June 19


In Microworlds we worked on making shapes, since I have used Microworlds before I  had to make different quadrilateral’s that aren’t squares or rectangles. I chose to do a parallelogram and a kite. (that isn’t perfect) All together it was pretty fun and a great way to learn. I hope you have enjoyed!

June 5


Sensor : Colour

Today we learned about sensors and how they work, a sensor is something that detects something and gives data into the machine it is used from. We worked on a colour sensor and it was challenging to make it work. The colour sensor picked up colour and when it picked it up it stopped the robot. My program went up to a green piece and stopped using the sensor, but we didn’t quite get it to do anything more.

Sensor: Touch

Today we learned about touch sensors and how they work, a touch sensor is a sensor that goes up to something and uses a spring like device, it touches something and then data goes in the robot to tell the robot to do something else. We had two challenges, the first one is to hit your hand and stop, the second one is to touch a wall, go backwards a bit, and to turn.

June 5

Allegro Day

Allegro day was fun because we got to refine and perform our music, I played the trumpet. It was down at Senior School where we performed in front of parents. We split off into our groups of what we played, then made our sound on the trumpet better and make our pieces of music more in rhythm and in notes. In case you have never seen a trumpet in your life, this is a trumpet.

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June 5

Blackwater Book Review

I thought this was a great book because, it was sort of like a love story, and a girl called Pauline ‘likes’ a kid called Brodie but there is a older bully who Pauline actually likes, Pauline dies from Brodie’s jealousy. Now Brodie’s cousin Alex is trying to cover everything up and is kind of a jerk. Also he  gets inside of Brodie’s mind and is sort of telling him he has to do something and lie to get out of this mess. I would give this book 7/10 stars because it feels almost like 2 story’s and I want more from the ending.

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