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Last Design Session For Term 3

  Liliana’s Project Lily created a game on Bloxels, and i think she put so much effort into her project and she did, i loved the way she presented her project  Emily’s &  Java’s Project Emily and Java created a… Continue Reading →

The Bombing Of Darwin Briefly describe what this book is about. This book is about The Bombing Of Darwin and how it affected the people in Darwin physically and mentally Who are the main characters? Describe them. Tom Tom is… Continue Reading →


What groups do you belong to? Yacht Club Sports Club Girl Guides Friendship Group Swimming&Diving Club Why do we become members of a group? To Have Fun To Make Friends To Get Better At Something Or To Progress In A… Continue Reading →

My Year 5 Camp Snapshot And Reflection

The Floor Is Lava   The words “the floor is lava” ringing through my ear circling those words, it makes a chant. I grab hold of the tied rope gracefully dangling to the ground, hovering just above the surface, I… Continue Reading →

My Design Project

My design project is to make a watch that tells the time by colour not time or numbers, and this post is from the start to finish of how i did it and how it evolved       Planning… Continue Reading →

Bloxels/Sphero edu

Bloxels For the first activity I did Bloxels and you can create a video game, you use different coloured cubes for different things, my partner with Lily These are the codes for each cube This is what I created I… Continue Reading →

My Friend The Enemy

Line Sensor

The line sensor challenge was to make your EV3 robot to follow a large black oval. I found this much more challenging then the colour sensor challenges. This is what it did. T

Colour Switch

This challenge was to make the EV3 Robot to stay in the boundaries of a large piece of paper with red strips of paper. this is what it should do this is the code i did, i got help from… Continue Reading →


  Single Modules Challenge 1   This challenge was to make a single LED to turn on. I found this challenge quite easy comparing to the challenges 3&4 This is the challenge The Exercise and the number of the Exercise… Continue Reading →

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