THINK Online.

Today in Digital Citizenship we learned about what it takes to be a Digital Citizen. Online you have to be kind, courteous and respectful. We were shown a poster that said THINK. Each letter stands for a word. While we are online we should be mindful of THINK.

T– is it true? Is what you are saying truthful?

H– is it helpful? Is what you are saying going to help anyone?

I– is it inspiring? Does what you are saying have a good message?

N– is it necessary? Does what you are saying have a purpose?

K– is it kind? Is what you are saying going to make people feel good about themselves?



Because I am making a cake, I have not started yet. My aim is to start this week or next week. Here is the photo of the cake I plan on making once again.

Birke Baehr TED Talk

The message Birke tried to get across was

“know where your food comes from”. I really connected to the message he tried to get across because I am also against this. My family always check the ingredients on packages and we try our hardest to get organic food, we also grow some of our own. I know some families do the same, but a lot don’t, and they need to. That is what Birke was trying to say.

I think he got these across by using eye contact and he affected his audience because they clapped a lot. He proved that kids can make a difference to our planets system and we all can, if we choose to.

He had a small microphone on his shirt and he had pictures so people in the audience could see how serious this is. The pictures also enhanced his story.

He used language which affected his audience and it made it more believable because, adults are more likely to listen to kids trying to tell them this.

Overall this is a really good TED talk and I think people like us can learn a lot about the way we eat from this.


Richard Turere TED Talk

The message I think Richard tried to get across was

“peace is better than violence to solve a problem”

Which connects to what he said during the talk “violence can’t fix problems, it can only make them worse” which I think is very true.

The way he got these messages across was he engaged with the audience and I think impacted them because this problem does happen with predators like lions, tigers and jaguars and it isn’t something that people like us think about a lot. He also had great expression to enhance his message.

He used a lapel microphone and had pictures in the background that also enhanced his message. The pictures really matched what he was saying, and the audience got a glimpse of what he had accomplished in that year. One thing I noticed is that he didn’t have any form of script or notes. He just spoke from the heart and what he thought would go with the pictures and important to say. That helped with him always having eye contact.

Overall, I thought this was a very inspiring TED talk and it was quite amazing how a boy came from herding his family’s cattle trying to stop them being killed to being on the TED stage talking about how he not only had invented something to save his family’s cattle, but how he had helped others protect their livestock in the time span of one year, which I think is quite extraordinary.




Thomas Suarez

I think the main messages that Thomas tried to get across were:

“if you are interested in a subject and want to take it further, go for it”

“try something new, if you enjoy it there is a world of possibilities to take it”

I think he did a good job getting them across by using eye contact and he had expression in his voice and the way he presented it just makes you want to listen, plus he had some pretty good jokes.

He used a microphone to enhance the sound so everyone could hear him and he had some pictures of some apps he had created which really went with what he was trying to say.

Like I said above, there was just something about his presentation that was so intriguing, you just wanted to know more. He really tried to make it entertaining and he succeeded which really helped people listen.

Overall I think he did an outstanding job and I think it really impacted his audience. Its really cool how someone that young was brave enough to stand up there and get his message across.


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