May 14

The 4 mini projects

Project 1

In project 1, we were with Mr.Colbert. We used K-nex to build a simple machine, for example you couldn’t build a hammer because there is no simple machine in it, where as in a tow truck there are many simple machines. We split into partners and choose a machine to build out of a K-nex guide. Me and my partner (Will) chose the tow truck, the simple machines in a tow truck are a wheel and axel, lever, and pulley. We didn’t get to finish but it was a great lesson!

Project 2

In project 2, we were with Mr.Mackay and working on pulleys, we went into groups of 3 or 2, in my case 3. We didn’t do much, so I’ll just explain what a pulley is. A pulley is something that has rope/wire attached to it and pulls thing up by making the other thing down.

Project 3

In project 3 we worked on making a Lego simple machine like a inclined slope/ramp or something like that. I once again didn’t get to finish mine but by memory I did a ramp. It was quite hard finding the piecesĀ I have to admit.

Project 4 (The mix)

In this lesson we put all of our things together, but me and my permanent partner didn’t do much, we were really close to finishing our K-nex project but didn’t quite get there. He finished his Lego thing as well.

I hope you enjoyed.

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