This term has been one of the best terms of my life! I have loved doing this terms passion project and making things for other people.

I did achieve what I originally set out to do and more. I wanted to just make a couple platters and then make a short film about them. I have now made six platters and I am making one more for the class. I am proud of the way I edited the video because of the music transitions and I think it’s entertaining (because watching the same thing in different colours could be quite boring).

I experienced a lot of successes during this project including experimenting with different colours and shapes of lollies. I liked it because this could sound a bit cliché but no two were the same, and there are endless different possibilities of how to arrange them. Some challenges I faced were that lollies aren’t cheap but I did not want to disappoint my classmates by not getting their favourite lollies or chocolates. I tried my best to get as many as possible.

The only way to overcome the challenges was to not buy as many lollies as I would if they weren’t so expensive. There aren’t really any other problems I had to overcome but always editing can be tough just because of technology but I reckon I handled it quite well.

If I were to extend my learning I would probably just keep making more platters, maybe for other people apart from my family. I would also spend my own money instead of letting my parents pay for all the ‘ingredients’.

I have really enjoyed doing all three passion projects this year and I am really sad that they and year six are almost over, I will really miss getting to choose my own home learning and being free to experiment with different ideas. 😢

Here is a sneak peak of my film… (sorry about the bad quality it wouldn’t fit on my blog)

Fay’s 9’s

Fay’s 9’s was a project maths problem involving vertical addition. Fay needed to make a vertical addition sum that would add up to 999. She had to find all the possible unique solutions. The catch was that she could only use the numbers 1 to 9 and no double ups. We know that there are 180 solutions because Leo spilled the beans. This was what it looked like…

After a little while my group (Lexi, Piper, Sophie Vo, Matisse, Poppy) and I discovered some patterns that involved the units column HAD to add up to 19, the tens column ALWAYS equalled 18 and the hundreds column NEEDED to make the sum of 8.

When playing with the problem we used the test all possibilities. We used this strategy when trying to find out all of the possible sums for 19, the units column. At first we came up with what we thought were 28 unique sums for 19, by switching different combinations for example…







We thought that they were all unique but really only one is unique. In the end there were only 5 different combinations.

My group broke this problem into manageable parts by doing what I explained in the previous paragraph. By breaking the problem up we discovered that 36 had a big role to play in this problem. We played around with the different combinations to do with the 5 different solutions we found for 19.

As far as we got into the investigation was coming up with this worded problem…

There are 5 different combinations that equal 19. You can swap the tens and hundreds columns around 6 times.




There are 180 solutions.

This project was challenging because there were lots of small problems in the one big problem. You had to solve multiple different sums at the same time. I also wasn’t expeirenced with vertical addition so I was learning more then one thing at a time. It was hard to decide which combinations were unique and which ones were the double ups. I think it would have been harder if we didn’t know there were 180 unique solutions.


I am extremely excited for my last passion project but also very sad because of how much I have enjoyed creating them!

I intend to create different types of platters, meaning lots of lollies, fruits and snacks all arranged on a board. I found my inspiration from this platter…

By looking at that I cam up with so many more ideas and I kept searching for more of her platters. I found others like these…

I recreated the first picture and I plan to decorate other deserts like cakes and milkshakes but focus on platters. I’m going to times lapse myself making everything and then attempt to take professional photos.  I will make dream boards on Pinterest and then print them out and make a collage just like this…

I plan on using my phone to make the times lapse and my sisters Canon camera to take amazing HD photos so you can really see the detail of each one. I will have to learn how to use the camera properly because I have slight knowledge about it. But I already know how to use my phone because it is super simple!

My passion project is targeted at my family and class mates. I have already made a platter for a family gathering and next weekend is one of my best friends birthdays so I will be making a yellow themed platter and a fruit platter. When we have to present our projects to the class I will hopefully be able to share a Christmas themed platter for everyone to have and also a short film of me making all the desserts.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s faces when they see what I have made. I’m also looking forward to hopefully learning how to bake because I barely know how to crack an egg! There are many other parts of this project I am looking forward to but one other is making sure this is my best one yet because there wont be another opportunity like this soon.

This is what my board and the times lapse looked like…

I am really looking forward to finishing off this year with a bang!!! And this is the perfect way to do it.


I have really enjoyed doing my passion project this term!

I did complete what I originally set out to do. I finished my Hawaii video but I didn’t think that what I made was how it was going to turn out. It was not as simple as I intended it to be but I like how I edited all the clips together. The way I was going to originally set out the video was like a montage with music in the back but instead it is more of a mixture of montage, voice over and narrative.

The successes I had towards the end of this project were green screening because I could edit the green screen cutaways very easily and quickly. I also could simply export my video without any problems.

Some of the challenges I faced were… none! I faced no troubles towards the end of this project because any of the problems I did have were all at the beginning.

The only way I would extend my learning would be to have better time management because instead of spreading out the editing time (because I already had the footage) I edited in massive patches so I would do a big block at a time.

I am glad that I still learnt more then I envisioned and had so much fun looking back through all the memories and experiences!

