June 19

DC Cartoon

Today we looked at Digital Citizenship Cartoons, we got to chose between around about 3 cartoons to pick.

I chose this image because i found it funny because…

-They are on a date an the boy is on their phone

-The boy isn’t making eye contact

-I think what the girl is saying is funny because you are supposed to look at each other when you are on a date but the boy isn’t and she says it in sort of like a jokey way


What is the Message?…

  • That people are so addicted to technology and social media that they sometimes they might not live a good life and they probably need to have at least a little bit of balance

Now that i have analysed this cartoon do i still find this funny?…

  • Yes i do because the joke still apply’s


Posted June 19, 2018 by Saul High in category Digital Citizenship

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