Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke’s main messages were to go organic rather than get food from a farmer you don’t know, we are paying supermarkets that are putting fish DNA with tomato DNA that is not healthy, some farmers spray chemicals that make food last longer, some farmers spray pesticides and herbicides on weeds that pigs and cows will […]

Think online

The THINK acronym means to think before you message or post something online. T = is it true. H=is it helpful. I=is it inspiring. N=Is it necessary. K=is it kind. I think that you need to think if it’s true because if you say something to someone that everyone will see it and think there’s […]

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

The main messages in this TED talk are don’t just play games, make them. Teachers can learn from students. There’s a lot of fun making apps. Thomas got his messages through to the audiences by making emotion and he made it humorous by making jokes like “These days students know a bit more about technology […]

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