This is a sneak peak of my video…

Kenya RVE

In RVE we have been learning about different aspects of Countries cultures all around the world. I chose Kenya!

Some of the differences between Australia ans Kenya is the way they dress. In Kenya the women wear traditional kanga’s but in Australia there is no set clothing. The food is also slightly different because we love all different foods but Kenya has there tradition foods like irio and chapati. Australia also seems to have a lot more celebrations and events compared to Kenya. There are also limited sports in Kenya they usually play soccer.


We have a lot of similarities with Kenya like both countries have lots of religions in Kenya there main religion is Protestant and in Australia our major religion is Christianity. Here is a list of more similarity

  • red on both flags
  • Australia has Australia day & Kenya has Jamhuri
  • both play soccer

If I lived in Kenya the main thing I would have to adjust to is there food. I am a very picky eater and there foods are very broad and random. They use what they find and I would not be used to that. Also not being able to play every sport would be hard because I would need to adapt to it. How they dress is beautiful and I would love to be part of that but I don’t know if I would be able to dress the same as everyone else because I think I would be bored. I think if I moved to Kenya it would be different but I would love it.





I have really been enjoying doing my passion project this term and looking back on lots of amazing memories.

So far I have achieved so much! I have almost finished editing the video and just have to add in little pieces to make it more entertaining. I have tried to use all ‘Hawaiian’ music so the Beach Boys and Israel Kamakawiwo’ol, to give it a relaxing but exciting feeling. I also have some videos of myself just talking to the camera about my favourite places.

Some learning I have done to up skill myself is learning how to use green screen on imovie because I thought that it would be as complicated as using Adobe Premier but it was much simpler. I also used sound effects and I learnt how much an extra sound can add to make all the sounds better. Another part of my video I learnt was how to use Google Earth Pro to get the intro or beginning of my movie! The last thing I learnt was how much music makes a difference to your movie, video or show.

Some successes I have had is everything I said in the paragraph above worked out perfectly because I had no trouble with my laptop or software! The only challenge I faced was getting some old videos onto my laptop and music onto imovie but that was quickly fixed.

The next step for my passion project is to fix any slight detail make every video or photo change on the beat (if you didn’t notice I’m a bit of a perfectionist). I also will need to save it in HD to get the best quality possible.

So far my passion project has been great and I am so excited to see what happens next! This is part of my video…

The Lost Princess

For our first session of DC this term we focused on a 12 minute short film they featured 3 real life stories and 1 scenario that very possibly has happened in real life. These stories all led to at least one message all in common.

The problem Charlotte faced was when she was online she got a friend request from a boy she had never heard of, he told her he was a friend of a friend meaning that they had never met might might know of one another. After talking for a little while Charlotte believed she ‘knew’ him and they had organised to catch up. That night Charlotte had been texting more then usual and even at the dinner table (Charlotte’s mum was very old fashioned and didn’t like the internet), her mum thought that this behaviour was unacceptable and snatched her phone from her hand, Charlotte dramatically stormed off while her mum read the texts. In this situation Charlotte could have met up with anyone because this ‘young boy’ had been texting lots of girls saying he was a friend of a friend.

This had negatively impacted Charlotte’s life because Charlotte would be online for extra hours and hours talking to this stranger. She had learnt to trust someone that she had never met. Charlotte also lost sleep because she constantly wanted to be online.

The issue got resolved by an adult even if Charlotte didn’t want her mum to know luckily she found out because she could have met up with ANYONE! She didn’t understand the consequences she could have faced.

One of the things Charlotte could have done better was she could have spoken to an adult before responding to a stranger. She could have just stood up for herself and said no if she felt uncomfortable talking online. Charlotte didn’t need to ignore her parents and should have spoken about it instead of lying.

The biggest message I took away from this true story was that you can’t trust everyone online. This means if you wouldn’t let them into your real life don’t let them into your online life. Another message I took away was that you should never give anything away about yourself or passwords or anything on the internet or social media because people can use that to do bad things.

These messages really confronted me and made me think about how I act online!

 ⬅️ Charlotte



For my term 3 passion project I intend to make a film on Hawaii and all my experiences travelling their. I hope to make a entertaining montage, humorous and factual video from the 10 times I have been there.

I used a GoPro the last few years so I have plenty of footage from then. I will use my MacBook Air to edit the video. Since I have already started editing I explored Google Earth Pro to get a video from Geelong to Waikiki.

My passion project is targeted at anyone who likes a little laugh or who loves warm weather or just wants to experience someplace through my eyes.

I am looking forward to watching memories from amazing holidays. I also love editing and I am trying new things with green screen cartoon sort of things!

I’m so excited for this terms passion project and can’t wait to see how it turns out! Here is a video I made using Google Earth Pro…


DC Cartoons

This session in Digital Citizenship we analysed a few cartoons, we talked about how every carton has a special message behind it. We talked about how you can find the characteristics that the illustrator includes funny but if you think about the meaning it’s not so funny anymore. Here is a photo Sienna and I analysed a bit deeper…

Here is what we think about it…

Sorry I don’t have the video yet!