I have chosen Goalkeeping for my Passion Project because i like doing it and it is something i am good at and that i have gone far in it. I do goalkeeping at my club Geelong AKA Geelong lions. It is a NPL National Premier League. I am in the advanced group ‘the A team’ for my age group in soccer. My idea for this is that i am going to create a soccer diving montage and tips to dive with my brother who is going to be shooting.

So far in my term three passion project we have started filming bits of my soccer games and gone out to record some saves with my brother and some of his friends. I am using a iPhone tripod to film my project. I have been trying to move the camera around as much as possible to create good angles and shots. the things that will be challenging in my project is that my brother is shooting and his shots are hard and i am in a bigger goal than usual. We started off taking shots with the camera on my left them moved it to my right, after that we did corners and moved the camera behind me to my left so you could see the ball in the cross and then took more shots and that’s all i have done so far in my term three P.P. i will probably go out and do more shot but i think i have done enough already, plus my soccer games so all i have to do is edit.  I will try my best to try and save goals and hope you like what i have put together. 🙂

Birke Baehr’s ted talk

a. My first take away in Birke’s TED talk was check local were it is from and what is in it before you buy a product from the grocery’s. 2nd take away was go healthy not sweet all the time. 3rd pick organic not processed foods.

“pay the farmer or pay the hospital”

b. He researched a lot and he used all of that research in his TED talk, witch made the audience get more engaged in his talk and they liked it more. And i found out that if you’re a farmer don’t use pesticides on fruit  or vegetables to make them look good and don’t get bugs in them or so they can last longer.

Passion Project

This Term for my Passion Project i am going to do ping pong trick shots. The reason why i wanted to do this is, because i got a new ping pong table for my birthday and i am good at ping pong so i decided to do ping pong trick shots. I also watch this group of people and they do trick shots and i am inspired now to do stick shots. And it also looks cool.

So far i have done 2 minutes of my video and i have done more than ten shots and i will try to get the video here to show you what i have done so far. I am trying to make my videos have the best angles and shots as i can and making my shots as good as i can. i am putting in the hardest ones that i did cos some of them weren’t that hard so i tried my hardest on these shots. I am using i movie and have got music so i am pretty good at the moment. I have done some research to get some ideas from these web sights Dude Perfect and Pongfinity.

This project was very frustrating and hard but i eventually got there.


TED Richards story

We watched Richards TED Talk. Richard lived in Kenya in Africa he lived on a farm and Lions where threatening his farm and where killing his cows and bull(s). So he came up with an invention to scare away the lions.

a.  The main take-away’s where how to protect your farm and protect your animals. How to scare away lions if they are threatening your animals/cows, and how to keep them safe.

b. Got the message across well because he included humour, clear speaking for a African kid. He also made it educational and had heaps of info.

c.  Richard used a clicker to change his slide to go well with story. He also used a mic and head wire. He had a big TV to show his pictures.

d. He had good eye contact. He made it interesting by explaining the whole story not just parts. He didn’t go on the stage cold he was confident.

Here is Richard Turere

THINK online

It is good to stop and check the THINK acronym before you access social media or go online.


T is it True.

True is important because if you sent something online that is not true you can start big roomers.

H is it Helpful

Helping is important because if someone is getting hurt online you can help them.


I is it Inspiring

You should now before you check or click on something online think is it inspiring to me.

N is it Necessary

Before you go online and visit a site of browser it is good to think to yourself is it necessary and do i want part.

K is it kind

it is good to be kind online because heaps of people take it serious and it can hurt there feelings.

TED Thomas Suarez

a. The main take away’s were understanding how to customise an app and how to make it fun. I think Thomas has done well to present his interest’s. I won’t to be able to make my own apps like Thomas did.

b. He put some humours comments that made the crowd like it and want to hear more. He also drew a lot of attention witch made them want to learn how to make apps.

c. He used a headset/microphone an iPad and a remote to help to audience understand about what he was trying to show. He used them well and had a clear voice and he changed the tone of his voice witch made it exciting.

d. Thomas faced the audience a once again had a clear voice. He also didn’t always have to look at his script.