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Hungary RVE


A few lessons ago we were set a challenge: to research a country. I choose Hungary because I am quarter Hungarian.

The Differences

As you can imagine there are a LOT of differences like at Christmas we don’t have celebrations from the 6th of December all the way to new years eve! ( though I wish we did!) Another difference is the clothes theirs are heavy winter clothes while ours are mostly light summer clothes.

The similarities

their are a surprising amount of  similarities  like we both have Christmas, we both white and red on our flags and we both have a lot of people who believe in catholic.


I don’t think that I would find much challenging since the culture is a lot more like Australia then I realised.

I think what I would find the most interesting would be Christmas because of 3 reasons: 1 they have CANDYYYY, 2 their Christmas goes on for much longer then ours and 3 because they have a thing called the midnight mass.

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