Italy Culture Investigation

For the past few weeks we have been given a task to write about a country of our own choice. I chose Italy as my first country and Hong Kong as my second. Hong Kong have lots of differences towards Australia such as food, clothing and especially religion!

At weddings, some people (mostly men) arrive early to play a few quick games of Mahjong. Brides wear a traditional red dress called Cheongsam, along with two extra costume changes. Grooms wear a western suit with no costume changes. Hong Kong also has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world.

With the differences come along many similarities, such as, home clothing, religion and Christmas traditions!

At home, casual is definitely not necessary but preferred. Hong Kong’s main religion is Christian, which means Christmas lives in more than one country. During the Christmas duration, buildings, houses and shops are decorated to suit the occasion.

If I lived in Hong Kong and got to experience this amazing country, I would find that most children adopt a western name such as Bill, Johnny, Bart, Butch and so on. I think I would find the customs most challenging though. Sitting with crossed legs can often offend people, winking can sometimes come across to people as bad taste, it’s impolite to touch ones head or talk too loudly and blinking too slowly is a sign of boredom! To most of the people that live in Australia, these ‘rules’ would be very hard to obey, considering at school were supposed to cross our legs majority of the day!

I guess all this would be normal to people living in Hong Kong but I wonder how they would sit in class. Here’s what I wrote about Hong Kong…

RVE- Hong Kong-1dtv8o6

P.P. #Update

FILMSo, turns out, the weather at Mt Buller was horrible. So snowy, windy and rainy that I couldn’t film a thing! So I thought, what could I do to solve this problem? I could take the easy way and rethink my whole idea, or I could take tha hard way and rethink a few things. I decided to rethink things like filming, I could just get a few videos of Olympians. I would focus on three things, turning, snow plough and using poles/jumping. Anyway, wish me luck!

Passion Project – #description

When I thought of passion project #2, I had a terrific idea! Snow. There’s just one problem. I don’t have a go-pro. But I was thinking, if I got a water proof case for my phone, surely I could film myself! I was kind of thinking I could do a video log once a day to say what I have completed and what I want to do the next day just so, when I put it together, it won’t get boring and I will be able to set goals for myself. By the way, I’m going to be filming on my phone for everything, then transfer it onto my laptop to edit in Premiere Pro.                            My plan for the video log is…

Sunday’s Log: Film getting out of bed and getting ready. Car drive in sped up video

Monday’s Log: Talk about what I want to get up to that day (in the morning)

Tuesday’s Log: Say what Charlie has been doing in ski school

Wednesday’s Log: Say what I have done so far and what to do next

Thursday’s Log: Say what I would be doing if I wasn’t here

Friday’s Log: Say how I’m getting used to the freezing cold and how cool the room is

Saturday’s Log: Say how much fun it has been and how much I will miss it

The Lost Princess- Charlotte

Recently we started watching The Lost Princess. It is a film that tries to teach primary children the dangers of the internet. We watched four scenarios, three were based on real happenings, one was made up but still a powerful message.

I chose Charlotte. A nice girl really but she got up way too early just to go on the family computer! Her problem really made me think about how I should be acting online and whether I am doing what I should be. The problem she encountered wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea! What happened was, Charlotte decided she wanted to keep talking to her friend online because she trusted him, and so she decided she wanted to have more options. She gave him her phone number and email address. She would talk to him all the way through dinner over messaging. Whilst all those interesting conversations were going on over the table, Charlotte, being the curious girl she is, was organising for her and the 13 year old boy to meet up the next day! Her mother was getting rather fed up with her silence so she took away her phone. She realized what they had been planning and went to tell Charlotte. What neither of them new was that the boy was not much of a boy at all. In fact, he was a man! But that wasn’t it, he was also asking other girls Charlotte’s age too, and who knows what he was planning on doing with them! If Charlotte really wanted to go and meet him, she should have just sorted it out over the app she was using and then went with her mum to meet him if she desperately needed to! The biggest message I take away is never to go and meet a stranger from the internet because it is very easy to be someone that your not online!

