November 12

Tinkering in Design


-I learnt how electronics work

-I learnt what hot wiring is

-I learnt that skin and wet things can conduct electricity

We spent a while figuring out what it is that we want to make, we finally decided an electric pencil sharpener, our plan was to get something that spins and a switch, both of which we found, we also decided to solder our wires to the places that they needed to be soldered to.


What is tinkering? Tinkering is taking apart a object and make it different, making it into something else or making something different.

November 2


I think purple is going to be 17/40 and yellow will be 8/40 and green will be 3/40, red will be 8/40 and orange will be 4/40 because that is about the most likely in my opinion.

These are the results.