adobe premiere pro

  • good editing will save a film and bad editing will ruin it.
  • editing is like killing your work then bringing it back to life.
  • there are no rules in filmmaking only sins and the cardinal sin is dullness.

here is what I learnt about adobe premier pro editing software.

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shotgun mics

royalty free music

star wars

the greatest showman




sorry couldn’t put song in wouldn’t work.

zooooooooooooom cameras ( their proper name is zoom camera’s )

this is a zoom camera.

I also learnt some safety rules

such as

  1. put the strap around your wrist and keep it there at all times.
  2. and always put the lens cap on when not in use.

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audio booths

that was my audio booth recording. this is what I learnt.

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this is what I learnt about camcorders

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shot lists and storyboards

this is a shot list

this is a storyboard

sorry my film is in 2 parts I accidently pressed stop and I still was filming.

this is what I learnt about shot lists and storyboards

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presenting your piece to camera

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy was he?



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point and shoot cameras

I enjoyed the point and shoot clinic because I learnt lots of things I never knew about photography. here are a few things I learnt.

these are the photos I took

rule of thirds


balancing elements

leading lines



and that is what I learnt in miss Williamson’s clinic

My reflection on my term 4 project.

I made a humming bird robot that when it gets to a certain temperature it changes colour. I found it important because I worked really hard on it and my mum and dad really enjoyed seeing it work. I could use this new found knowledge again with my new humming bird kit I got for my birthday. I think I did pretty well except sometimes I felt a bit stressed because I work really hard on it then I have to show it or something but it doesn’t work. the process of experimenting was annoying and stressful because I tested something so many times and then I get too exited and I think I do something wrong.

I really enjoyed doing my project this year and if I had the choice I would dob something similar. if I had more time to make my vamp clops I would do Mr Colbert’s idea on an eye lid that shuts and opens and I would also make the eye spin like I wanted it to originally. since I have a hummingbird kit at home I will experiment and see if I could do these things.

the two vamp clops buddies.