Today we worked on our robots. I learnt about the colour sensor. it can follow lines etc. etc. I like to watch the robots go around in circles and follow lines.




Today we worked on our robots again. we are still learning about the colour sensor. (it’s getting a bit boring now though.) I learnt a bit more about the colour sensor. my program still isn’t working for the two sessions we have been  learning about the colour sensor.





Today my line follower program WORKED!!!!!!! It  was the happiest day of my whole entire  life! or should I say the best day in my entire life so far? SO HAPPY!!! : D







I am trying to re-create my line follower program because I accidentally DELETED IT!! I am trying to re-create it because I need photos for my blog!! life is so cruel… 😔





Today we worked on our programs on scratch. I started off with making a simple moving picture. here is a picture of  a few blocks:

the block with the green flag is the button to start the program. the “when  space key is pressed” block is… well I’m not quite sure what that does.




Today I started making my cat learn to dance. it was a new program called “can you stay unbored?”. I think this game is really fun because it is challenging. it is. here is a screenshot of my game:

and here is a picture of the program to make the cat dance:





today I worked on a project called about me. I think that was what it was called . I was making this project because we would explain what we liked to whoever watched it. I was good at making the sprites (objects) move. they danced and moved and talked and laughed when you clicked them. here is a picture of what I have on my program:

I hope you think it looks good and I am good at this!😅











I haven’t written in this blog in a long long LLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. I think that scratch is my favourite because it is easy to use. I have been doing a new project called Build A Band. I think I am good really at it.

We also worked on “debug it” here is what I did:





Rube Goldberg-Support Tower

This is the Rube Goldberg support tower. it supports the tube (or magik portal of magik, as I like to call it) so the tube doesn’t fall off the table. the support tower doesn’t have a purpose exept for that.

I’m going to stop talking now so I don’t give away the surprise!😉

Rube Goldberg-Train

This is the rube Goldberg machine train. The whole machine depends on this one train and marble. The train pushes the marble into the tube. Then the marble rolls down the tube (magik portal of magik, as I like to call it). Then the marble falls into a pulley. I am not talking about this anymore because I don’t want to give away the surprise!

Well I’m going to end it there.  Goodbye!😉

Rube Goldberg-Tube

this is the tube part of our rube Goldberg machine. the marble is going too roll down the magik portal of magik ( that’s what I call the tube!) and fall into a pulley, which will disturb a marble. that’s all your going to get out of me! I’m keeping it a surprise!

anyway I’m just ending it there. don’t want to spill the beans! 😉





today we worked on our robot. I made it with ray. we worked on programming the robot today but the robot wouldn’t do anything. I don’t know why it didn’t do anything. I think it was because the USB wouldn’t insert properly. That was annoying because I spent 2 thirds of the lesson making a really cool command. But it didn’t work and my complaining won’t do anything now. But I was upset because  it was a really cool command and I wanted to see it happen and I wanted to see what it would do.

Ray and I were pretty upset that the robot wouldn’t work but anyway I hope it will work next time so I can see what the robot will do.




Today we worked on our robot. This time the commands… WORKED 😀!! I felt very pleased with myself. I have no idea how Ray felt though. The robot would go forward and go backwards but it wouldn’t stop going backwards. The robot eventually fell off the table. Next  time we have robotics we will look at our commands, and try to fix it so the robot goes forward and backwards without falling off the table.




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