P.P. Production Post

Recently I took a camera home and started filming my passion project. Majority of it  was all great footage (except for the short ten minutes when we were supposed to be filming me collecting Starbelle’s hay but instead chose to film my 7 month old kitten climbing up four-five meters of hay bales.) I am in the middle of editing and putting my film together! Very soon, I will be continuing my editing. I will be speeding up, slowing down, cutting things out and adding in titles such as, grooming, feeding and tacking up. The reason for all this is so that I stay inside the time limit because right now, my footage all together is about half an hour. Like many other people, I will be using Adobe Premier as the app to put my footage into a film. I tried using plastic bags on the end of the sticks on the tripod so that they wouldn’t get dirty on our muddy farm, it didn’t work as well as I thought it would because it was a little slippery but fortunately it didn’t affect the footage! I started by having a lot of P.T.C but Mr. H pointed out that there would most likely be too much wind in which, they would have to be voice overs!





Win at the Fair / Maths

Over the week, we started a new project called win at the fair. It is a game that you can either win more money that you paid to play it or go home with nothing more than you came with!


This is my successful board. As you can see, I put the higher amounts of money down the bottom because that’s where your least likely to land. I repeated the small amounts more than the bigger ones so that I was less likely to lose more money.


This is proof that my board really was successful. I was happy to lose $700 but as you can see down the second last column to the right, I only lost $467.40 so I got to keep $532.


Myself As a Reader

When reading, I like to be in a quiet place in a comfortable position with as little noise as possible! I enjoy reading on the bus but I do not like reading in the car for it makes me feel ca rsick. I love reading spread out on my bed with the door closed. I don’t enjoy listening to music every time I read because eventually I get so distracted I read the words of the song as if they’re in the book. I used to read aloud but now it isn’t so enjoyable. If I’m sitting next to my best friend I tell them as little as I can because if I tell them too much I end up spoiling it for them. I don’t really listen to what others are reading because I always like the book their reading better than what I’m reading and don’t finish the one I’ve started. If I’m reading on the bus I get so interested in the book that I get lost and don’t realise I have to get ready to get off! If I am reading a humorous book, you will see me smiling but if I read a crime book, you will eventually see my eyes start to squint. I like to read when I want to but when I’m made to, it doesn’t seem as fun!

Birke Baehr

Topic: What Wrong With Our Food System?

When presenting, you could tell he had practised in front of an audience because he didn’t use an iPad and he didn’t look back at the screen to remind himself of what he was talking about! He used a little comedy to get his message across by connecting to his audience! He also tried to get his audience to respect his decision of wanting to be an NFL football player but now he wants to be an organic farmer. He also said ‘ we can either pay the farmer, or the hospital.’

The main messages in his TED Talk were:

  • Know where your food comes from.
  • Most farmers spray their vegetables which poisons our water!
  • Don’t trick your kids as to where the food they eat comes from!
  • If you ever become a farmer, go organic!

Richard Turere TED Talk

Today we all watched Richard Turere’s TED talk. He had a thick accent so it was a bit hard to understand what he was saying. he spoke as clearly as he could but he stumbled a little bit because obviously it is a different language for him! One of the ways he got his messages across was by using confronting images he took. Richard was having a hard time trying to stop the lions from killing the cattle so he tried to invent something. First he tried to make fire because lions were scared of fire but it actually helped them see past the cattle shed! Then he tried a scarecrow but eventually the lions worked out that it didn’t move because it was soulless! Finally he had an amazing idea! He decided to pretend he was walking around the shed while he was actually sleeping in his bed! Richard put lightbulbs out and they would flash randomly. While presenting, he used a remote to flick through pictures and a lapel microphone to project his voice. Richard used comedy and an interesting idea to hook in his audience. From his TED talk I took away that if you keep chipping away at a piece of wood, you will eventually saw through it which leads to the smallest of gestures make the biggest impact!

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Today we watched a TED talk by Thomas Suarez. He spoke really clearly so that his audience could understand what he was saying. He also did a great job of not moving around too much and just being himself!

From his TED talk I took away that anyone can create a game if they persist and keep trying. I also found out that he has started a gamers club at his school. He is now teaching everyone in the club how to create a game.

Thomas had the brilliant idea of using a big screen (bigger than in a cinema!) and putting pictures up when he got to that topic. He also used  an iPad to write down notes and read from it. The way he got his message across was by using comedy to interact.

Here is a few ways to get your message across…

  • images
  • emphasising your voice
  • using gestures
  • moving around the stage
  • inserting comedy