my new passion project is!!!!!!

my new passion project is!!!!!! I am doing up a old ran down chair and it is going to live as my new desk chair. why you may ask well the one I have at the moment does not sot my room. were did I get the chair you may ask well we fond it on […]

you know it and is deception

this is the most scerest mystery yet so its winter yay and the frost fiar is on the ice and the old hag wont let us go to it but I don’t realy want to go now because grace I mean lady grace said there was a corsps is a boat it looked as if […]

a knights tour

what is a knights tour? well its were a knight has to cover evry squer on the cess bored but it only count were the knight starts and finishes the move that’s were I got cofused. in my book I was bracking the gride down ind to cwodrents wick helped. here is my finished gride.

over hand thowe

lesson 1 in pe we have had to chose out of the following the drop punt, over hand throw I chose the over hand throw.   lesson 2 this week we have vidod  each other I have looked at my throw and there is a lot I need to work on I manley want to work […]

netiquette (digital etiquette)

What does etiquette mean?                                                                                                                                                                       Well its accepting things, respect and you need to be courtesy it basiley a code for manners oline.                                 Trolls, what are online trolls? They are people that go aound online and lookat how thay should start Flame Wars.  What are Flame Wars? agments that acer between tow or more people. Evrey one online is an […]

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke loves food and has rseched the food system and foned out that pigs don’t just roll in mud thay are in captvtey. I think that he had tow many hand jesters that weren’t nessrey and he did stater a bit. ather then that it was good.