Estonian Culture

In Year 6 we have been asked to choose a country and learn about the culture of that country. I chose Estonia. The purpose  of choosing a country and learning about there culture is so that we can learn, respect and accept them.

In Geelong we have a range of different cultures as we are multi cultural country and we play a wide variety of sports like aussie rules football, netball, hockey and rugby. In Estonia there main sports are basketball, soccer and Skiing. Also here in Geelong we do not have any order of who we need to greet first but in Estonia there is a certain order like males greet women first and young people greet elders first. Also our colours on the Australian flag is different to Estonians. Our traditional dressing colours here in Australia is green and gold while the Estonians colours are Black, Red, Orange and sometimes yellow. In Australia and Estonia we both like skiing, soccer and Basketball and we also have some of the same foods. Women also do gardening in Australia as well as Estonia. It is also common in both country’s for both the husband and wife to work.  We also celebrate Christmas. If I lived in Estonia I would like the food and the clothing but it would be hard to learn the language and getting used to telling the half hour before the hour.

Passion Project

So far we have done one passion project and this is our second. My first passion project was a film on hockey and my second passion project is on a dog bed. It is not a dog bed it is a frame for a dog bed so that it sits off the ground and it wont get wet. The reason I wanted to make this is because our dog bed used to get wet and it would take a while to dry. At first I started using screws to add all of the pieces together but when we went to put on the last piece it would not fit. We went onto using nails so that if it happens again we would be easy to take apart. We put it all together and then I worked out where the slats would go so that it would be even. We then sanded it so that it will be nice and smooth. I then went onto the painting process and added 2 coats. I am happy with the way it turned out  and I am glad that I chose to paint it black.


Passion Project #2

This is our second passion project this year. The first passion project that I did was on hockey and now I am making something. I am building a dog bed frame out of wood so that the dog bed does not sit on the ground. This way the dog bed does not get wet when it rains and it will be dry. I have stated on my passion project and I am enjoying making it. I have put most of the screws in and I have done all of the measuring. So I hope I can start painting it soon. I am hoping I can paint it black so that it will blend in with the dogs pillow and also blend in with some of the house. I have got some pictures and some videos that I’m going to put into a film so that it shows the process that happened.


In year 6 inquiry we are doing a topic on our town through time. This means creating a documentary film that has Geelong’s history. But in Geelong there is so much history so we were asked to choose one topic on what we would like to create our documentary on. I have chosen to do surf history. But for the main topic in my documentary is going to be Rip curls surf history.

Here is some things that I have found out about Rip curls surf history.

Two friends in march 1969 Doug Wabrick and Brain singer were walking down Gilbert street in Torquay. Then Doug asked Brian if he would like to make surf boards. This was how Rip curl was made.

At first they were making surfboards in an old garage that looked like this

This Garage was at 35 Great Ocean road near Jan Juc. In April 1969 the first surfboards were made.

They kept going through winter as they had enough work to get done. In November the same year they decided they needed a better place to build there surfboards. They went on to find the old Torquay bakery at 5 Boston road. They found out that they only had to pay 1$10 a week for rent so they then moved in. Inside they set up everything that they needed to make the surfboards and was able then to make 12 boards a week. this is what the bakery looked like.

Still in December 1969 another surfer that lived near the Torquay community. Alan Green joined. Rip curl started making wet suites. Alan had spent some time working for a diving company and they found a sewing machine a “Pffaf 138 zig zag” that worked on thick rubber and was great for sewing wet suits. Alan left Rip curl in April 1970.

Pretty soon more and more people kept coming into Rip curl and in 1980 the move was made to Rip curl HQ at 101 surf coast Highway, Torquay.

I think my story is worth telling because people know about rip curl but do not know what actually happened before now. I think we could do a interview with the now owner of rip curl or interview someone with he knowledge of what happened before now.

Time Travelling With A Hamster

Image result for time traveling with a hamster

This book is about a boy called Albert and a Dad called Pye. When Pye was a 12 year old boy when he was riding on a go kart. He came of the go Kart and ended up getting a metal piece stuck near his brain. So when he got older it was killing him. and he died. Before he died he was creating a time machine and he made the time machine work. Albert was set a task to  remove the things that made Pye crash when he was little but when he did much more happened. I liked this book as it had great emotion and adventure.

