Matter is everything that can take up space and have a mass.

On the moon you weigh 16.5 percent less than you weigh on earth. On the moon your mass changes but the amount of space you take up doesn’t.

There are 5 states of matter:




Liquids, Solids and Gasses are the most used  matters on earth.

Plasma is the most popular state of matter in the Universe.

Bode Einestine condensates was man made in 1995. It has one massive atom.


Matter is made out of atoms. Solids have tightly packed atoms. Liquids have jumbled atoms. Gasses has spread apart atoms. Plasma has crazy atoms. Rubidium has one big atom.

Temperature and pressure can change the weight of matter.

If it gets hot ice melts and turns from a solid to a liquid. If liquid gets cold it turns into ice which is a solid. When it gets hot liquid turns into gas.

Physical change: a substance changes its physical change but still retains the original property.

Chemical change: a chemical change is when two substances are mixed together to form something new.