avoid shadows when filming


Chrome key = Ultra key

how to get to the ultra key:

open effects,

open video effects,

open keying,

click ultra key.

to export:

open file,

hover over export,

click media,

save in film school folder.

audio booths

today we learnt about the audio booths. there are two audio booths in the classroom. here is what I wrote in my book:


don’t touch the microphone!

only be in the booths for five minutes.

if you’re a loud talker step back from the microphone.

zoom camera

Handy cam = wrist strap

Cap on when not using – rubber


Button =push

mic has to face up ↑

Left and right mic


Muffles sound

Mic switched ON!

Red light always on = L & R

Colour on when screen + lights flash

Volume = ⌉

No zoom or limit

Fish bowl effect

Sharing & Reflecting on Learning

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