May 22

THINK Online Acronym poster

What does THINK mean? In this case THINK is an acronym for when you are doing something like sending a message ore posting something on social media and how you should always be careful what you do or when you say something. True. what does true mean? True means don’t lie, so don’s lie about who you are and things like that. Helpful, What does helpful mean? Helpful means make sure it helps someone in a certain way, so for example there usually is no point of saying something if it doesn’t have a purpose or is helpful. Inspiring. What is inspiring? In this case inspiring means that usually when you post something you want to get it to inspire someone, for example maybe post a quote every now and again to inspire someone to keep on being happy. Necessary, What does necessary mean? In this case necessary means to do only the necessary actions, for example cyber bullying isn’t necessary, it’s mean and bad, so always think about what you say. Kind, What does kind mean? In this case kind means not to nice to people and never put someone down, for example if i cyber bullied someone that isn’t kind, but if i were to send someone a nice message, that is.

May 20

#UPDATE Passion Project 1

For my 1st Passion Project i am doing g a draw my life on how i got into video games. So far i am pretty sure i have got all the equipment i need such as a whiteboard, good markers, good light for lighting, eraser, selfie stick and my phone for filming. I hope you enjoy my finished product once i am done!