April 23

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk


Whilst watching this TED talk there were some messages/take aways that stuck with me. One of which being “would you rather pay the farmer or pay the hospital”. This came across strongly because I can understand how he is trying to say that you can either pay the farmer for organic food or you can pay the hospital, because you got sick from inorganic food. Another sentence he said that stuck with me was “I used to want to become and NFL player but now I want to be an organic farmer”. This was a very strong message showing me how there is always a place that needs you where you can be show that one kid can make a difference.


A way he got this message across to his audience was by making them laugh and applaud. He had made many achievements which is when they applaud and a few jokes where they laughed at his comments.


A presentation technique he used well was he had quite strong eye line with the audience. Although he spoke with his arms cramped by his side and he slouched slightly. His eye line showed he was really talking to his audience and connecting to them.


He did use some technical support. He had a screen in the background which projected facts and extensions of statements or jokes. He used a microphone to boost his voice even louder even though he already projected his voice quite well.

April 23

Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard Turere’s TED Talk was about creating peace with lions through his invention. I think the message was based on how we can solve a problem without violence. I believe part of the message was also that you can prevent problems yourself and that one person can make  difference.

One of the ways Richard got the message across to the audience is how he brought his presentation to life. He had pictures in the background showing what really is happening. He was also in some of the pictures so it showed how personal this was to him.

To me there were a few presentation techniques that stood out. One of which being prompts. How Richard used this technique was: when he wanted his audience to laugh he would do a small laugh and then pause/wait until the audience would laugh back at his comments. Sometimes to show the positivity in a statement he would smile and sometimes when he would say and achievement he would wait until the audience applauds before continuing. He also had very good eye line because he had no script nor dot-points. He also had great use of gestures and use of the projected screen.

The technical support was very little. The only technical support he had was the screen and the microphone. He didn’t have any script so he must have rehearsed a lot.

April 21

Passion Project

For this terms Passion Project I intend to create a short video/edit based on photography! This is an area I thoroughly enjoy. I will create a short video based on a thing called “the 10 minute photo challenge”. In those videos though, a photographer runs around taking pictures of a dancer whereas I will be taking photos of anything in my neighbourhood. I will also only have 5 minutes and parts will be time-lapse.


I will be using my Dad’s good quality camera to challenge myself. After filming this and taking the photos I will use an app I found called ‘adobe lightroom’ to edit my photos. I will then piece together the video using either imovie, adobe premier or movie maker.


My project is targeted at anyone interested in photography (which in my opinion could be anyone…). Specifically ages 8-15.


I am most looking forward to…

Everything! This project lies in the subject I love and it really is my passion!!


Here are a few pictures I took at my house (I couldn’t transfer to laptop with good quality):

April 17

Thomas Suarez’s TED Talk

Throughout watching Thomas Suarez’s TED talk I noticed one of the main messages to be about app development, the strong minds of kids and about pursuing your passion. I saw these messages because he was inspiring others to develop apps, explaining how kids can create well (through ‘jokes’) and following his dream from a young age.


He got the message to his audience and made them laugh (because the script was targeted at adults), and he occasionally made them clap (at his achievements).


Thomas connected with the audience while performing with great presenting techniques such as:                                                                eye line, (only occasionally looking at his dot-points) gestures and using his space efficiently.


Thomas used some technical support whilst performing. He had a screen behind him projecting key parts (the first app he created, and his favourite app he created). He used a microphone conveniently attached where it doesn’t have to be handheld) and an iPad where I assume he had dot-points.


February 21

Royalty Free Music Clinic

In today’s clinic we learnt about what it is copyright and what is royalty free music. There is a website called ‘bensound’ that provides royalty free music. After saving it to our favourites bar and creating a folder for it’s files we were given the challenge to find music that matched these movies and might suit them:

  • Greatest Showman
  • Starwars
  • IT
  • Titanic
  • Wonder

Here is a short video to explain it: