September 14

Term 3 reflection

Here are some reflections from the end of Term 3.

Story clip:The story clip project is a project where we show the difference in the landscape and each story clip is however many years you want apart. I thought that the story clip project was a great activity because I got to learn about the history in “my place” and I got to paint and write about my passion of Barwon Heads Riverside. I’ve learnt from this: what happened before I was born and how hard it would be for the aboriginals to survive in a place without technology and metal tools.


Mt.Rothwell: Mt.Rothwell is a place where they breed nearly extinct creatures and have heaps of wildlife. I thought that Mt.Rothwell was a great experience because we got to learn about different animals that nearly went extinct like the eastern Quoll which we didn’t get to see, the Rufous Bettong and the Rock Wallaby. I have learnt from this: That the world is full of wildlife but no matter how small or big an animal is, it’s still amazing.


Window: Window is a book that shows change in the landscape every 10 years from a little boys life to a mans life. Window is a great book because you can see how the place has changed overtime and how much can change every 10 years. I’ve learnt from this that each day it doesn’t seem like much has changed however each 10 years makes a big difference.




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