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so far I have done all of the sheet work I need to do.

I have worked with my piano teacher to find a piano part and that is the easiest part. I need to practice my viola part and start putting together a ruff copy to see how everything sounds. together I hope I can work it out

I am also planning on a story clip if I have time

building views reflection post

this task involved 3 parts

1.  first we had to make the grids on the paper and then draw it in your books, we had to draw the front and the side view. this was the easiest part.

2.then we had to do the opposite. they gave us the building views and wee had to work  out the grid for all of the 4.

we had to do the min amount of blocks 15 blocks and the max amount of blocks.

3.then we had to work out the variables witch was y far the hardest I did not get through all of them but you just swich the blocks around and create as many combinations as possible

after that we worked on maths 300 I managed to complete 3 5×5 here is one

The Australian Fur Seals

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Look at these beautiful creatures.

They can move through the water at speeds greater then 9km per hour without even getting their skin wet.

Without them our eco system would crumble.

We are killing them

And this is how (holding up plastic bags)

Ocean pollution is a major problem for the Australian fur seals. They can get stuck or caught in plastic litter such as fish nets fishing lines and plastic bags. They can trap them, hold them under the water and cause them to suffocate; they can only hold their breath for six minutes.

In earlier years the problem was hunting, this has caused the seals to nearly go extinct numerous times. Now law protects them but some fishermen still kill and uses them as bait and this is illegal

There used to be over 100,000 seals in the wild but now there are only around 20,000 left that’s an 80% drop in population number!

Why do we even need plastic bags anyway, when there are perfectly good reusable eco friendly bags that can be bought in store. Think about it this way, every time you shop and use a reusable bag you might save a seals life

If you get a chance, tell as many people as possible about the Australian fur seals and their fate if you do not take care of our environment


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don’t worry there is no singing

For my passion project I am rearranging Christina parry’s song jar of hearts for viola and piano and possibly cello or violin. With viola playing lead I have already trance posed it into E Minor for a better fit on the instruments. I am planning  on recording this not as a film but more in a song format

ottt film pitch

Have you ever wondered who really discovered Australia?

Captain cook?

The aboriginals

Or was there someone else?

Back in the day when the limestone was still being mined, a young miner found a set of keys that may have suggested that the Polish might have been in Australia over 200 years before captain cook. Now they are no were too been found. Were they just lost or were they stolen.

I am here to uncover all the truths, myths and legends.


p.p.vs2 #description

My passion project is all about these small photo editor apps called live collage and photo lab. I will be teaching you how to use and work with these apps. I chose these apps because there not simple but they are not hard. Everyone feels self-conscious about a blemish or to and I can show you how to blend and highlight with these aps along with a couple cool tricks.


the punt 5

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this session we filmed our self doing the punt and this is my video

(see on your computer)

when you do the punt you need to

=keep your eyes on the ball=

=drop the ball at your hip=

=kick the ball at your laces=

these are my tips to get a good punt

I think I have inproved quiet a lot!