Fay’s nines

We had to make a grid of nine squares, and then fill them with numbers, to reach a total of 999. There were 180 solutions and we had to find all of them. Then we had to write them on the board. I noticed the nine could not  go in the hundreds column. We could carry the one to another column but if the hundreds had a one we couldn’t  carry that.



RVE Japan

This is my RVE blog post about japan.




• All people in japan are human beings

• People in japan play video games

• People in japan eat seafood

• The Japanese flag has red in it like ours

There are a lot more similarities that I can think of but then the list would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long.




• The school hours are longer

•  Employed people in Japan work an average of 1735 hours each year while people in Australia work an average of 1675 hours

Sharing & Reflecting on Learning

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