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My Learning for 2k17

August 10, 2017
by Eilish Murphy
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Robotics term 3

Follow the black line.

To start of this semester in robotics we have been doing the follow the line challenge. The aim of this challenge is to follow various lines, gradually getting harder as you go. Here are one of my programs 

It isn’t fully working but it is close.

Next session I hope to have followed more lines and to challenge my self to find more then one way to do so.

July 25, 2017
by Eilish Murphy
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Session 1

Today we mainly worked on following the tutorials we had been given. I am currently up to tutorial 4, the race game. It went pretty smoothly. One problem I had was when one of my blocks were in the wrong place.

Next lesson I will continue on with the tutorials.

Session 2

For design this week we got separated into two groups, robots 1 to 11 went and did robotics and 12 and up did scratch. I am robot no. 12 so i did scratch this week. We did loads of fun activities including: Making our sprite dance, The ten block challenge and exploring the games and other things on scratch to put in our new studios. My favourite would have to be making my sprite dance because it was effective but simple, plus it was hilarious watching the sprite dance. I don’t have scratch again until week 4 so I will blog about that when it happens. I cant wait to see what we learn next.

Session 3

This week in scratch we did 2 activities. De-bug it and About Me. In de-bug it we were given 5 different programs that all had a problem that we had to fix. Here is a short film of what I did in de-bug it.

After we had finished de-bug it we moved on to about me. The aim of about me was to create an interactive program that teaches people more about you. There were a few challenges and problems, like when you needed a specific sprite but they didn’t have one in the sprite library. Like that. When I finished mine I was really happy with how it turned out. I am super excited for the next time I do scratch and cant wait to see what we do next.










June 21, 2017
by Eilish Murphy

Melting Pot

Today we finished a book called the Melting Pot. It teaches you about the history of the  ‘White Australia’ policy and the impact it had on the Chinese people. The Melting pot is the diary of Edward Loh ( or Chek Chee as his Chinese father calls him). Edward finds it hard at school because all the Australians tease him about being Chinese but the Chinese don’t Accept him as one of them because he is only part Chinese. His ignorant cousin Elizabeth doesn’t help matters either. She parrots her fathers words and loves it when Edward gets all annoyed and back answers her.  Edward is soon to go to China, but he doesn’t want to go. He wants to stay with his family in Australia without the fear that he might not get let back into Australia. Overall this book was interesting, factual and it made you feel empathy for Edward.

Rating: Five stars

June 2, 2017
by Eilish Murphy

Rube Goldberg projects

Session 1

In today’s session we worked on our designs. They had to be detailed. My group spent a while on ours. We wanted to make sure ours was clear and gave a good example of what we wanted to do. We didn’t finish ours so we will have to next time.

Session 2

We finished our designs today.

Here is a photo of mine.





We started making our machine today. We mainly made supports and the simple machines.  Next session we are going to continue with making the machine.

Session 3


Today we worked on our simple machines. We chose to use a lever,


And our track which has an inclined plane.

Next session we are going put them together to try and make them work.



Session 4.

Today one of our group members were away so my group and I had to work a little bit faster. By the end of the session we had our lever and pulley completed. Next session we are going to try and make these work as 1.

Session 5.



May 14, 2017
by Eilish Murphy

Simple Machines Workshop

During design this week, we have been doing simple machine workshops. The aim of this was to give us a better idea on how these could work in a Rube Goldberg machine. There were 3 different activities. Pulleys, Lego and Knex. I will give a short explanation for what we did in each activity.


For Pulleys, we got in pairs with some cotton reals, wire, scissors, string, yogurt or plastic cups and of course, an instruction sheet. First, we had to make a single pulley, then a double and then a quadruple. My partner and I only got up to the double pulley but we were very successful and they both turned out really well. I unfortunately forgot to take photos of this but hopefully this gave a good enough explanation.



For Lego we got into groups and were given a number. The number was the set of instructions to use for our simple machine. My group made a funnel ramp. It is really cool because the object can come from 2 different ways. It can ride on the track underneath the funnel or it can go down the funnel and onto the track. Again I forgot to take photos and I hope you got a good idea of what we did.



Knex was pretty much the same as the others so we picked a model to build and we built it. I chose a saw mill and it was very confusing. It took FOREVER to complete. I forgot to take photos AGAIN which is very annoying because I really wanted to put in a photo.

The joining.

In the end we all had to join the things we made together. My group almost did but it didn’t work out. I have photos but it wont let me add them in for some weird reason. When it works I will add them.



May 9, 2017
by Eilish Murphy

Lego Robotics📟🤖

In design we have started our lego robotics unit. In groups of 3 we built robots while carefully following instructions. It was a little bit tricky because you never knew how big or small of a wheel you needed or how long or short your cord needed to be.

Challenge 1, the forwards and backwards challenge.

For the forwards and backwards challenge we had to do it 3 different ways, seconds, rotations and degrees. It didn’t really change the way the robot moved up and back though, just how the wheels and motors moved. Here are my three programs.

seconds program

rotations program

degrees program.

As you can see the only thing that changed about these programs is this button

April 27, 2017
by Eilish Murphy
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A robot is a man-made device to make jobs easier and for people to have fun with.


To make a robot work you need to make a program to tell it what to do and make sure it does it right before you use it in a job


A program is a series of instructions to tell someone or something what to do. For example a recipe is a program and so is computer coding.


For companies to use so they are making products 24\7 and to do jobs that are to dangerous for humans to do.

April 27, 2017
by Eilish Murphy

Who Am I

Who am I is the book 5c has just finished. It is about an aboriginal girl named Mary who writes in a diary about why she wishes she knew who she was and where she came from. She also talks about what has happened to her and how she wishes she was still with her real family.

I really enjoyed this book because it gives you a good insight of what happened in the stolen generation to aboriginal children.

April 25, 2017
by Eilish Murphy

Rube Goldberg Project

session 1

To start off the project we got in groups of 3 and were told that we had to try and make a rube Goldberg machine in 2 hours. It was challenging and we had to make a clear detailed design that showed what our plan was. Our original plan is very complicated so its hard to explain. Our second plan is to. We didn’t end up making ours work. I did take some videos but I’m finding it hard to transport them. I will add them soon.

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