the punt 5

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this session we filmed our self doing the punt and this is my video

(see on your computer)

when you do the punt you need to

=keep your eyes on the ball=

=drop the ball at your hip=

=kick the ball at your laces=

these are my tips to get a good punt

I think I have inproved quiet a lot!

the lost princes

This was a film about four people with three real scenario’s and four possible ones.

Today I am talking about Kieran.

His addiction to online gaming got in the way of his life e.g.-social-family ext.

This caused many health and safety problems concerning his family, mostly his father. When he was about 15 when he realized the huge mistake he made by dropping out of school and over gaming, so he got his dad to get him some help.

win at the fair

This fairground game situation has an interesting twist. It becomes clear reasonably quickly (usually before 100 trials) that the designer is paying out more than is being received. The challenge then is to ‘fix’ the game to either break even, or make a reasonable profit. This is my game board.

This worked well so these are the trials in the 1000

1000×10 trails-2a1w4t0

The answers changed every time but I think the general output was about 70c. Witch was about $300 profit a day

birke baehr

I can relate to this talk because my mum and I have talked about this topic lots

Did you know this is what corn used to look like?



I know right, so different

I think the main message was to know where you food comes from and by from local farmers.

He used many images to back his message and to advance it.

He did not have any technical support besides for a clicker to change images

He did well at getting his message across



dc cartoons

I think this picture is #relatable because this is something I do a lot because of homework (Mr Henderson) but I do not lose sleep lime most people.

I think the message is we spend too much time on our phones because “they take over our life”

I still think this is very funny and love it




pp #production

Passion project seems to be flying by.

First came our idea, then or planning and now I have filmed. Where did all the time go?

I think my filming process went smoothly and I think I got all the shots I needed to. In the editing post, I will talk more about my editing problem but I have to split my film into two so the people do not get disinterested.



Richard Turere

Richard Turere talked about him and is invention.

He leant about electrictronics form ripping apart his mom’s new radio.

He used bicycle lights to create an invention to scare away the lions and I think it had a great message of persistence.

He did well in memorizing his script. It was personal so it would a have been pretty easy to wright he did not need any devises besides for the clicker in his hand.


the punt 4

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we played a feu activity’s involving the sport we have bee practicing for the past 4 weeks.

we played a 2 handed strike game witch involved some running and some practice of the film.

when we went out side we played a football race practicing the punt hand balling

Thomas suarzeg

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Thomas Suarez preformed his first ted talk at the age of 12, he was talking about coding, and programing his own games and how he plans to get others involved. As you can see, his message was clear to me. He used an I-pad to prompt him and images on the screen. Think he did a good job with engaging his audience and enter taking them. I have already have a feu ideas myself and cannot wait to share them with you.

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