As I sit in front of my laptop waiting for my film to render I think, wow. Our final passion project. We have worked so hard on all of them and now it’s over. It’s been a crazy journey for me. From cakes to doll houses and finally I get to share something I’m truly passionate about. Irish dance. I did achieve what I originally set out to do. My goal was to make a film to create and share with 6B and to perform a dance for them. As I am writing this I haven’t presented yet but I’m super excited for when I do! This film has kind of motivated me to be better in a way. I’m more motivated to stop texting Ayat (don’t ask) and go and practise. I would definitely call that a success on my part. My biggest challenge was definitely finding old footage of me dancing. I would be happily scrolling through the photos on my mum’s phone, then “Eilish I need my phone back” every 5 minutes. It doesn’t work. Oh, and when I have actually found something of use to me that is not a photo of little foetus Eilish being cUtE, it takes an hour for it to ‘process’ before I can send it to myself. Inconvenient much. Honestly there wasn’t really a way for me to over come that. I just had to be patient, and use it as an excuse to text Ayat (am I the only one noticing a pattern here?!) I’m not really sure if there is a way for me to extend my learning. I guess I would have got more footage and added more detail to my script. I really hope you enjoy my passion project and I cant wait to see where my dancing journey leads me next!






Oh my gosh. Another passion project is done! I am really proud of what I have achieved. I think I did almost exactly what I set out to do, just instead of doing all 6 rooms, I chose to do 4. My biggest success was getting it done in time! My biggest challenge was making sure I got it done in time. If I were to keep going I would do the bottom floor and I am going to do them in the future. I had so much fun doing this project and cannot wait for next term!

Georgian culture RVE

In this project we were given the task to create a double page about a country of our choice. I chose Georgia!

Georgians have many different foods. They are so different and unknown asked a random Aussie what Khachapuri is, they would be like ” um, what’s that?”  or “CANDY” (I’m looking at you Tiana!) Also Georgia is very mountainous, unlike Australia who has a couple of mountain ranges but the rest is mostly flat. Another thing is Australia is way better known that Georgia. If you asked someone where Georgia is the majority would say “in the US” a few would say “what’s Georgia” and a small amount would say “in the Caucasus region of Eurasia” or something like that.

Although Australia and Georgia are really different, they do remarkably have some similarities. They both have the St George’s cross on their flag. They both have large Christian populations. They both compete in Eurovision (hehe). They also both have red and white on their flags. If I lived in Georgia I would love to live among all the mountains and the food sounds delicious! I would probably struggle to understand their incomprehensible language. Here, try reading this: შეგიძლია წაიკითხო (thanks google translate!) Yeah, you can see what I mean.

Georgia is a beautiful place and I hope to visit someday!!



It has been a rough journey so far. On the weekend I finally managed to go to spotlight. I would have gone earlier however we kept having interuptions and couldn’t find the time. I have everything I need to get started on the house apart from cardboard for the walls but that will be easy to get. I have taken a lot of inspiration from other people who have re done their doll houses. I hope you enjoy seeing the finished product!!

The Lost Princess

The Lost Princess was a short film about online safety. It followed the life of Lost princess and her online friend who turned out to be a 40 year old man. There were 3 other kids who went through similar things. One of them was Lucy.

Lucy had her profile password on her phone. Some bullies got hold of her phone and hacked into her account. They posted really mean things on her profile and everyone thought she was sending them. The password was also for her email. The bullies hacked into that as well and sent rude and mean messages to her. She didn’t want to tell anyone because they weren’t actually physically doing anything to her, so she wasn’t sure if it was bullying.

Lucy was really scared and the bullies threatened that if she told, bad things would happen. Lucy’s reluctance to tell made the situation a whole lot worse.

Lucy ended up telling her dad and he called the police. They told her it was bullying and that she should of told someone sooner!  She got a new phone number, profile and email.

I think that if she told someone sooner, the situation would have gotten better. Bullies rely on victims being to scared to speak up. If she told someone sooner the bullies could have been stopped and she would feel better.

What I would take away would be to keep my passwords a secret, don’t use the same password for all my accounts and don’t leave devices unlocked for anyone to look at.

DC cartoons

Today in digital citizenship we looked at funny images that had a not so funny meaning behind them. We looked at them in a perspective where people would find them funny until they found out the meaning behind it.

I think people would find it funny because the man is on his phone looking at twitter. He is getting lots of tweets and he has to look at them. Meanwhile his girlfriend is looking at a real blue bird and enjoying nature.

The message portrayed in this picture is that people spend so much time on social media that they don’t notice how beautiful the world is around them. These days people would rather search up nature on google than go outside and experience it themselves because they would have to leave their beloved phone and that is not possible.

The most important message is that if you are outside, embrace it. You shouldn’t spend all your time on your phone, go out into the world and experience the joy of sitting in the park and listening to the birds, not liking people’s social media posts.

After looking deeper into this picture I no longer find it funny because it portrays a serious issue that happens on earth.



The past week has been full of excitement as I put together my passion project. There were some challenges I had to face and overcome, like not being able to eat it or when we thought the cake batter turned purple! I had a lot of fun making my cake and it turned out really good! I remember the feeling when I finished painting the final stripe. A feeling of relief and a feeling that made me feel proud of what I had accomplished in the last 48 hours. I think the cake turned out better than I had hoped for (probably because my mum’s friend Bex helped me). If I didn’t have help, lets be real, there would be huge chunks out of the cake and cracks in the fondant and crummy buttercream and purple cake and this list could keep going but I don’t want to waste people’s time! In conclusion I think this was a great experience for me and it showed to me that hard work pays off, especially when you get to see the finished product. Now the big question is……. What am I going to make for my birthday cake?

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