here is a video on a book we read called refugee:


that is all the Makey Makey lessons put into one big voice recording. I found the tricky parts of making the guitar was getting the guitar chords in the correct spot . they kept on falling of or sagging the strings down because its so heavy . next week we start tinkering. we will be taking apart a movie player . I hope that we can make something good out of it .here are all the photos and videos:



this next one also has a video on the taking apart for tinkering but I will do a blog post on that soon.

Tinkering , session one

today we started tinkering. we were pulling apart a old DVD\CD player. it was hard to out some of the screws. next lesson we will hopefully finish it of and fully take it apart. here is a video of us pulling it apart, skip to 3.09 because we have a video of making the guitar in it.

session 2

today in design we decided to start looking for something that we could make using the Makey Makey equipment and the thing that we tinkered with\pulled apart. We wanted to 3D print something, so we looked through some sites that you can get projects to print. We had a idea, why don’t we make a music synth . a music synth is a little box that has buttons. when you push the buttons you can create a sound and that sound keeps playing consistently, then you can push another one and then the two sounds can play together. here’s a picture of a music synth:

session 3

today in design we showed the teacher a project with the music synth on it. we get to start 3d printing the music synth!!!!

here is a picture of what we are 3D printing:

the 3D printer kept on getting blocked. it took a lot of tries but in the end it printed. it was the weekend the next day so that meant that it would be able to have time to print, because it takes a long time to 3D print things .it takes sometimes a day to print. while it started to print we tried to think of a idea for the buttons using the makey makey kit. we thought that we could use screws for the buttons because they conduct electricity. the makey makey board could go in side it.

session 4

today in design we started to create the sounds on scratch. we used little bits to make the sounds and went into the recoding booths and recorded them onto scratch. when we plug in the makey makey it meant that when we click the buttons on the music synth it will make the sound that we recorded. here are the sound:

it is not loading so ill try again tomorrow

also the 3D printer finally finished printing the parts for the music synth. this is what it looks like:

here is a picture of the printer:

now we can start to put everything together

session 5:

today I blogged. hopefuly next week I will be

session 6:

today I started to program on my computer. we got a little bits kit and that’s how we got the music. we recorded them and then made the program. in the program we made it so that each one plays and when you press the other one they play the sound together. here is a picture of the program:

and here’s a video of the sounds that we recorded:

here is a video of everything we did this lesson:

it wont upload so ill try again tomorrow

session 7

today we started to put everything together! we got a makey makey kit and put it inside and connected the wires\connector cords to the top of the controller with string. we threaded the cord through a hole at the bottom so we could connect it to our computer. with all the wires inside it looked bad so we decided to get a background so that you couldn’t see all the wires clumped up inside. FINALLY WE FINISHED!

Here is a video of the finished product!!

it will also not load !!

session 8

today we started to take apart the project. it was hard to get the tape undone but in the end we got it. here is a video :



I think that if I spin the spinner 10 times that it will land on the white 1/10. I think that because, out of all the 8 spaces only one is white so there is 1/8 of a chance of landing on the white so I thought that if its 10 times then it will most likely land on the pink more than the white .

my estimate is 1\10 

 white  colour
 Experiment 1  2  8
 Experiment 2  1  9
 Experiment 3
 Experiment 4





Here is a spinner I made:


The blue is : 1/5

the rose is : 1\5

the yellow is: 1\3

the peach is: 1\5

the pink is : 1\10

I think it will land on the yellow 11 times and the blue 10 times and the peach 10 times and the yellow 5 and the rose 4

I think that it will land on the yellow the most because the chance of it to land on the yellow is one third so out of the three I think it will land on that the most.

here is what it actually landed on:



session 1

Today we were asked to answer some questions  in our design books. the questions were: what is energy , where does it come from , what Is it made up of , what are the different types and how is it used.

here is the answers:

what is energy-16q2x3p

session 2

Today we had to copy a picture of the board into our design books and do a diagram of its parts, purposes and complexity’s

here is a picture of my work:

diagram on nergy-1w151g8

session 3

Today in design we started to make things with : connecters , a light bulb and other things. our task was to make a light bulb and then make some more complex. when I was making the light bulb I struggled to do it because I was putting the wires\connecters in the wrong places so it would not light up. to make it light up in the end I had to hold the to wires\connecter cords onto the battery to make it light up . we learnt about the loop in the circuit. there has to be a loop or there is nowhere for the electricity to go. I did not end up doing the complex one because I ran out of time. here is a scanned copy of my work:









session 4

Today we got into groups of 3 or 4 and got o pick something to experiment with and make. my group picked a droid from star wars. first 2 of us started to build the droid while the other two put stickers from the building equipment onto the droid. it was hard to get the pieces to make the robot move into position because they would drag on the floor and the droid wouldn’t be able to move. to  fix it we moved the position of the legs or arms of the droid so that they weren’t dragging on the floor. here is a video:


session 5

Today in design we started a new project using little bits. We decided to make a tug of war. We had to download the little bits software on our computer and then we followed each step closely. it was hard to get the correct pieces in the right spots and when we put them on the board it all fell apart and we had to apart it all back together. here is a video of us putting it together ad drawing our controllers:




sewing mobile-1vek0le

sewing mobile split-1k3g51r


sewing draw string bag-11v54ny


Session 1

session 2

today we had to down load the internet scratch and make a account because the online account has more blocks to use and you can see other peoples work. we started to make a sprite (that is the character that you program) dance. I first started of with a tutorial witch takes you step bye step through the proses on how to program it. I chose the sprite, it was a monkey. the sprites come with there own costumes some have dancing costumes and some have costumes that match the sprite that you pick. I used more than one sprite 3 sprites. also the sprits came with a sound but I recorded my own sound of another device. I found out how to record a new sound. here is a video of my dance party!!!!!

the video will not upload so ill try again later

session 3

today we got a new challenge, we were only aloud to use 10 blocks and the ten blocks were written on our sheet and you were aloud to use the blocks more than once as long as there the specific ones on the sheet. here is a screen cast of my program and finished product:

in this recording at the bottom it shows the ten blocks that we got to use. I learnt out what the show and hide blocks do and the set size and lots more of the ten blocks. show, means that it will show your sprite and hide does the opposite, it hides the sprit. set size sets the sprites size to the specific amount that you write in to it and then changes the size of the sprite to the amount that you have put in. I found this challenge really fun and it also helped me with understanding some new blocks and how to use them so that I can put them into some of my future projects.

session 4

today in design we got to look around at some projects and we learnt how to save them into a studio and we can have sections in our studios, like one studio could be for games and another could be for animations. I saved 5 things in two studios one called animations and one called game, here is what I saved that interests me:


I saved one in games


and I saved four in animations.

I found that todays activity helped me to find something to inspire me to make my own remix or something close to one of the 5 projects.



Allegro Day

Today was a special day, We had allegro day. Allegro day is a day were all the year 5 travel to senior school with there instruments and practice the songs that they have been learning from the past Term or both two terms so far, then we perform a concert to the parents and teachers as one big band. I found this a great experience, it has helped me with learning the violin, the allegro program was a big help to me with learning the violin. I found that the concert at the end was the most fun of it all, also the GAME ON game was really fun. Over all I found this a great day!!!!






Micro Worlds

Session 1

in todays design session we did something a bit different, we did micro worlds. The challenge this time was to write your initials. Mine are M.H so I think the most challenging bit will be getting the turtle in to the correct position to start the letters. So far I have got a bit of the m done. I found it very challenging to get it into the correct spot as I predicted, this took up most of my time so now I don   it looks like this:




Kites investigation


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