Billard Ball Bounce

In project maths we started a new unit.  Billard Ball Bounce is a game where there is a 10×6 grid the ball is pushed from the bottom left the it would do a 45° turn every time it hit the edge it took 6 bounces of the edge before it got into the hole.  After that we were sent back to our tables to try out different size grids and how many bounces it took to get into the holes. I filled out a sheet with my recordings.

After that Miss wiliamson told us to try find a rule to be able to know the amount of bounces with out having to draw up a grid. On the floor later josh shared with the class that he thought a had found a rule for odd and odd and it also worked on odd and even. The rule for them was X x Y-2= answer so I went back and tried it on other odds and odds,  and other evens and odds it was working with the grids until I tried 3 x 9 that didn’t work because the answer was 10 but if the rule had it would of been 11.

The next lesson I spent the whole time still looking for the rule and going testing patterns on the software version. the second last lesson Miss Williamson gave me a hint that it was to do with prime numbers and composites but so I ask her what they were so she told me. A composite number has more than two factors and a prime number only has two factors itself and 1. After that she wrote the equation up on the board ( length + width / composite = ans ) I did some testing on this rule and it worked on al of the m for example its a 16  by 6 grid the largest number which goes into both of them is 2. then you plus 16 and 6 ( 16 + 6 ) it equals 22. 22 ÷ 2 = 11.

I fond it challenging until I found out what composites were.

Building Views 17/10/2017

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In class we were given the task to convert the numbers on a 4×4 2D grid into blocks ( buildings ) on the grid and creating a 3D model

After a while I could to it without making a model. how I did that was the largest number in each row or column would be the number which you see in that row or column then you would do the same for all the other rows and columns.

The bottom left box is the 2D and the top right box is the front view and the side view.

At the start I got very confused but after that it was pretty straight forward and easy

The second sheet we did was more complicated and sort of the opposite to the first sheet. You had convert the 2d front view and 2d side view, To a 3d model with the same views. At the start I found a big hard until I realised that the block could move further back and forward in the same column and it still make the same views.



Mexican Culture

Lately in R.V.E we have been writing a double page project on a country of our choice. I chose Mexico. Mexico and Australia are similar and different in many ways.

Like Australia doesn’t have the day of dead in total Australia doesn’t have a day to remember the ones who have passed away at all. Also when having dinner in Mexico it is polite to not sit down until invited or told to. Always keep your hands visible when eating. it is polite to leave some food on your plate when you finish to show hostess that they have supplied enough food.

Mexico and Australia also have a lot alike. like they both write from the Latin alphabet. Australia and Mexico both have Christmas except Mexicans celebrated Christmas from the December 12th to January 6th. And they both have Easter. Australia’s and Mexico’s highest religion is christen.

If I had to live in Mexico what I would find very interesting would be the ”day of the dead” and ”Quinceañera” I would love to see the festival of day of the dead all the colour and fiesta. Quinceañera is when a girl turns fifteen they through a big party to celebrate and welcome her to womanhood.

But what I would find challenging maybe would be the temperature because it is so hot all the time and probably wouldn’t cope very well.



Passion Project 2 #3

I did the filming at dads house in the end because he went and got chocolate chips the day after. I thought I did the filming well and got good shots. I’m not to sure about the audio and I’m thinking of doing maybe a voice over for one if I get time. Dad had a important call and he walks around the house when he talks. So in some of the footage you will hear dads voice coming in and out. it was really fun making them but I had to cut heaps of bits out in the film because you could hear dad really loudly. next time I am going to do it at a different place or time to when dads on the phone. it took me a while to think of a song to do I finally got one its called believer by Imagine dragons. What was really annoying while I was filming my sisters kept trying to take the batter so in the end there wasn’t much. I also put to many cookies on one tray so it morphed and made one giant cookie.

it was really yum and I had so much fun making them and eating them.


Passion Project #2

I’m now doing chocolate chip cookie for my passion project I did my filming Monday night at my dads house. It was a fail because well firstly dad said he bought chocolate chips and he did but the mice at all of it so I decided to to the passion on just chocolate chip-less cookies. That went well except for m phone ran out of space half way through it so I had to to two batches. they both tasted really good but when I went on premiere pro you could hear my dad cooking dinner and talking. I kept stumbling on my words and the bowl was only half in the camera’s view because it was a bird’s eye and I couldn’t see the screen. So I am going to redo it at mums house because she has chocolate chips.

I hope it all works out.

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(by the way I didn’t make them)


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I have been chosen to do the bollards. the bollards were made by Jan Mitchell the wood which constructed the bollards was from the old Yarra pier which was burnt down in 1988. there are over 100 painted bollards like the bathing beauties. The bathing beauty competitions were held on the beachfront of Geelong from the 1930s. These ladies are a reminder of the time when bathing beauty competitions were a popular attraction at Eastern Beach. another famous bollard is Mathew flinders. he was the first person to sail all around Australia he mapped much of its coast line. he also was the first to realise Tasmania was an island. on all of his voyage he always took a companion which was a little cat called Trim. I think that the Matthew flinders story is a great story to share because he was a major part in Australia’s history. why I’m going to do the bathing beauties is because that was what the attraction was back in the 1930s which is very different to now and I think its an interesting thing to know and learn about.

