I have completed my passion project! I originally set out to make a netball video but in the same week I changed my idea to doing a mini photo album of 101 things to do with Sophie! So technically I didn’t achieve was I set out to do but it didn’t effect how I used my time or how my final product ended.

I didn’t face any challenges towards the end of this project but I didn’t come across many in the whole project because it was quite simple and creative. The only problem I had that didn’t effect anything was that I bought chalk paint instead of normal paint so it is easier to scratch. I found some success in just finishing because I put so much time and effort into making something quite simple but I wanted it to reflect sort of my personality.

I didn’t have to really overcome any challenges except for the paint but I just painted a few more coats then I would’ve if it was normal paint. I also wanted to keep the front cover simple but I wasn’t sure how to do that but in the end I put a simple rainbow sticker on it and it looked super cute!

I’m not sure how I would extend my learning if I was to continue this project. I was happy with my final product. If I had to do something  I would have included a real flip book but it was to hard to flip the pages because they were so thick.

I enjoyed doing my passion project so so much! It’s by far the best home learning I have ever done!!!

Here are a few pictures in my book…




Win At The Fair

The starting point of win at the fair was to test out the original game board. To profit money we would have to win at least $300 for our school if we played it 1000 times, considering our $1 entry fee this was quite hard because no one has the time to play 1000 times. As a class our end total money going in was$104 and going out was $152.60. That meant we lost $48.60 for our school.


This had a non-profitable ending and I wouldn’t go up to it at a fair because the prices aren’t enticing.

If we were expected to make over $300 out of $1000 we would need to lower some prices and change the directions of some of the numbers that were easy to roll. We collected up some ideas to improve the original game board to build our creative boards.

Some of these ideas weren’t possible because the computer software maths 300 (more on that later) wouldn’t allow things like snakes and ladders or obstacles and black holes.

I put together my creative game board and changed the majority of the board. We could do anything with this board but if we didn’t profit from it, it was useless. I wanted it to be enticing and profitable…


The two first hexagons to the left and right of the hexagon are $0.50 so that you only have one chance to move to a different hexagon because it was a $2 playing fee the school makes $1.50 every time they land on those to hexagons.

These are the numbers i changed from the original game board to the creative…

$5 = $10

$4 = $2

$3 = $1

$2 = $1

$1 = $0.50

$0,50 = $0.20

$0.20 = $0.5

I also changed the directions of all the numbers…

2 & 3 = top left

4 & 5 = up

6 & 7 = top right

8 & 9= bottom left

10 & 11 = bottom right

12 = down

This didn’t really work how I wanted it to because before you get onto the actual game board and you would go all around but not win anything unless you went left or right on your first roll. My game board did profit for the school but it wasn’t very practical.

In = $20

Out = $7.50

Profit = $12.50

What I needed to change:

  • how the numbers go down because it took so long before the actual game board.
  • the 2 $0.50 got 9/10 times, if customers saw that they probably wouldn’t play if they were going to lose $1.50
  • the game appeal using the numbers on the side

My official game board couldn’t have the two $0.50 next to the starting hexagon because of how the computer software was set out. My entry fee has to be $1.

For my official game board I was thinking more strategical, so I put 12 going to the left, 2 & 3 to the right and 4,5,6,7,8,9,10&11 going straight. This meant that they didn’t have much chance of getting the highest price. 12 & 2 both only have one chance to be rolled and the 3 is there for more enticement. This list shows the prize money amounts from top to bottom…








The enticement of my board is quite strong because I know if I had a chance of winning $200 with only paying $1 to play I would definitely play. I thought I would make more money for my school because it’s hard to roll the same number 3 times. I played my game 10 times…

In = $10

Out = $4.20

Profit = $5.80

When I was up to the software I thought that because no one won $100 or $200 I would change them to $1000 and $100. This is what happened when I tested my game bored 4000 times.

