September 14

‘Camping’ – the poem


Feel the warmth of the fire,                                                                                                                    As the heat rises higher.

Nothing better than camping out,                                                                                                      You can do whatever you want even scream and shout.

As the snakes creep up on you ready to pound                                                                               Just make heaps of noise, they don’t like sound.

Take a swim in the depths of the river,                                                                                             So what if it’s cold and makes you shiver.

Telling spooky a spooky story about a ghost,                                                                                     So very scary, just like most.

Hiking up to the mountain tops,                                                                                                          No cleaning the floors with brooms and mops.

So in conclusion camping is extraordinarily good,                                                                           You should try it sometime, I think you should.

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