June 4

Digital Etiquette

What is Netiquette? Netiquette is kindness and manners shown online, For example not being mean online and not sending someone mean messages like “you suck,” instead sending people nice messages like “great job today.”

What is Flame Wars? Flame Wars are when People start arguing on the internet, for example somebody might say they don’t like Star Wars then some Star Wars fan might get mad and then start arguing.

What is a Internet Troll? An Internet Troll is someone who likes to look for flame wars, for example a little kid might love star wars and then internet troll might comment about star wars and say someone bad and then they might have a flame war.

When Tim says “once your message is out, it’s out” it means that things can stay on the internet forever and to be careful what you put on the internet.

Sometimes online somebody might have an anonymous name, so you might not know who they and sometimes they might say something mean because the person is not saying it to the other person’s face and they might not know each other or each other’s name’s.

If you are young it is great to get permission to post something on the internet because you might make the wrong decision and it can stay up there forever.


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