robo dance final


I think that Keera’s and Mia’s build was great and the way that they got the arms to move was pretty cool and I was wondering how they got the arms to go with just wires and still move the arms wouldn’t they flop down and break or did they have a support.


The programing was a little poor because of I think that it was more focused on them and not the robot and since and when I saw it I thought that the robot was not doing much and was the background. If they could do it again I would probably work on the robot a little more and not the dance.


I think the costume had effort and I think the stage was great and they really thought about it.


the final week

Today I was starting to really worry because on Friday it was presentation day and my program was not working at all and so I went back to the basic parts of my program and got ride of the idea of the green program that I had because I couldent fix it so I tried doing the other controls like the speed and degrees and by take the green program off I found out that it made the program work and I had no mistakes from then so I keeped the and by the end of the lesson I had a lot done and now I hadto work out what was wrong and right with the program but unfortunately I had no time left to have a detailed look but I now for next time what my priority is.and that it finding a green program that works.

week 6

This week we were doing all different thing during the week like the swimming program and design together for the whole week. I learnt a lot about swimming and the diving I got a lot better in the diving part before I couldn’t dive great before and I would land on my belly but now I am land hand, head the toe.i think I have really improved a lot and at the diving board it gave me conferdense even more then when I could do it.over all I think that the swimming program was I big boost and really helped me with swimming tinkering we were doing sowing and for this week we were doing soing and I got the top part of the crumple bag. I found this hard because I didn’t now how to use a sowing machine and how to get it work so I asked sophie to help me and she did and I got it going it was a little bit wonky but it past. So now I think that this week was great and I loved learning in it.


math spinning wheels

This lesson of math we had to complete an experiment about the unfair spinners and the test of how many turns out of 10 we got with green and white. For example how many times it would go on the white and how many turns it would get in green. We were also working on the % of the drawing and the unfair and fair. The unfair is the drawing with more of one colour but the fair circle would have half. Another way you can find out is look at the percentage since it’s made of 100% 50% would be half so if it’s lower or higher it will be non-accurate. We were testing how many it would be so we had to make a prediction and we were all doing an unfair spinner so mine was 40% and 60% but once I did my experiment it was all wrong it was 50% and 50% so now I still think it’s predictable but now I would see it a different way.


This maths lesson we were looking at the spinner B and adding up all the calculations of each indervisal sates for the spinner my spinner was way of the experiments prediction and present but Asha’s was nearly perfect. Are prediction was that most people would get more spins on the half point then the quarter percentage and so it turned out on the board that all of our number percentage together eachal a perfect graph.win_20161114_09_57_58_prot5he-graghrsnipimage

book report

Ch. 1 This story is about figgy and how her grandma is sick from falling over and since there is no medical supplies figgy has to go to America to get the right medical supplies to save her grandma in time .On the other hand figgy hates her name and it might be the only one in the county or even the world. On her way to America the first person she meets in a boy in a village who knows a lot more about the world then she does. And speaks German but once they leave they are starting to get hungry and so nana bought two eggs even though they did not have enough money at all. But after a while they were starting to get tired and sat down on the ege og the 6 figgy was going to go back and get the blue eyed boy that loved her figgy knew that he wasn’t going to run away when she told him. They also came back for him because he had stolen figgys goat. When they got to the village they caught frank and ask him to bring the goat back to us I think that it is a little confusing because when figgy said he loved her and then he didn’t know them it did not make 8 figgy and nana needed to rest so they went into the back of a place when they found this strange man who wouldn’t let them go and grabbed nana into a headlock so he couldn’t get out. After that a whole lot happened and who ever reads this will like the life story and the ending I would pretty much rate this book a 8.6 out of 10 because I thought that it was a good book but it didn’t hook me a lot with description which is what I like. Over all I like the books focus and ideas.


Tinkering 2

This lesson of design we are pulling apart another tech machine. This time we are pulling apart a projector and seeing what is inside but first we have to do an illustration or a drawing of what we see on the outside. There was plugs USB station and hot air releases. I learnt by looking on the outside detail what things meant because if you looked closer you could see writing and what said it is also good to look at it before you go inside because when you do go inside you can see what matched your outside things and bits. When we went inside there was so many layed boards of programing and wires it was really hard to find the right screwdriver’s to fit the screws and sins there isn’t as many then that means that we have to share and there is nothing wrong with that but if two groups need it straight away it’s a bit hard. The last thing that we pulled out was something that looked like a light bulb but had a magnifine glass two. That was our last thing we put out before the section was over but next lesson my group and I will continue.

This lesson we had to do are regular challenge which was the cup mat challenge. I was having a bit of trouble trying to get the green mat to work but the biggest problem was that the silver tape at the start of the last mat with the tin cup. The objective was to get the cup off the make it even harder in the colour section to choose of there is NO silver so I got William and help me he explained that in colour there is a light reflector so I used that now I have silver and it will go straight past the tape and hit the target but there was another problem when I got past it wouldn’t hit the can because the direction that robot was in it would go then turn in the one spot. Next time that is my goal.

tower of hanoi

This lesson we were learning about the tower of Hanoi and its story. the story is that three towers were placed in a spot one day and the villagers thought it was from god a sigh of some sort and the rock plates on it were meant to be moved all the time for this lesson we had to re-create that and see how many turns it took to get them on to a different spot.


This term we finished the book refugee and how it ended was that Ali had gone the Melbourne just after escaping from woomera and was working in a cafe with a friend and safir but after they came back from a football game got caught trying to grab food scrap from a super market and became friends with the man but the day after he went to go take a phone call but he came back and police man were there. They asked ali about who he was and were he came from.Ali tried to run but the police man grabbed him and asked ali again. Ali wouldn’t speak so they toke li to the police station and asked him one more time. Ali finally said my name was Ali and I am a refugee. That was it. I wonder why that was the ending and they didn’t tell us the rest but it might of been that ali didn’t want us to know but why would ali allow us to read most of his story but not the last part of his story. I think that there wasn’t enough information and needed more descriptoin.I hope that there will be a next book but if there is not I hope to be able to ask some questions to the author.