June 5

Win At The Fair

Win At the fair is a game where, well you have to win at the fair, first we got given a sheet to play the game, but the sheet wasn’t fair, It had way too high numbers,¬† a low entry fee of $1 and it was a high chance to roll on the tiles with a lot of money to lose. Everybody had 10 go’s of getting an amount of money from the game at fair, here is the data.

The next time we created one it was the “creative” game at the fair, this game was the first Try of creating a game board that will work in order to make us money, here is some what my “creative” game board looked like and some data from 10 turns of rolling and getting on a tile that contains money.

The Game board after that, the 2nd Fair Game Board was supposed to be the updated version of the “creative” Fair Game Board, it was supposed to be the final game board, i put this game board into maths 300 and sadly i could not have the $0.50 in front of the start sign, but here are the results i have had after the 2nd Fair Game Board.

I lost $714.25 and i lost $0.71 each game, I think i could improve by making the higher numbers down the bottom only and the lower numbers up the top, so that it is higher chance to roll a lower number. I have run out of time to test this 4 times or to create a new game board, sorry. But this was an activity that definitely  made me think.

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