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My design project is to make a watch that tells the time by colour not time or numbers, and this post is from the start to finish of how i did it and how it evoled       Planning… Continue Reading →

Bloxels/Sphero edu

Bloxels For the first activity I did Bloxels and you can create a video game, you use different coloured cubes for different things, my partner with Lily These are the codes for each cube This is what I created I… Continue Reading →

My Friend The Enemy

Line Sensor

The line sensor challenge was to make your EV3 robot to follow a large black oval. I found this much more challenging then the colour sensor challenges. This is what it did. T

Colour Switch

This challenge was to make the EV3 Robot to stay in the boundaries of a large piece of paper with red strips of paper. this is what it should do this is the code i did, i got help from… Continue Reading →


  Single Modules Challenge 1   This challenge was to make a single LED to turn on. I found this challenge quite easy comparing to the challenges 3&4 This is the challenge The Exercise and the number of the Exercise… Continue Reading →

Colour Sensor

The Colour Sensor was a challenge to firstly add the colour sensor, to the EV3 and discover how to use it. We were challenged to make the EV3 to sense a colour i choose red by the way, and make… Continue Reading →

Me Book Reflection

How did this activity help you to get to know your classmates? I got to know what people’s hobbies and favourite things like hoidays and movies. Was it difficult to think of things to draw? my first picture of my… Continue Reading →

Lego We Do Project

Lego We Do was the best experience and I think although I can’t say it will be the best part of the year and you could say its the big thing of grade 5 and I agree with it  … Continue Reading →

How will we create our best tomorrow?

I used to think dead trees were good for firewood   and that once it was burnt it was the end, but now I know dead trees are good animal habitats, shelters, cubbies, and decoration. I used to think eco friendly things meant… Continue Reading →

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