Term 2 Reflection

In the year 6 classroom in term 2 there have been a range of things that have been happening. At the start of the term we were asked to do a passion project this meant finding something that we were passionate about and create a film or make something. This was a long project but was a great to see it come together in the end. For my passion project I did hockey. I created a film and was enjoying the process it had a different range of speed in the  videos. This is my finished passion project.

We also did #AMAZE_US we were asked to find out how these apps work.

  • Adobe Character Animator CC
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Storyboard That

I chose storyboard that this was an app that we used to create or tell a story with animated characters. They had a huge range of backgrounds from things like sport all the way to things like history. This app had also characters that fitted in with the backgrounds. I found this app extremely easy to use and I enjoyed creating different story’s. Later we were asked to create a tutorial on the app.

At the very last few weeks of the term we started doing our TED talks this meant that we had to choose a topic and create a script. Our topic had to be something that rocked our world. My topic was on cancer. I chose this topic because it has been a big part of my life as 4 of my relatives passed away of it. We did research on our topic and had to create a story clip that will be shown to some students and teaches.

These are my term 3 goals.

Adding more detail in my seed

Keeping my locker clean

Making my writing neater


Complete #6

My passion project film is finally completed. I am glad the way it turned out and it is exactly the way I wanted it. I feel like I have put the videos in the right place and I feel like I have chosen the right music for the film. I think I could have improved on the credits and made it rolling. One thing that I would have liked to improve on was the lighting but could not as it was natural light. I learnt that adobe premier pro has a lot of different tracks and is able to add different titles. I need to do better at making it easier to see the film and what is happening in it. I have enjoyed the process so far and I am excited for next term.

Here is my finished film.

Bad guys

This book is about different types of animated characters. It  is part of a series and is better off if you read them in the right order. It was a humours book but I ended up not liking it as I like an adventure or extreme I still finished the book and it was by Aaron Blabey. If I liked humour books than this would be for me. This book has a newspaper set up or a comic setup.

Feedback #5

So far in year 6 we have been doing passion projects. The passion that I chose to do was hockey. I have been going really well with my passion project and have learnt a lot about using the app adobe premier pro. My mum watched  my passion project and said that it was really enjoyable but said that I could improve on the light in the film as it was a bit dark. However that could not be changed as we were outside and could not get better light. Overall I have enjoyed the process of making my film and I am glad that the end result has came out how I wanted it to.


Boy Overboard

In year 6A we have been reading a book called Boy overboard and it is by Morris Gleitzman. This book was about a boy called Gmall and his sister Bibi as well as his parents. Gmalls mum was running an illegal school so girls can learn as well as boys. Gmall lived in Afghanistan so girls going to school was illegal. The Afghanistan government then found out about this illegal school. Gmalls family then went into a refuge camp to hide from the government. They were able to get tickets onto a smugglers boat as well as other people. The children then got separated from there parents so there parents went onto another boat. The Australians sent out a boat and got all of the smugglers and people off the boat. The children got to Australia witch was actually a little island outside of Australia. The children just got news that the other boat had sunk an there was only a few survivors.

Passion Project #4

Passion project update. So far  I have got all of my filming quicker than what I thought I would. This has lead me to get a much faster start at editing. I have been editing for a little while and came across one challenge. That was to get the video to look like it was not put together in 5 minutes. I found a way to over come this challenge and that was to put the videos at all different times like some slow and some fast. The app that I am editing on is adobe premier pro. This has been a good challenge to try and find new things on the app so it will make my film more entertaining. I learnt on the app that you could turn down the auto or mute it so that you could put a different voice or music over the top.


Win At The Fair

In Project maths we have been trailing the win at the fair board game. We were asked to record what we got then we were asked to tally it on the whiteboard and collect all of the classes data. This was the original board game.

We were asked to try and  make this board game better so we could profit money. We got given a copy and then asked to fill it out and make our version of the win at the fair board game. This is what I did.

We then were rolling the dice to see if our board game was working. The changes that I made was that 10 cents was at the top instead of 20 cents. 20 Cents was next instead of 50 cents. 50 cents was next instead of $1 and so on. The major change that I made was to put 0 in the middle and change the arrows so 2,3,4 were going left 5,6,7,8,9 were going up and 10,11,12 were going right. This meant that  there was more chance of the player getting 0. I then realised when I went onto the software that you can not add 0 into the middle witch was a big problem because you then had more of a chance of getting money than 0. I then created a different game board that looked like this.

We then started testing our game boards in lots of 1000 so we could see if we were profiting money or losing money and this was the result.

I then made a profit of 73 cents per game and a total of $742 after 1000 games witch means that I am profiting money. Over all this  board game that I created would be good to play at a fair.

Problem Solving, Problem 16

In year 6A we have got little problems that we have started doing. The one that I got this week was this. A snail finds itself at the bottom of a deep well. The well is 1530 centimeters deep. Each day the snail struggles up 180 centimeters and the stops for a rest. While it is resting the snail slides down 30 centimeters. How long before the snail reaches the top of the well? I had a think about this first and then thought about the 180 centimeters and then the snail  slides down 30 centimeters so the snail actually goes up 150 centimeters each day. I then was looking at 150 x by something and was trialing different numbers. I thought 150 x 5 and that did not work and then I tried all of the numbers between 5 and 9 and when I got to nine it gave me the answer 1350 and then thought I only need 180 centimeters to get to the top of the well so I add that on and it gave me the answer 1530 and that took ten days so I think that it takes ten days to get out of the well because the snail does not have to slide down at all.

Here are some photos of my thinking.


In year 6 we have been doing passion projects and I am up to week 6. I am up to date with what I am doing and I think that I have got good footage to put into the film. I have started editing my film and have added different time effects.  I have enjoyed the process so far and I think that I am going well. I have had many successes like the filming and others. I have had one challenge so far and that is to make the film look like I did not just put it together in just five minutes. I think that I have found a solution by making the videos all different times.


Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Today we watched Birke Baehr’s TED talk. He was was talking about the planet and the farms with organic vs Not organic. He wanted to get through the healthy choices that we choose instead of the things that hurt the environment. He had very powerful and related images so that he could get the message across more clearly. He did not have any iPad for text or anything so he memorised the script. He talked about the research and the choices that he made to help save the environment.  Birke talked about all the farmers that put pesticides and different products is in the grass to make things grow. This puts then an impact on us because the cows or other animals eat the grass and then we eat the animals that then have pesticides following through there blood. Most of the food that we eat has some sort of chemicals in them. Birke went to a farmer who did not add any chemicals in there. Now when we go to the supermarket we need to look for organic things.


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