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Wireless Microphones

Audio Booths

This session was all about Audio Booths and there purpose and the guidelines for them

Shotlists & Storyboards

Shotlist are a list of every screen from start to finish in order and it can made as a table Storyboards are a graphic way of showing a video or a movie in drawings or pictures    

Zoom Cameras

This session was all about zoom cameras and their use

Point & Shoot

Here are all the different positions of Point & Shoot

Present Your Piece To The Camera

Also we did a breathing exercise where we put out hand on our diaphragm and took a breath and quickly said ha

My Last Design Session Refection

This term I chose to make a airport, Most of my parts of the project work i had to change and add some thing from along the way My first plan for my project and how the project is now… Continue Reading →

My Tutorial Of How To Solder

My Second Design Project

For this project I have made my project much more simpler and more achievable.   Planning 2. Materials A Wooden Board A Mini Metal Detector A Lego WeDo 2.O Set A Lego Airport Set 3D Printings LED Lights Pizza Fairy… Continue Reading →

Last Design Session For Term 3

  Liliana’s Project Lily created a game on Bloxels, and i think she put so much effort into her project and she did, i loved the way she presented her project  Emily’s &  Java’s Project Emily and Java created a… Continue Reading →

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