June 19

Passion Project 1 – Finished Product

In my first Passion Project i achieved what i was hoping to achieving, although my expectations were dropped because i forgot that i might not have as good drawing skills as some other people who do them and my lighting and setup might not have been the best.

What were some challenges?

Some of the challenges i ran into were…

We couldn’t find a good item to make it so my phone/camera was on a horizontal angle and centred in the middle of the whiteboard. Instead we had to use a microphone stand and then we had to sticky tape a selfie stick to the end of the microphone stand because it would not fit were the microphone usually is and it would always fall.

Also we couldn’t get the video’s from my phone/camera onto the computer and only some photo’s from my phone/camera would appear, i think this is because i uploaded my camera roll on my phone/camera to the i-cloud to save storage, so what we had to do was use a U.S.B which was annoying because it took a very long time.

I also ran into a problem where i might not have had a very good microphone because my family’s good microphone is in storage so what i ended up doing was using a old headset, which surprisingly seemed to have a decent microphone.

And lastly with the editing i accidentally clicked a button that made the audio mute but i fixed it, i accidentally zoomed in where you put the content and had to get it so it would at least worked decently well, and it was hard because i had to the video’s sync up with the audio, but i made this easier by looking at how long the time was of the audio and making the video the same duration, and also i sped up every video a bit and then memorised how long they go for so that i would record my different parts so that they go for around about the same amount of time.

My Dad helped me with this project.

Here is a picture of the setup i used.

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