Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk was very inspiring because he had a passion and no one was going to stop him for loving what he does!

I think Birke’s main messages were you can either pay the farmers or pay the hospital. You can pay the farmers for fresh organic food or you can pay the hospital because you got sick. Another message from Birke’s TED talk was you can make a difference one kid at a time. When Birke Baehr’s said that his younger cousin told him that he didn’t buy the fun colourful cereal he bought the organic cereal because Birke told him that ‘sparkly’ cereal was bad for you, that really showed that meant every single word he said in his take-away.

Birke Baehr’s found a way to get his message across by having a backstory if you know what I mean. He had a message so he said it and that was kind of it. I really liked how he presented because he spoke what he knew and what he knew he believed what right!

Birke used some technical support like a microphone to project his voice all the way to the back row of the audience. He also used the projector in the back with some images to keep the audience connected, he only did this a few times.

I think the presentation techniques he used well were having a strong powerful voice. Birke used gestures, but I think he used too many and at the wrong times. He did have eye-contact but not to much of it.

Overall Birke Baehr’s TED Talk was pretty well AMAZING and very inspirational. It has given me a few more ideas for my TED talk!


Richard Turere’s TED Talk

Richard Turere’s TED Talk really captured me in and had quite a big impact on his situation.

I think the main messages of Richard’s TED talk was no matter who you are or what you do, you can achieve pretty much anything you go for. I also believe he wanted us to take away that not all big problems need big solutions, the biggest problem in the world, will take time to solve!

Richard Turere’s conveyed his message really well by using images in the background to make the audience feel something. His English may not have been spot on but the way he talked was in a way soothing because you could just tell how passionate he was for this subject. His face also told a story itself.

The way Richard used the projector in the back really supported him, if he didn’t have the slideshow in the background I would have found it hard to keep track on what he was saying. I am also glad he had a microphone because the only fault I had from his TED talk was that he wasn’t quite loud enough (we had to turn the volume pretty high to hear him) but he might of been nervous.

Richard Turere’s used some really great presentation techniques. He used hand gestures very well because his accent was sort of sounded like a mumble. He also used the stage great because it was quite large, he didn’t go up off to the wings or anything he just kept slowly moving to keep the audience interested. I also liked how he used prompts, when he wanted the audience to have a reaction Richard lead the way. For example when he made a joke he would smile but when it was serious he had great eye contact to connect with his audience. Richard Turere’s knew the right times to do what.

Overall this TED talk was amazing. He hooked us in and made me enjoy a topic that I would never think I would like!

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas Suarez’s ted talk tells us all about his journey in app designing. The main messages I found were that no matter what age you are you can achieve your goal or passion. I also think another message is that if you find something interesting or new, give it a shot and just have a go. The way he presented his message to the audience was really cool because he had eye contact almost 100% of the time. He didn’t shout at us instead he talked like a normal conversation and used a microphone. Thomas occasionally looked at his iPad in case he had forgotten to mention anything. I also liked how he had a target audience, the way he talked using longer more complex words that he wouldn’t always use among other people his age would have really hooked adults in. It’s great that he cracked a few jokes just to lighten up the mood and make the audience more entertained. I really enjoyed Thomas’ TED talk because it hooked me in!