My passion project – part 1 – photo a day

My passion project this term is photography. my goal is to make a little book at the end of the term that shows all my photos that I have taken each day. I also want to make a short slideshow that I could possibly put on my blog. I have been using my phone to take pictures of things that happen everyday. it doesn’t have to be an event you can do anything. people who might be interested in my project are people who love photography and might be inspired by this


my first photo of the day

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

I found quite a few messages/takeaways in Birke’s presentation such as: buy organic produce, don’t buy genetically modified food (ewww) and would you rather pay the hospital for surgery or treatment because the chemicals poisoned you or your family or pay a bit more money for organic food and support local farmers. I think that the most important piece of information Birke shared was that the non organic food is bad for you and the animals so think before you buy food that could kill you.

Thomas Suarez Ted Talk

The main take away for me in Thomas’s presentation was that you don’t have to be an adult or a big company to make an app kids can do that too. I think Thomas communicated this through a little bit of humour which made me more interested. I think it was a smart idea do use an I pad with a script. because I know when I get nervous I forget what I am going to say, and I could tell he was a little nervous.


here is the video of Thomas Suarez’s Ted Talk.

adobe premiere pro

  • good editing will save a film and bad editing will ruin it.
  • editing is like killing your work then bringing it back to life.
  • there are no rules in filmmaking only sins and the cardinal sin is dullness.

here is what I learnt about adobe premier pro editing software.

thanks for watching.

royalty free music

star wars

the greatest showman




sorry couldn’t put song in wouldn’t work.

sharing and reflecting on learning

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