How I’m going to do my film is show all the bollards ( just a photo ) then go really deep into the bathing beauties and Matthew flinders I am going to try and find some photos of Jan Mitchell making the bollards and I will try find out if any helped Jan Mitchell make the bollards and see if they are still alive and maybe inter view them about Jan and what it was like making the bollards.

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Passion Project Term 3


This term I am doing cooking for my passion project I am ether going to make cupcakes for chocolate brownie. the reason why I am doing this is because I like to cook and I’m ok at it. I was going to do something else for my passion project nut it didn’t work. how I have prepared is I have figured out where I am going to film in my kitchen at mums house. I am going to get my sisters to help in it and so they can eat the left overs. I am looking forward to making what ever I’m going to make ( I haven’t chosen yet ) because I am interested if it will work because last term I didn’t have any talk in it so I am not sure if it will work.

Image result

if I do brownies I would need:

  • 12 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 large eggs
  • 14 teaspoon baking
  • 13 cup cocoa powder
  • 14 teaspoon salt
  • 12 cup flour

Image result


if I do cupcakes I will need:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 12 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 12 cup butter, softened
  • 34 cup sugar (if you like your cupcakes very sweet, add a little more.)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

I can’t wait to making one of these things!



Term 2 – Reflection

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Passion Project:

I loved doing my passion project it was something new to me but I still enjoyed it. I had some difficulty with the editing process, I didn’t know how to make the credits roll so I searched it up and I found out how to. I did my passion project on Horse riding because I love horse riding and it’s something I’ve done since I was 3.   My goal for term 3 passion project is


In writing I have loved thinking of ideas for seeds then writing about. Though I think that I should stick to one seed and publish it because I tend to start one seed then think of a different seed so I end up with heaps of unfinished seeds. which also takes up time doing  that which is way I have only published 1 piece this term but over the holidays I am going to finish of seeds and make them into drafts and the pieces I think are done I will email Miss Williamson to see if I can publish it.

Goal: In term 3 I am going to do more happy pieces I think term 2 I did a lot of gruesome pieces.


For my sport I did Netball I had a good team we won some games and lost some of the games I thought that it was really fun and I always look forward to it at the end Thursdays. I was happy with how I played I tried to evolve people who weren’t getting the ball much.


I have loved sport this term except I didn’t like doing the blogging for P.E because the videos did not work. I liked the dance at the end of the year and I hope we do more next term. I thought it was fun and I liked when made dance with a group of friends and then showed to the class it was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.


I found it hard to disited I what I wanted my ted talk to be about at the start I want to something about pets until I choice knowing where your meat comes from. I choice this because I am more closer to this because my dad is an ethical farmer and he make sure the cows and sheep have a happy life. I had trouble with my recording because the audio get disappearing so I kept recording the same bit until I found all of them in my desktop folder and also premiare didn’t work so I had to put it in movie maker but I didn’t know who to make the photos for an shorter time so erin told me.

Term 3:

My goal is to be more on time and not be late.

I am looking forward to Term 3 and I am exited for it.

Year 6

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term 1 is nearly done it has gone soo fast for me we have done so much in the term such as Camp, S.T.E.M, project rockit, sport, film school, inquiry, problem solving, French etc. this term we have been taught lots of different things like how to use certain cameras and how to use adobe pro and green screening we learnt these things in film school there were 12 classes you had to attend to get your directors hat I found it challenging to keep up to scechiled which my blogs. in problem solving I really enjoyed getting a new problem every week and also working it out with my family although there were sometimes  there was an argument between me and dad about whose answer is correct.

math group I think help me learn lots of new things which I didn’t what it was such as powers now I am very familer with them I also learnt a lot about roman numrals because I used to think it only went to 12 because i’d only every seen them on a clock but when I found out that it was just like our number system I was told that it didn’t have a 0 in its number so that’s why the Arabic number system was more popular. also in math group I was retaught how to round because I had forgot how to it probably.  what I found challenging to know what was a prime and compistite number i still cant look at a number a know if its a prime or composite ( I still don’t know prime and composites )

Sport was one of my highlights in term 1. For the summer sport I did T-ball we won every round except 1 it was reaaly fun and i think we got better as a team as it went on we got to know what skills everyone had. i had never done T-ball before i thought it was going to be boring but really its really fun.


Boy over board

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Boy Over Board by Morris Gleitzman

boy over board is about a family living Afghanistan. Bibi and Jamal play soccer on sand dunes with land mines with there friend Yusuf the 1 legged goalie but since Bibi is a girl she s not aloud to play soccer so they have to do it when the government is not around. Bibi and Jamal’s mother is a illegal school since girls weren’t aloud to go to school ether and there farther was a taxi driver he drive the girls to school so the government wouldn’t see. When the government finds this all out they knew they had go to a different country, Australia but when they get split up Bibi and Jamal have to get to Australia were there mum and dad are going. On the way the meet a boy called Omar and a girl called Rashida.

I think this book would be a adventure and culture book. What I didn’t like about the book was the ending how they didn’t actually get to Australia it just ended when I thought something else was going to happen but nothing did. I thought it dragged on for a bit and parts were not necessary in stages of the book.

I rate this book 3.5/5.