February 16

Cereal Box Marble Run

Attempt 1

Attempt 1 was our first design for the marble run. First we had to draw the design, then we got to making it. Mine had nothing special about it, just a simple, sturdy finished piece and design.

take 1-1ufbyw2

Attempt 2 was when we got the opportunity to make ours special. Our aim was to make it slow. I tried making a ramp for mine but then I forgot that it needs to be slow, so I scrapped that idea and made a slow, yet steady and stable marble run.


attemp 2-vv6vc4

I liked this activity because I love making things and I also love to be creative, I thought it was a great experience and can’t wait for the future. I think I improved mine by making mine last for longer. I changed the angles on my second design so it goes slower.

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