Gauss Beats The Teacher

First of all we started off using the blocks that joined together. This was part of our project to see how we could count the number of blocks fast. We looked at the shape to see what could be for example 3×3+4=13 this was a easier way to count all of the blocks. The next part that we were given of the project was a problem that was: Gauss was doing a task in class and finishes the task early so the teacher gives him another task that the teacher thinks will keep him busy for the whole lesson. The task that the teacher gave him was what does the numbers from 1-100  equal. So Gauss would have had to add 1+2+3+4+5 all the way to 100 Gauss came back a few minutes later and gave the teacher the finished task. We were now given this problem to find out what it would equal to add up all of the numbers from 1 to 100. I first starting adding up all of the numbers from 1 to 100  and got to about 30 and found that this strategy was to long. I then went on to finding the total of the numbers from 1-10 and got the answer 55 then added up the numbers 11-20 and that gave me the answer 155. I then started to see a pattern. Every time that you go up ten you go up 100. So after I found that out I wrote down this:

I then added all of the answers together

and got the final answer 5050.


The Lost Princess

Lucy is a teenage girl that had a social media account that is on her phone  bullies took her phone and got into her account and started posting and saying things that other people on social media thought that Lucy was posting. They then got into her emails and stated sending emails from her account. This was easy for the bully’s because the password was the same. This affected Lucy because no one wanted to be friends with her as she was making rude and negative comments on the social media. This was not Lucy though this was the bully’s who was posting this. Lucy was getting so sad and so she told her dad and her dad called the police. Lucy could have told her dad earlier and that she could have had the password NOT on her phone. A message that I could take away from the story is That you should never have your password on your phone always sign out and DO NOT tell anyone your password.


Passion Project Term 3 #1

Last term we started doing passion projects this means making a film or creating something. Last term I created a film on hockey and this term I am going to make a dog bed frame so that the dog bed sits off the ground. I am choosing to make this as my passion is dogs and I thought that this would help keep there dog bed dry on a wet day. I am hoping to get started on my passion project soon  and have enjoyed getting all the measurements and everything ready to buy the materials. To get to this stage I have made a little drawing so I know all of the measurements and so I know how much of everything I need to buy. I am also hoping that I can cut a hole at the front of the frame so that the dogs can get in and out really easily. For the height of the wood I am hoping to get it a little bit higher so that when the bed goes on it there will still be a little wall around it to make sure that when the dogs are lying down they won’t roll off the bed.  I think my project is for people who like building or people who want to help animals have a warm and dry bed to sleep on at night.I am really excited to get started with my passion project and I am hoping that everything will work as planned. I am looking forward to seeing the final product and I am hoping that it will all go well.

Term 2 Reflection

In the year 6 classroom in term 2 there have been a range of things that have been happening. At the start of the term we were asked to do a passion project this meant finding something that we were passionate about and create a film or make something. This was a long project but was a great to see it come together in the end. For my passion project I did hockey. I created a film and was enjoying the process it had a different range of speed in the  videos. This is my finished passion project.

We also did #AMAZE_US we were asked to find out how these apps work.

  • Adobe Character Animator CC
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Storyboard That

I chose storyboard that this was an app that we used to create or tell a story with animated characters. They had a huge range of backgrounds from things like sport all the way to things like history. This app had also characters that fitted in with the backgrounds. I found this app extremely easy to use and I enjoyed creating different story’s. Later we were asked to create a tutorial on the app.

At the very last few weeks of the term we started doing our TED talks this meant that we had to choose a topic and create a script. Our topic had to be something that rocked our world. My topic was on cancer. I chose this topic because it has been a big part of my life as 4 of my relatives passed away of it. We did research on our topic and had to create a story clip that will be shown to some students and teaches.

These are my term 3 goals.

Adding more detail in my seed

Keeping my locker clean

Making my writing neater


Complete #6

My passion project film is finally completed. I am glad the way it turned out and it is exactly the way I wanted it. I feel like I have put the videos in the right place and I feel like I have chosen the right music for the film. I think I could have improved on the credits and made it rolling. One thing that I would have liked to improve on was the lighting but could not as it was natural light. I learnt that adobe premier pro has a lot of different tracks and is able to add different titles. I need to do better at making it easier to see the film and what is happening in it. I have enjoyed the process so far and I am excited for next term.

Here is my finished film.

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