May 29

Rube Goldberg Project


In session 1 we got split into groups of 3, and we talked about what its going to do, and how with the design. Our groups aim is to press space bar to start a song. We tossed up some ideas like making paper go in the bin, or hit a bell, or even record a video!


In session 2 we did a little bit more of designing and we brought some materials in and started to make a little bit like a pulley, and a inclined plane. It got difficult with the stress on us that we have to connect it all up soon.

Session 3

in Session 3 we improved our design and made our structure stronger. It was quite hard because the pulley kept and getting tangled up. We figured the ramp should be on the structure that holds the pulley.

Session 4

In session 4 we connected the parts we have so far and made it all flow together. So far we have a car go down a ramp that goes into a pulley, that on the other cup of the pulley has a marble on it and the marble falls down a ramp, that’s all we have got so far. We got a lot of work done today.

Session 5

In session five our machine stopped working but then we got it back to normal and tried to get it to press space bar on my computer to start a song. We didn’t get to do much this lesson because we got our my machine to work again and it was only an hour long lesson.

Session 6

I wasn’t here for session 6 but I’m sure my group did well.

What is a Rube Goldberg machine? A Rube Goldberg project is a complicated series of tasks all combined together to do a simple thing.

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