This term has been one of the best terms of my life! I have loved doing this terms passion project and making things for other people.

I did achieve what I originally set out to do and more. I wanted to just make a couple platters and then make a short film about them. I have now made six platters and I am making one more for the class. I am proud of the way I edited the video because of the music transitions and I think it’s entertaining (because watching the same thing in different colours could be quite boring).

I experienced a lot of successes during this project including experimenting with different colours and shapes of lollies. I liked it because this could sound a bit cliché but no two were the same, and there are endless different possibilities of how to arrange them. Some challenges I faced were that lollies aren’t cheap but I did not want to disappoint my classmates by not getting their favourite lollies or chocolates. I tried my best to get as many as possible.

The only way to overcome the challenges was to not buy as many lollies as I would if they weren’t so expensive. There aren’t really any other problems I had to overcome but always editing can be tough just because of technology but I reckon I handled it quite well.

If I were to extend my learning I would probably just keep making more platters, maybe for other people apart from my family. I would also spend my own money instead of letting my parents pay for all the ‘ingredients’.

I have really enjoyed doing all three passion projects this year and I am really sad that they and year six are almost over, I will really miss getting to choose my own home learning and being free to experiment with different ideas. 😢

Here is a sneak peak of my film… (sorry about the bad quality it wouldn’t fit on my blog)