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a acronym is a word that has been shortened or abbreviated so it can be said in a easier way, here’s some examples:

FYI – for your information

ASAP- as soon as possible

and many more

the T.H.I.N.K acronym for this case is :

T rue

because the person you are communicating with might get the wrong image and take it the wrong way.

H elpful

because then whats the point in giving them information anyway

I nspiring

because you don’t want to put people down

N eseccary

because people don’t want to hear anything that is unneseccary

K ind

because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings




So far with my passion project I have gotten some good footage when I went to the shops to buy some blankets for my project, I bought 5 for the 5 bags I’m going to make.

next I will need to bake some food, I am thinking of making a muffin and some biscuits.  cant make these things until I have every thing ready, because I want to give it to them fresh. next I will buy some bags, I am thinking of buying a cotton on bag.

here is a photo of what I have so far:

the photo wont load so ill try again tonight

Passion Project

I am thinking of making a goodie bag with a muffin, water, and maybe a blanket. and then go around to the less fortunate and give them one. left with a note saying, I hope you have a great day. I will make all the things in my goodie bag at home. I will present it to the class with a video of me making the goodie bag and giving them to the people.

I will video myself at home baking the muffin and making the bags then I will head out to maybe Melbourne and give them to the homeless and less fortunate or just a random person to brighten there day. I will edit it all together using adobe premier and add music to the background and add some effects

how will people will benefit from this?

the less fortunate people will benefit because they get some food water and something to keep them warm at night.

I will film the peoples reactions to and make a video complication at the end of there reactions.



Birke Baehr TED Talk

I think the main message or take away from Birke Baehrs TED Talk was that eating food that is local or organic is better not only for us but for the world

Birke got his message across to his audience by touching the audiences heart and making it clear how this problem is bad and how they could stop it. he didn’t have a script witch means that he kept his eye contact the whole time witch  helped get his message across because you can tell that it means a lot to him because he knows the script of by heart.

he used a big screen with a slide show of what he was talking about to help get his message over.

he used great eye contact because he didn’t have a script. he also used the space on the stage well and used his humour.


Richard Turere

The main message in Richard Turere’s TED Talk I think was, if you persist you can achieve your goals. And that animals are equal to humans and should never be killed for doing what they need to do to survive.

he got his message to his audience by really touching there hearts, trying to make it seem as though they were in this situation to. He did not have a script witch means that he would have had to have practiced witch would make the audience think that this means a lot to him. This also means he kept good eye contact with the audience.

Richard Turere used a slide show with images to help the audience visualise how serious the matter was and how he resolved it a lot better. He also used a microphone to project his voice so that every one in the audience could hear him.

Richard Turere had great eye contact because he had no reason to look away because he had well rehearsed his script that he didn’t need it anymore and he new it of by heart. He also used hand gestures and used the space on the stage very well, this helped his audience helped him communicate with his audience, and get the message through to them.

here is the link to His TED Talk



Thomas Suarez Ted Talk

  1. the main message or thing that I take away is that when we all come together to achieve something, its possible. Thomas created a group at his school so that anyone who wanted to know how to make apps can come to this group to learn.

  2. Thomas added a bit of humour to his TED Talk to make the audience want to keep watching and engage them. he didn’t exactly tell us his message straight in, you had to think underneath the obvious. he kept eye contact most of the time only looking down at his ipad to quickly check his notes.

  3. he had a ipad with some notes to help him remember what to say. he had a slide show in the background to help get his message through to and help his audience visually get his

  4. what presentation techniques did he use well? he kept good eye contact to keep the audience engaged, he also used hand gestures .