After I played this I thought if someone was to play it and win the big jackpot of $1000 then my school would automatically lose a lot of money. I decided to change a few of the prices to still make it enticing but still keeping the rolls the same. This is how it turned out…

Overall I think all my game boards were inciting and I profited over $300 for my school every time. This project taught me that it’s not all about how the customer thinks because if the game doesn’t help the school it’s pointless.

Digital Etiquette

  • Netiquette- Basically your online etiquette. There are a set of rules you should follow that include your manners and behaviour.
  • Flaming / Flame Wars- When 2 people trade insults between one another people who purposely start flame wars are called…
  • Trolls- When you go online to purposely start drama and conflict or hurt someones feelings.
  • Anonymous- people can forget they are dealing with a real humans and get carried away with a username or icon, it is pretty easy to stay identified.
  • Communicating clearly- to communicate clearly you can’t use ALL CAPS AT THE WRONG TIMES. This can give people the wrong impression , abbreviations can also get confused if they are not used the right way or in the right situation. Emoji’s can help send a message across because when you are communicating through technology you can say something but it might come across another way to the other person.
  • Permission- When you post a silly photo of someone you need there permission first, there parents also need to approve this picture or message. Remember if you wouldn’t want your teacher, grandparents or physio (watch video below to understand) then don’t post it.
  • What does Tim mean when he says ‘Once your message is out, it’s out’?- Once your message is out you can’t take it back, anyone can show anyone. If you squeeze toothpaste out of a tube you can’t get it back and that’s the same as digital citizenship.

THINK online

Before you post online you need to THINK.

THINKing can help not only you but everyone who is effected by what you put online. We learnt that digital citizenship means to be kind, courteous & respectful.

Sorry that there was no ‘I’ in the video I must have accidentally deleted it!

  • TRUE because lying is pointless
  • HELPFUL because videos like tutorials can teach others knew things
  • INSPIRING because people can look up to it or want to try something new
  • NECESSARY because unnecessary can mean inappropriate or not allowed
  • KIND because others can be hurt from action and words

Make your own acronym…

 T   is for does it teach 

H   is for honest

I    is for inappropriate

N   is for nice

K   is for key


I am really enjoying creating my passion project. So far I have created the cutest little ‘memory book’, there are currently around about 70-80 pictures in the book and I am hoping to get 101 or 99 memories in there. I have made 8 chapters including: Mini Me, Family, 1st Days of School, Friends, Travel, Sport, Randos & Alfie Bear.

I have learnt that I have way to many amazing experiences and memories to make a little book. That makes me really happy that I can say that (or type it) because it is really cool to think about. The other thing I have learnt so far is if you want to make something amazing you have to put in the effort. I do think I have done that but I know I have definitely tried to do it!

The main challenges I faced were really just how bad my cutting skills are. Since I chose quite a basic project I haven’t had too many difficulties other then having to print outXX and when I ran out of glue but clearly not very important things.

I still need to add the flip book chapter, that is made of videos I have closely screen shot to create a fast moving picture when you flick through the pages. I also need to decorate the front and back cover of my book, I want this to really reflect how much work I have put into it and for it to represent all my memories. The next step for me will be improving boring pages and hopefully creating a ‘MASTERPIECE’. Sorry for such bad quality.

This is from the mini me chapter!

This is from the travel chapter!

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk was very inspiring because he had a passion and no one was going to stop him for loving what he does!

I think Birke’s main messages were you can either pay the farmers or pay the hospital. You can pay the farmers for fresh organic food or you can pay the hospital because you got sick. Another message from Birke’s TED talk was you can make a difference one kid at a time. When Birke Baehr’s said that his younger cousin told him that he didn’t buy the fun colourful cereal he bought the organic cereal because Birke told him that ‘sparkly’ cereal was bad for you, that really showed that meant every single word he said in his take-away.

Birke Baehr’s found a way to get his message across by having a backstory if you know what I mean. He had a message so he said it and that was kind of it. I really liked how he presented because he spoke what he knew and what he knew he believed what right!

