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film school 4 audio booths

In this class we learnt how to use the audio booths safely and correctly.

film school 3 point and shoot cameras

In this rotation we learnt how to take amazing pictures. I worked with Julie to take all the photos they were from both of us. Here are the pictures I took:

film school 2 camcorder and tripod

In this film school lesson we learnt how to use the camcorder and tripod here is my video blog.

film school 1 Presenting your piece to camera

In this video I will teach you how to present your piece to camera.   this is my tongue twister:

rabbit proof fence

I sit on a bench unsure if I made the wrong choice to come here. Dry red sand blows in the hot sun. ¬†Shining train tracks leading me away from my family. ¬†Was what that man said true? Is my… Continue Reading →

soma cubes

first cube all six sides: second cube all six sides: third cube all six sides: forth cube all six sides:


Sphero   Today in design we did sphero we started making shapes so we had to start off with four challenges And with only just started one because we only had an hour session and we figured out how to… Continue Reading →

turtle art

      Some of the similarities between Turtle Art and Beetle-Blocks are: That some of the coding blocks are the same but they look different They are both fun You learn new things from each of the programs They… Continue Reading →

3D printing

29th of October Tuesday Today we started our 3D printing rotation we began investigating how to make different shapes. We are using a code called beetle blocks. Our first challenge was to make a polygon. A polygon is a shape… Continue Reading →

parts purposes and complexity’s

This is my design We had to bring in a electronic device that we didn’t need anymore to pull apart. I brought in an internet connector. This is it: Here is a video of me taking it apart: These are… Continue Reading →

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