BBB- Billiard Ball Bounce

For this project, we got the privilege of playing pool!! I know, I know, it’s a little weird to play pool in the classroom, but trust me, it involves a lot of math!! Basically, we have to use mathematics to prove which hole the billiard ball will land in. The formula is…

12 x 6 playing board  12 & 6’s highest common factor is 6  12 goes into 6 twice  6 goes into 6 once  1+2=3  take away 2  it will bounce once

First, you start with the ball in the bottom left corner, then you hit the ball on a 45 degree angle. After that, the ball will bounce once (for a 12 x 6 grid, if you did it right) Finally, after you’ve mastered the formula, you can make one to find the hole it will bounce into. it was hard to come up with the formula because it took so many tries and time.

I learnt that a formula is an equation that works to get an answer for any number, and the easiest way to prove one, is to work with a partner and record in your book.



# update

So far, I have walked around  the farm and written some ideas down of what I could take pictures of. Practicing with the camera has been a big part of the last two weeks because I have not really taken pictures like this.Sometimes it got a bit windy so it made it hard to choose locations, and of course when my brothers heard that I was doing homework and it involves a camera they could not wait to try some new photo bombs. Next week I’m planning on taking a few more pictures of things such as…

  • Starbelle (Horse)
  • Koda (Cat)
  • Rexxy (Cat)
  • Georgie (Dog)
  • View
  • Pool

I guess you can say, the weather has a lot of affect on what you photograph. Some of the weather I’m wanting for photos are…

  • Rain
  • Sun
  • Dew
  • Fog
  • Sunset
  • Sunrise

Lets hope my goals are reached!!

Building Views

For the past few Project Maths sessions we have been doing a project called Building Views. We have done a worksheet on it and Maths300. Basically you have a grid, and on the grid are numbers.


After you have physically built the grid, you need to draw the front and side views which looks like this…

Then we went on to maths300 to do it digitally. Once you have mastered the 3×3 grid, you can move on to the 4×4 then the 5×5. My 5×5 looks like this…

Well, that’s all we did in maths for the past week or so. Till next time.



Conservation Film

I’m lending my voice to the Australian Fur Seal. Here’s my script…


Australian Fur Seals, otherwise known as Eared Seals. Their fast, funny and adorable. With an extra layer of skin to keep warm, this breed of seal can dive to amazing depths of 500 metres. They use stored fat for energy and water.

Unfortunately, 200,000 of these magnificent creatures were hunted and killed in the 1800s for their fur and blubber but their numbers have luckily increased by another 50,000. Any seals predators are Great White Seals and Killer Whales but its not just other sea creatures that can kill them, plastic bags are just one of the man- made materials that kill Fur Seals.

It was estimated that discarded plastic kills up to 100,000 sea mammals each year. When their flippers, neck or head get tangled in old nets or fishing lines, then they find themselves in life threatening danger. Plastic bags are worst of them all. They can stay in the environment for up to 1000 years!

If we want to help save them, we need to do a few things. Firstly, we need to use a whole heap less plastic bags than we do at the moment. Then, with the rest of them we have hiding in our cupboards, then we can donate them to Coles’ RedCycle program.

So, try, try to help these elegant Aussie Fur Seals. Get off your couch and find your plastic bags, donate them or make something useful out of them instead of throwing them in the water.


The bold part is my P.T.C.

Italy Culture Investigation

For the past few weeks we have been given a task to write about a country of our own choice. I chose Italy as my first country and Hong Kong as my second. Hong Kong have lots of differences towards Australia such as food, clothing and especially religion!

At weddings, some people (mostly men) arrive early to play a few quick games of Mahjong. Brides wear a traditional red dress called Cheongsam, along with two extra costume changes. Grooms wear a western suit with no costume changes. Hong Kong also has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world.

With the differences come along many similarities, such as, home clothing, religion and Christmas traditions!

At home, casual is definitely not necessary but preferred. Hong Kong’s main religion is Christian, which means Christmas lives in more than one country. During the Christmas duration, buildings, houses and shops are decorated to suit the occasion.

If I lived in Hong Kong and got to experience this amazing country, I would find that most children adopt a western name such as Bill, Johnny, Bart, Butch and so on. I think I would find the customs most challenging though. Sitting with crossed legs can often offend people, winking can sometimes come across to people as bad taste, it’s impolite to touch ones head or talk too loudly and blinking too slowly is a sign of boredom! To most of the people that live in Australia, these ‘rules’ would be very hard to obey, considering at school were supposed to cross our legs majority of the day!

