Passion Project Term 3


This term I am doing cooking for my passion project I am ether going to make cupcakes for chocolate brownie. the reason why I am doing this is because I like to cook and I’m ok at it. I was going to do something else for my passion project nut it didn’t work. how I have prepared is I have figured out where I am going to film in my kitchen at mums house. I am going to get my sisters to help in it and so they can eat the left overs. I am looking forward to making what ever I’m going to make ( I haven’t chosen yet ) because I am interested if it will work because last term I didn’t have any talk in it so I am not sure if it will work.

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if I do brownies I would need:

  • 12 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 large eggs
  • 14 teaspoon baking
  • 13 cup cocoa powder
  • 14 teaspoon salt
  • 12 cup flour

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if I do cupcakes I will need:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 12 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 12 cup butter, softened
  • 34 cup sugar (if you like your cupcakes very sweet, add a little more.)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

I can’t wait to making one of these things!



Term 2 – Reflection

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Passion Project:

I loved doing my passion project it was something new to me but I still enjoyed it. I had some difficulty with the editing process, I didn’t know how to make the credits roll so I searched it up and I found out how to. I did my passion project on Horse riding because I love horse riding and it’s something I’ve done since I was 3.   My goal for term 3 passion project is


In writing I have loved thinking of ideas for seeds then writing about. Though I think that I should stick to one seed and publish it because I tend to start one seed then think of a different seed so I end up with heaps of unfinished seeds. which also takes up time doing  that which is way I have only published 1 piece this term but over the holidays I am going to finish of seeds and make them into drafts and the pieces I think are done I will email Miss Williamson to see if I can publish it.

Goal: In term 3 I am going to do more happy pieces I think term 2 I did a lot of gruesome pieces.


For my sport I did Netball I had a good team we won some games and lost some of the games I thought that it was really fun and I always look forward to it at the end Thursdays. I was happy with how I played I tried to evolve people who weren’t getting the ball much.


I have loved sport this term except I didn’t like doing the blogging for P.E because the videos did not work. I liked the dance at the end of the year and I hope we do more next term. I thought it was fun and I liked when made dance with a group of friends and then showed to the class it was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.


I found it hard to disited I what I wanted my ted talk to be about at the start I want to something about pets until I choice knowing where your meat comes from. I choice this because I am more closer to this because my dad is an ethical farmer and he make sure the cows and sheep have a happy life. I had trouble with my recording because the audio get disappearing so I kept recording the same bit until I found all of them in my desktop folder and also premiare didn’t work so I had to put it in movie maker but I didn’t know who to make the photos for an shorter time so erin told me.

Term 3:

My goal is to be more on time and not be late.

I am looking forward to Term 3 and I am exited for it.

Year 6

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term 1 is nearly done it has gone soo fast for me we have done so much in the term such as Camp, S.T.E.M, project rockit, sport, film school, inquiry, problem solving, French etc. this term we have been taught lots of different things like how to use certain cameras and how to use adobe pro and green screening we learnt these things in film school there were 12 classes you had to attend to get your directors hat I found it challenging to keep up to scechiled which my blogs. in problem solving I really enjoyed getting a new problem every week and also working it out with my family although there were sometimes  there was an argument between me and dad about whose answer is correct.

math group I think help me learn lots of new things which I didn’t what it was such as powers now I am very familer with them I also learnt a lot about roman numrals because I used to think it only went to 12 because i’d only every seen them on a clock but when I found out that it was just like our number system I was told that it didn’t have a 0 in its number so that’s why the Arabic number system was more popular. also in math group I was retaught how to round because I had forgot how to it probably.  what I found challenging to know what was a prime and compistite number i still cant look at a number a know if its a prime or composite ( I still don’t know prime and composites )

Sport was one of my highlights in term 1. For the summer sport I did T-ball we won every round except 1 it was reaaly fun and i think we got better as a team as it went on we got to know what skills everyone had. i had never done T-ball before i thought it was going to be boring but really its really fun.


Boy over board

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Boy Over Board by Morris Gleitzman

boy over board is about a family living Afghanistan. Bibi and Jamal play soccer on sand dunes with land mines with there friend Yusuf the 1 legged goalie but since Bibi is a girl she s not aloud to play soccer so they have to do it when the government is not around. Bibi and Jamal’s mother is a illegal school since girls weren’t aloud to go to school ether and there farther was a taxi driver he drive the girls to school so the government wouldn’t see. When the government finds this all out they knew they had go to a different country, Australia but when they get split up Bibi and Jamal have to get to Australia were there mum and dad are going. On the way the meet a boy called Omar and a girl called Rashida.

I think this book would be a adventure and culture book. What I didn’t like about the book was the ending how they didn’t actually get to Australia it just ended when I thought something else was going to happen but nothing did. I thought it dragged on for a bit and parts were not necessary in stages of the book.

