December 7

My reflection on my term 4 project.

I made a humming bird robot that when it gets to a certain temperature it changes colour. I found it important because I worked really hard on it and my mum and dad really enjoyed seeing it work. I could use this new found knowledge again with my new humming bird kit I got for my birthday. I think I did pretty well except sometimes I felt a bit stressed because I work really hard on it then I have to show it or something but it doesn’t work. the process of experimenting was annoying and stressful because I tested something so many times and then I get too exited and I think I do something wrong.

I really enjoyed doing my project this year and if I had the choice I would dob something similar. if I had more time to make my vamp clops I would do Mr Colbert’s idea on an eye lid that shuts and opens and I would also make the eye spin like I wanted it to originally. since I have a hummingbird kit at home I will experiment and see if I could do these things.

the two vamp clops buddies.


November 21


tangrams are things made of certain shapes into a picture. today we had to do tangrams with seven pieces I only got 1 done but some people got more.

these are the shapes we could make with the seven shaped pieces.

and these are the pieces we had to use.


here are the tangrams I have made

man on horse


dancing man (can’t find picture)




more coming soon.


November 2

the vamp clops 5.000

the vamp clops 5.000 is my project for this term. I wanted to make something with hummingbird ’cause then if I get one for my birthday I can re make it. after sewing last term with L.E.Ds and enjoyed making things light up.

today I felt a big deal of achievement wen the vamp clops got some lights on him.

here is a list of how many lights I used:

2 tri L.E.Ds

2 yellow single colour L.E.Ds

2 red single colour L.E.Ds

my program

   this one made the first tri L.E.D light up.

  I kept adding more

   and more

  and more until…….

  it looked like this!!!!

here are some photos and video of my vamp clops 5.00

I was very happy when my L.E.Ds worked. here is some photo and video of them working.

then I added some red lights for the dripping blood from the vampire fangs.

today I got the servo working and painted the background. I don’t feel like I achieved much today but next session I am planning on doing another coat of paint (’cause I can still see the words) and I will figure out were to put the eye and how to keep it  where I want it without it falling.

here is my program for the servo and the L.E.Ds.

vamps clops 5.000 jr

today I decided I wanted to make a mini me of my vamp clops. I thought it would be nice, one with just L.E.Ds (jr) and one with servo and L.E.Ds  (original). here is the process of making the vamp clops jr

today I made a lot of progress I added temperature sensor (see photo above) and made a little photo album.

I am very proud of myself and next week I am planning to program the sensor correctly.


today I decided that I am not going to make the eye spin on Vamp Clops JR because it is very close to the exhibition where  I will be showing my project and  am having quite a bit of trouble working it. I am  also going to get the main Vamp Clops up and running so  I have a little family, I might also make a Franken Dog to go with them.

the eye lid!!!!!!!

Mr Colbert gave me an idea to make the eye blink so in my design book I drew a plan. I scanned it and put it on here. I hope the link works.

design VC scan]-1tfvwkj

then again I just tried it and its hard.

I made the dog and the family.

that’s all for today.



October 19

I completed my project!!! YAY!!!

on the nineteenth of October 2018 on a double design session…. I finished my project, I am very exited and I worked hard to get there. below are some pictures of struggles and successes and a movie to finish off.

this is a picture of the led I accidentally sewed on and broke while working on the duck.

I am not sure if you can see the scratch or not but it wasn’t working very well so we had to get rid of it

I enjoyed making my teddy’s and I enjoy sleeping with my little soft night lights.

September 21

Year 5 Project expo (exibition)

The Project expo was exciting because you got to see people’s projects so far or the finished thing. These are 3 of my favourite displays and projects.

  1.   the shining stars toys. Their toys so far was cool.
  2.  the pin ball machines were cool because both machines were very unique.

 this game was cool to. You could tell a lot of effort went into making his game just by looking at he game map.

and then our presentation was my favourite one of all.

I asked a couple people what their  favourite presentation was and these are their awnsers.


the MRC mountain.


all of them.

and to every one who came thankyou, because we were all exited to share with you what we learnt.

thank you for reading this blog.




August 28

My project.

for my project I am making light up toys called cutie pies. we are making a bunny, panda and a duck. we first downloaded some templates, then we printed them and cut them out. after that we got our fabric and put the templates 0n it then we traced it so we could get an outline so we could cut the fabric. after we cut out the fabric we had 3 pieces of each animals fabric, then we had to hem the fabrics with zig zag sti

tch on the sewing machine. below is a video of me hemming some of the fabric for our plushies.

circuit time

once we had hemmed the fabric and sewn on eyes and details, we got our Lilly pad. here is a screen cast on how a Lilly pad works.




so we popped out the Leds, battery pack and switch. then with a fine needle and conductive thread we sewed the positive line on and the with another piece of conductive thread the negative. below is a diagram of the positive and negative guidelines for the bunny.

once it was sewed onto the fabric It looked like this.

the fail

the day after sewing the circuit onto the bunny and it worked. the switch snapped when it was in the bag. I was very annoyed because I worked really hard to get it done. here is a picture of the snapped switch.

which idea are important

the ones that will help us with our toys to improve.

what will happen if… another switch snaps?

we will have no toys except one to show at our exhibition.

what else do l  need to do ?

Complete the panda’s circuit and finish our Presentation.

How could l do better?

l could do better by Helping my partner for the projects with Sewing her circuit.

Did l Solve the Problem?

well l Solved the broken switch Problem by making a new toy.

Am l working well with others?

Yes because if there is a problem with my friends’ toy then l help her.

is my plan detailed enough to -achieve My goal?

Yes because my circuit planning works.

what am l going to do next?

With my toys l am going to take them home and then for my project next term I am going to do something different to textiles. And if this wander wasn’t the one you were looking for I tried my best because I don’t get this question much.

thanks for reading my blog on this terms project.


August 26

the divider

we have been using a program called scootle or the divider were you can figure out arrays here are a few screen casts on some divider fractions.


here is the link to the program so you can try it for yourself (I hope this works so you can do it)

thanks for reading another post by me!!!


August 20

My project… so far!

what has worked so far?

when I went to cut out the shapes in the fabric. because the shapes are exactly what we need and that was the first step so that was pretty fun and sucsessful.

what has challenged you so far?

sewing the zig zag around the edge of the fabric because I am so used to doing straight edges of fabric that it is very hard to sew around in a circle shape.

have you made any changes to your original plan?

yes, Amy and I have decided to just do their head and a light up nose because we found that it would be a bit harder to do their tummy.

where to next?

I want to start sewing the toys together in the next session.