what theres gold? no but there is in the 7th book of lady grace the queens golds been stolen what? I know its terabel and worst of all lady sara and lady jane are fighting like thay all whys do. grace has been given yeshions on what she can do but as all whys she […]


a long time ago be for the fair queen Elizabeth1st there were tow family’s who had a feud…… in the time of  queen Elizabeth 1st a potet is being done of the fair queen with roal red hair grace watches the painter’s with great care but then a girl from on of the tow family’s falls […]

#3 passion project

I have decided to do something cwic and esey well I started it over the holidays my halowen costum this year I’m going as a spider and then when I had all most finished my little sister asked if she could have one to so I dested ,to do my passion project on making her custom […]

what’s the different

hi we were asked to do a project on a county I chose Germany because my anester were and we have a lot of info at home including my mum. one thing that is different is that they start school at 8:00am and it finishes at 1:00 so they have lunch at home, lunch is […]

exile lady grace

I have not been doing very many reading rants lately because I was trying new books anfochently they did not appeal to me oh well I can all ways read lady grace. any way if you look back at my old posts on lady grace you can see the first leter of the titels is is alphabetical […]

easen park /bollards

I would like to foces on lonen house and the bollardess that relat to it the bordes the last of the bollared trall . I have allways wanted to now more about the thes bollared and now I have a chans. I hope.

my new passion project is!!!!!!

my new passion project is!!!!!! I am doing up a old ran down chair and it is going to live as my new desk chair. why you may ask well the one I have at the moment does not sot my room. were did I get the chair you may ask well we fond it on […]

you know it and is deception

this is the most scerest mystery yet so its winter yay and the frost fiar is on the ice and the old hag wont let us go to it but I don’t realy want to go now because grace I mean lady grace said there was a corsps is a boat it looked as if […]