I rate this book 3.5/5.

Reading Rant



Author: Lauren child

The book I have just finished a book called Ruby Redfort.

this book is about a girl called ruby and she is a spy for spectrum a secret agency to stop evil guiens. there have been weird things happening in the ocean Currents stoping, schools of dolphins and sharks moving closer to the bay, people going missing and strange noise coming from the ocean. spectrum told ruby to leave it to the older spy since she is the youngest but she goes out secretly with her best friend Clancy crew who is scared of the ocean and find them selfs in deep trouble.

What I liked about the book was how the author made you feel like you were ruby and how she felt I also like the type of book Mystery and crime. I also liked how it left clues in the text about why all this is happening and by who? I liked every thing about this book.

Passion Project #4

These past weeks I have been editing my film I have added lots of transition to challenge my self I had to go on to the internet to find out how to put all the transition in.

I didn’t use many different shots because I was using a camera so I couldn’t press play then get back on my horse then do what I was going to do. I did ask mum but she didn’t understand what I was asking her to do and some times I was worried I was going to break the camera by stepping on it. the main shots I have in my film is W.S  and L.S I have 1 mid shot and 1 E.C.U

I am very happy with how it turned out but I have to add one more bit of footage on to it, I have meaning to do that for ages now so I’m going to try and do it on Saturday this weekend (8/10/17).

I’m looking forward to sharing it in to the class in week 9.



Win At The Fair.





Win at the fair looks like this


Win at the fair is a game were you role a dice, pretend you got a 10 you would go right because the arrow is pointing right then you would move you counter right.

You would keep rolling until you land on one of the numbers in the hexagon. Whatever number you role on is the amount of money you would win.

In our first lesson we all got into pairs and played win at the fair, we had to record our data. This is mine.



 The amount out is $4.60 sorry that it is blurry.

We played 12 games that meant we payed $12 because one game is 1 dollar. At the end of the game, we had made $16.60, which means we gained $4.60.Then the whole class wrote up there data on the white board



This is 6As data, in total we played 122 games which means we spent $122 and won $183 so the amount out was $61.00.

This is 6Bs data. They played 83 games so they spent

$83 dollars. Over all they won $117 the amount out or gained is $34.

6Bs compared with 6As data, 6A had more amount of games played which meant that 6A had more money spent and more money gained.

 We all had a go of making our own bourd with our own rules and we could change how much money people can win.

This was mine the swirls are go back to the start it sort of like a portal to the start. The $3.00 are meant to be 0.50.


These are the results from my first one.

This is my final game bourd this game bourd I had to try and make profit around $300. I have changed prizes and the way which each number goes


These are the results for my final game bourd. The amount out was $470

I think that my game bourd is successful because my avergage payout was $0.53 which is around half of a dollar and the amount I gained was $470.

Passion project #3

I have been going well with passion project I am well ahead of schedule and have nearly finished my editing so far it’s looking really good but I would like to add 1 more bit of footage into it. I’m really Excited that its turned out better then my last one which was a bit of a fail ( the instructional film ).

What I found challenge was to find the right music it was hard because I didn’t really know what the film was going to look like

exactly so I’m going to change the

music because I don’t think it really suits it. Another challenge was getting the footage from my phone to the my computer because I didn’t know how to so I just looked around and in the end I found out how to. I’m really excited to show the class.

Birkes Baechr TED Talk

Today we watched Birkes Ted Talk. This talk is very different again to Thomas and Richards talk.

His talk was about how we eat and the food system. He didn’t use much technology to help get is message across he remembered  his whole script without having to use a iPad.

He made the audience laugh by saying he used to want to be a AFL football player but now he wants to be an organic farmer. he  kept them looking and entertained.

I think he used his hands to much and in sometimes I found it hard to understand him because of his very strong accent.

Over all I thought it was a good TED Talk and its message was clear.


Richard Turere

This Ted talk is very different to Thomas’s Ted talk.

The message I got from Richards Ted talk was that keep trying and stop at your fist failure keep trying.

The why Richard moved around goo but he could of moved a little more then what he did.

The why that he used lots of photo made his message even stronger, when he used the confronting photo that made the audience realize this is a real problem in Kenya were he was from and that his invent of the lights really is a thing from were he is from.

He also made the audience laugh but I think he could of made them laugh some more even though it wasn’t meant to be humour.

The way he persisted to save the cattle from the lion was amazing because from lots of failing ideas to an Idea to make lights flash around the pen saved lots of cattle and help his neighbour with there cattle and soon his idea was used in all of Kenya and because of that he got into the best school in Maasia and he was on the TED Talk

I think his Ted talk was great.