February 24

Roller Coaster


In Session 1 we had to make a design of a roller coaster showing what we know. This is what I did. I know that gravity can pull things down so that’s why I started from the top and I also know that if something gets enough speed it can go upside down which I think can be centripetal force.


In session 2 I kept on doing my design but eventually I got there. Then I got started on The Roller Coaster, It was hard at first but then we got started and finished. (for now) We made the marble go down from the top of two boxes so it gets speed, then it goes into a funnel, down to a spiral into the apple juice bottle.


In session 3 we tried to make our Roller Coaster better, but then the teachers say make it like a Roller Coaster and make it more portable. We started to blog half way through the session so we could share our learning about what we have done so far.


In session 4 we kept blogging. A lot of the Year 5’s haven’t finished yet. I find blogging quite hard to do.


In session 5 I blogged and now I’m making a revised roller coaster with my group. It was fun but also hard.


In session six I blogged about session 5 and improved any little bits of my blog that need improving.


Today I worked on a refined design and finished it, it was hard to describe it on the paper.

Then, me and my group improved our roller coaster and made a more portable and efficient product, the Roller Coaster isn’t done yet, but it’s really close. I learnt from session 7 what centripetal force is and what heaps of scientific words mean.


In Session 8 my groups Roller Coaster didn’t quite work so I tried and make it work every time using zip ties by making parts stay up and make the tubing be more even. I would say it worked quite well but still needs some work.


In Session 9 we connected with another group and it was really fun. We got a lot done this session, we added more to the others group roller coaster and made our Roller Coasters fit really well together as if people didn’t know we had different Roller Coasters in the first place.


I can make The Roller Coaster better next time by working harder and communicating better with my group and having more height and turns.

It worked because it had a lot of speed and heaps of gravity pulling the marble.

It failed because some turns were too sharp and sometimes the marble got stuck.

I think we can make it better by making it more simple, smaller and more mobile.

The aim of this project is to find out more about gravity and force.

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