I guess all this would be normal to people living in Hong Kong but I wonder how they would sit in class. Here’s what I wrote about Hong Kong…

RVE- Hong Kong-1dtv8o6

P.P. #Update

FILMSo, turns out, the weather at Mt Buller was horrible. So snowy, windy and rainy that I couldn’t film a thing! So I thought, what could I do to solve this problem? I could take the easy way and rethink my whole idea, or I could take tha hard way and rethink a few things. I decided to rethink things like filming, I could just get a few videos of Olympians. I would focus on three things, turning, snow plough and using poles/jumping. Anyway, wish me luck!

Passion Project – #description

When I thought of passion project #2, I had a terrific idea! Snow. There’s just one problem. I don’t have a go-pro. But I was thinking, if I got a water proof case for my phone, surely I could film myself! I was kind of thinking I could do a video log once a day to say what I have completed and what I want to do the next day just so, when I put it together, it won’t get boring and I will be able to set goals for myself. By the way, I’m going to be filming on my phone for everything, then transfer it onto my laptop to edit in Premiere Pro.                            My plan for the video log is…

Sunday’s Log: Film getting out of bed and getting ready. Car drive in sped up video

Monday’s Log: Talk about what I want to get up to that day (in the morning)

Tuesday’s Log: Say what Charlie has been doing in ski school

Wednesday’s Log: Say what I have done so far and what to do next

Thursday’s Log: Say what I would be doing if I wasn’t here

Friday’s Log: Say how I’m getting used to the freezing cold and how cool the room is

Saturday’s Log: Say how much fun it has been and how much I will miss it

The Lost Princess- Charlotte

Recently we started watching The Lost Princess. It is a film that tries to teach primary children the dangers of the internet. We watched four scenarios, three were based on real happenings, one was made up but still a powerful message.

I chose Charlotte. A nice girl really but she got up way too early just to go on the family computer! Her problem really made me think about how I should be acting online and whether I am doing what I should be. The problem she encountered wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea! What happened was, Charlotte decided she wanted to keep talking to her friend online because she trusted him, and so she decided she wanted to have more options. She gave him her phone number and email address. She would talk to him all the way through dinner over messaging. Whilst all those interesting conversations were going on over the table, Charlotte, being the curious girl she is, was organising for her and the 13 year old boy to meet up the next day! Her mother was getting rather fed up with her silence so she took away her phone. She realized what they had been planning and went to tell Charlotte. What neither of them new was that the boy was not much of a boy at all. In fact, he was a man! But that wasn’t it, he was also asking other girls Charlotte’s age too, and who knows what he was planning on doing with them! If Charlotte really wanted to go and meet him, she should have just sorted it out over the app she was using and then went with her mum to meet him if she desperately needed to! The biggest message I take away is never to go and meet a stranger from the internet because it is very easy to be someone that your not online!

P.P. Production Post

Recently I took a camera home and started filming my passion project. Majority of it  was all great footage (except for the short ten minutes when we were supposed to be filming me collecting Starbelle’s hay but instead chose to film my 7 month old kitten climbing up four-five meters of hay bales.) I am in the middle of editing and putting my film together! Very soon, I will be continuing my editing. I will be speeding up, slowing down, cutting things out and adding in titles such as, grooming, feeding and tacking up. The reason for all this is so that I stay inside the time limit because right now, my footage all together is about half an hour. Like many other people, I will be using Adobe Premier as the app to put my footage into a film. I tried using plastic bags on the end of the sticks on the tripod so that they wouldn’t get dirty on our muddy farm, it didn’t work as well as I thought it would because it was a little slippery but fortunately it didn’t affect the footage! I started by having a lot of P.T.C but Mr. H pointed out that there would most likely be too much wind in which, they would have to be voice overs!





Win at the Fair / Maths

Over the week, we started a new project called win at the fair. It is a game that you can either win more money that you paid to play it or go home with nothing more than you came with!


This is my successful board. As you can see, I put the higher amounts of money down the bottom because that’s where your least likely to land. I repeated the small amounts more than the bigger ones so that I was less likely to lose more money.


This is proof that my board really was successful. I was happy to lose $700 but as you can see down the second last column to the right, I only lost $467.40 so I got to keep $532.