~I nearly achieved what I originally  wanted to do but I didn’t finish the whole book with photos I think I only did around half

~One of the challenges that I faced during this passion project was time management and printing the photos, I wasn’t looking at how many weeks we have left and on the second last week I suddenly realised how far behind I was. so I quickly printed the photos (which was hard because we couldn’t find a place) and took my time to put the book together.

~if I could continue this project then I would make it the whole book long and  find more photos from more holidays.

it wont let me put in the video!



I have successfully finished my passion project! I achieved what I originally set out to do. My video turned out better then I expected. The main challenge was asking the other team if we could take photos, they all said yes though but it was a bit of a hustle. if I did this project again I would change the editing program, try to edit it a bit better, and take more photos and videos. here is the finished video


Turkey religion


The project we had to do was research a chosen country, I chose Turkey. We had to research 4 topics, they were: Customs, religion, social behaviours and flag meaning.

Some of the same things that Australia and Turkey have in common are…

  • Both our country’s have red in the flags!
  • The sports are also quite similar and popular in both of the country’s

Some differences that Turkey and Australia are…

  • The food is quite different, we eat meat pies and they eat lots of meat and traditional dishes
  • The populations are very different, with Australia sitting on 24 million people and Turkey has 79 million people

If I ever lived in Turkey I would find most interesting…

  • the food, it sounds very yum and I am intrigued to try it!
  • The architecture might also be different to Australia’s so I would love to go into a city and just take in my surroundings!


So far I have taken photos and videos every game. my mum or friends that watch take the photos for me. i have gone to training every week but I am not adding in anything from there, we are in the semi finals next week so I will take some photos and videos there. the hardest part so far is that we aren’t aloud to take photo’s and videos during the game so we have to ask the other team before hand if we were aloud to. the next thing I am going to do is get the photos and videos of the next game and then edit it all together inti a video of every week we have played so far. here us a photo of one of the games we have played:

(this is the same image from my last post because I cant find my cord to transfer the new ones)

The lost princess

The lost princess is about a girl on her computer, feeling like its a different world. a world that she can be anything she wants, she can pretend to be 13 but is actually 12! in the short film lost princess is online, she finds a guy called the white night, he claims to be 13. as the film goes on it shows examples of other kids that have some of the same problems and there outcome, later on the ’13’ year old invites her to a concert, of coarse she says yes, but should she have? the other 3 story’s were of: a girl named Lucy was being bullied, some girls stole her phone witch has her personal information in it, like her password etc. the bullies go onto her account and post things that aren’t true, she gets lots of mean comments from the kids at her school. she doesn’t think its bulling if the people aren’t physically hurting her. until later she tells her dad who then calls the police. story number two is about a boy named Keiran who is addicted to gaming. By year 10 of gaming he had dropped out of school and was online almost all day. soon he realised that he should stop playing because he is badly addicted to it! he tells his dad who agrees completely and wants to get his life back. And the third story is about a girl called charlotte who starts to play a game online. she meets lots of friends, but are they really her friends? one guy she meets starts texting her everyday, charlotte lets out some of her private information to him. later her mum finds out what’s been happening and why she is always texting someone. the lost princess encounters all these story’s but in her own way. She finds out in the end at the concert that white knight isn’t 13 like she thought but he is a grown man. in the end the problem was resolved.

I chose charlotte (story 3)

here are my answers to the questions:

the problem charlotte encountered was that she met a boy who she didn’t now that wanted to follow her, she pushed yes because he claimed that one of her friends new him. once charlotte had talked with him for a while charlotte claimed she ‘knew’ him enough to finally meet. that night while they were eating dinner at the dining table charlotte was texting him more than usual. her mum noticed and told charlotte to stop texting. charlotte dramatically stormed upstairs while her mum checked who she was texting.

it negatively affected charlottes life by pushing her to go online more and more, she spent more time with her face in her screen, also she could have met this guy and it could have ended terribly.

the issue got resolved when her mum noticed her going on her phone a lot more than usual, that then made her take her phone and go through the messages on her phone

she probably could have thought about her actions before doing them because she could have thought about all the bad things that could have happened and then changed her mind and not met up with him or ever even texted him

I take away from charlottes story that things aren’t always what they seem. some people might lie about there age or there looks online, you just have to be carful online!

here is a photo:


For term 3’s passion project I decided on making a film on netball, I will take photos and videos of me playing and piece it together to make a film. I am planning to film on my phone and transfer it to my computer to edit. My project is targeted at all audiences, mainly netball players! I am looking forward to editing it, seeing how I play so I can get better in the future!!here is a photo I got from the last game I played that I will add into the film:

DC cartoons

Today in digital citizenship we looked at some cartoon photos. we looked at the funny parts then the message, then we were asked is it still funny? and I said no it wasn’t because we now know the message. the message was usually sad and were about being addicted to technology.

At first, why might some people find this cartoon funny?

it is funny because of how many tweets he is getting and how many birds there are.

What is the message (or messages) in this cartoon?

that you should notice life, not online life but appreciate what I around you.

Why is this an important message?

because we are all addicted to our phones and not enjoying the real world

Now that you have analysed this cartoon, do you still find it “funny”?




My passion project was so much fun!

Did I achieve what I set out to do?:

I did end up finishing my project.

what successes or challenges did you come past during the project?:

I found that at the end giving ng them the bags was hard because some didn’t answer or didn’t want it or some times you cant be sure if they are homeless or not.

I found that seeing there reactions was so good because they were so happy to get the bags.

How could I extend my learning if I did this project again?:

I would probably go to some homeless shelters an d help even more


Win the the fair


First we started with the ‘loosing game board’ . the loosing game board is a game board with 1,2,3,4,5 and 50c and 20c. the person had to pay 1 dollar to play. we had to roll the dice and say I get a seven I move up and if I get a four I move left and a 12 right. the numbers are placed around the edges of the game board.everyone got into pairs to play it, we trialled this game 10 times and wrote down the ending information onto the whiteboard so we cold put it all together and see if its a winning or loosing game board. altogether the class played 104 games and we lost 48.60 in total. the people playing our game got 152.60 and we only got 104 dollars.me and my partner mainly got 50 cents.

here is the game board we trialled and the class data:

after we did this we were given the problem which was: we had been given two blank game boards and we could put our own amounts and in any place and try to make it a winning game board, the second one we could put different amounts in but they had to be in the same place as before. we could also change for both when we roll the dice what place we move the counter to, 4 could be up and 2,3,5,6 could be left and 7,8,9,10,11,12 to go right. I found it really challenging because it was hard to make it a profiting game board but still enticing, for my first one I thought that it was enticing because you could win $200 dollars and the rest were lower numbers, but the people wouldn’t think that much and they wouldn’t realise that you cant win the 200 dollars because you have to be able to go down and you cant.

here is a picture of my first game board

I tried the game 10 times and the overall end information was that I lost $3.60. I lost that money because the person got the $6 and $5. if I could change my board I would make the amounts lower and maybe add something else to make it more enticing.

my second game board was my ‘official game board’ my second game board was enticing because you could win $90 dollars, there is more of a chance than the other game board though because you had to rill a 6 three times in a row or a 4 three times in a row. After  I made my board I trialed it in my book 10 times to see how it went and if it is a winning or looding game board. my information for trialung it 10 times was: my game was successful, they lost $6.50 . aftyer I trialed my game board on my book I had tpo go to maths three hundred and pu my ‘official’ game board in and trial it 1000 times, the aim was to make over 300 dollars. here is some screen snips of my information after trialing and changing my board:

I changed my board and it worked a lot better