August 31

Week 5/6 Robotics

At the first week of this session of robotics we played with the EV3 robots.

In this session of robotics I finished 3 EV3 Robot challenges and 1 Sphero program. The ones I finished are the black line, the black line circle and the black line squiggly. I didn’t get a video of the black squiggly line but here is some of the videos I did get.


August 21


What special days do we celebrate in Australia during the calendar year? Name the Celebration, date and why it is celebrated.

Christmas – 25 December – It celebrates the birth of Jesus

Anzac Day – 25 April – To honour the Australian and New Zealand soldiers that died in the war

Australia Day – January 26 –  It marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the first fleet of British ships

Boxing Day – December 26 – the day after Christmas

Queens Birthday – June 11 – Queens Birthday

What are some other days celebrated around the world that have significant cultural values different to Australia?

Chanukah – (It changes because it goes according to the moon rather than the sun) – 8 Days -A successful rebellion

Songkran -13 April – Thai new year

Thanksgiving – 23 November – Celebrating the harvest and other blessings



August 21


In sewing we got to use sewing machines and we learned how to sew. I learnt how to use a sewing machine, how to in-jam one and how to make things! We made a line and in the middle of the line we got to sew in little outlines of thing of our choice. It was a great experience and I hope to do it again.

August 2


In robotics we got set a project were first we had to follow a straight black line, then once we have done that we go onto another black line which is in the shape of an oval. Sadly I didn’t get to finish either because our group had the colour sensor off the robot and we kept putting it on wrong. This is my attempt and program for the first challenge.

I don’t have a video for the second challenge because I didn’t get onto it. The loop block work because it was set on infinite times do something. I think the blue comment blocks didn’t because something in there wasn’t right and the colour sensor block.

I have finished all the tasks now, here are 2 pictures of the programs.


August 1


Scratch is a app where you can create animations, quiz’s, games and more. I’ve been focusing on a game I like to call shooting range. I’ve learnt how to use colour blocks which what it does is if something (like a colour) hit another colour it triggers something to happen. This is what a colour one of the colour block looks like.

The gun which went up and down from the screen worked because it forever moved down until it touches a colour and up when it does, then it repeats forever.

The thing that didn’t work is the shooting, it shot, but it doesn’t shoot straight or stop to shoot and the bullet wasn’t lined up with the gun.

I think it didn’t work because I don’t know how to get the bullet to stop and go with the gun.