My passion project – part 2 – photo a day

So far I feel I have achieved a lot. I have many photos and my slideshow is coming along well. This week I will take my last few photos because I want to start working on my book and slideshow more. I have learnt to use filters and different camera angles to make my photos look really cool. What I have found challenging so far is remembering to take the photos each day, if my mum didn’t remind me I probably wouldn’t have anything to show.  The next thing I will do is make my book and slideshow because I really need to get onto that.        

these are some pictures I have taken so far.

our olive grove.

Emily and I worked hard on this red velvet cake, made from our own fresh beetroot .

cleaning day.

our sheep rammay “helping” pick/eat olives.

getting my new dance shoes.


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  1. Some great photos Tils. Look forward to seeing how it all comes together.

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