Birke used some technical support like a microphone to project his voice all the way to the back row of the audience. He also used the projector in the back with some images to keep the audience connected, he only did this a few times.

I think the presentation techniques he used well were having a strong powerful voice. Birke used gestures, but I think he used too many and at the wrong times. He did have eye-contact but not to much of it.

Overall Birke Baehr’s TED Talk was pretty well AMAZING and very inspirational. It has given me a few more ideas for my TED talk!


Richard Turere’s TED Talk

Richard Turere’s TED Talk really captured me in and had quite a big impact on his situation.

I think the main messages of Richard’s TED talk was no matter who you are or what you do, you can achieve pretty much anything you go for. I also believe he wanted us to take away that not all big problems need big solutions, the biggest problem in the world, will take time to solve!

Richard Turere’s conveyed his message really well by using images in the background to make the audience feel something. His English may not have been spot on but the way he talked was in a way soothing because you could just tell how passionate he was for this subject. His face also told a story itself.

The way Richard used the projector in the back really supported him, if he didn’t have the slideshow in the background I would have found it hard to keep track on what he was saying. I am also glad he had a microphone because the only fault I had from his TED talk was that he wasn’t quite loud enough (we had to turn the volume pretty high to hear him) but he might of been nervous.

Richard Turere’s used some really great presentation techniques. He used hand gestures very well because his accent was sort of sounded like a mumble. He also used the stage great because it was quite large, he didn’t go up off to the wings or anything he just kept slowly moving to keep the audience interested. I also liked how he used prompts, when he wanted the audience to have a reaction Richard lead the way. For example when he made a joke he would smile but when it was serious he had great eye contact to connect with his audience. Richard Turere’s knew the right times to do what.

Overall this TED talk was amazing. He hooked us in and made me enjoy a topic that I would never think I would like!


My term 2 passion project will be based on a few of my passions! These passions are netball (specifically shooting), trampoline trick shots and and film making. I’m hoping to be making some sort of montage video, taking place in my backyard , Kardinia Park and any other place I can find a netty ring! I am going to be using a GoPro for all my filming and Adobe Premiere for all my editing. I’m hoping I can use my favourite song for the background music (I’ve talked to a few people about using it, still need to talk to a few more).  NO SPOILERS! My passion project is targeted for all ages. I just want my audience to have fun while watching my video, that’s why I have picked an upbeat song. I am looking forward to getting to do some of my passions for homework! I think I will love every second of this project and I am looking forward to create something to hopefully #AMAZE my audience!

Here is a sneak peak video…

♥ PART 2

I think you might laugh at this but… I have already changed my mind of what I am going to do for my passion project. I have decided to go for something more creative. I am going to make…


This is a flip book sort of thing with 101 memories of my life. It will have chapters like family, sport and travel. I am really excited because now I get to show almost all of my passions through photos and I get to show more of my creative side.  The technologies I am planning on using are a HP sprocket to print all my photos to make the photos all the same size. My targeted audience are all my friends and anyone that wants to get to know me better! I am still really looking forward to every second, minute and hour of this project, I am especially looking forward to go back and look through some amazing memories

(I am still unsure if I am going to do 101 memories of less because I don’t want to go overboard so that it gets boring!)



Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas Suarez’s ted talk tells us all about his journey in app designing. The main messages I found were that no matter what age you are you can achieve your goal or passion. I also think another message is that if you find something interesting or new, give it a shot and just have a go. The way he presented his message to the audience was really cool because he had eye contact almost 100% of the time. He didn’t shout at us instead he talked like a normal conversation and used a microphone. Thomas occasionally looked at his iPad in case he had forgotten to mention anything. I also liked how he had a target audience, the way he talked using longer more complex words that he wouldn’t always use among other people his age would have really hooked adults in. It’s great that he cracked a few jokes just to lighten up the mood and make the audience more entertained. I really enjoyed Thomas’ TED talk because it hooked me in!