alien’s and stuff like that on mars they might eat some plants and that might effect them in some way. this could be very useful for human because human’s may over populate on earth, and global warming and things like that. it would be a very big next step for humans and we would benefi

t a lot from it.

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