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Passion Project Term 2

What do you intend to create? I am going to make neck warmers for dogs. I am going to knit them from wool and Yoda will be my mentor. What technologies are you planning to use / learn about?   … Continue Reading →

Year 6 Science- What is matter

Matter is everything that can take up space and have a mass. On the moon you weigh 16.5 percent less than you weigh on earth. On the moon your mass changes but the amount of space you take up doesn’t…. Continue Reading →

Passion Project Checkpoint #update

Checkpoint: #update What have you achieved so far?  I have finished writing most of the text. I have made a contents page. I have found some good photos for my book.   What type of learning have you done to… Continue Reading →

film school 11: green screen

In this session we learnt how to use green screen professionally.

film school 10: adobe premier pro.

In this session we learnt how to use editing software that professional movie makers use.

film school 9 shotgun mics

In this session we learnt how to use shotgun mics.

film school 8 wireless microphones

In this session we learnt how to use wireless microphones properly.

film school 7 copy write music

In this session we learnt how to download music and find the right music for films.

film school 6 shot list and storyboard

In this session we learnt about shot list and storyboards and why they are useful.

film school 5 zoom camera

In this session we learnt how to use a zoom camera safely and how to make the videos look good. Here is Sam saying his rhyme for the zoom camera:

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