Kenya RVE

In RVE we have been learning about different aspects of Countries cultures all around the world. I chose Kenya!

Some of the differences between Australia ans Kenya is the way they dress. In Kenya the women wear traditional kanga’s but in Australia there is no set clothing. The food is also slightly different because we love all different foods but Kenya has there tradition foods like irio and chapati. Australia also seems to have a lot more celebrations and events compared to Kenya. There are also limited sports in Kenya they usually play soccer.


We have a lot of similarities with Kenya like both countries have lots of religions in Kenya there main religion is Protestant and in Australia our major religion is Christianity. Here is a list of more similarity

  • red on both flags
  • Australia has Australia day & Kenya has Jamhuri
  • both play soccer

If I lived in Kenya the main thing I would have to adjust to is there food. I am a very picky eater and there foods are very broad and random. They use what they find and I would not be used to that. Also not being able to play every sport would be hard because I would need to adapt to it. How they dress is beautiful and I would love to be part of that but I don’t know if I would be able to dress the same as everyone else because I think I would be bored. I think if I moved to Kenya it would be different but I would love it.