I have really enjoyed doing my passion project this term!

I did complete what I originally set out to do. I finished my Hawaii video but I didn’t think that what I made was how it was going to turn out. It was not as simple as I intended it to be but I like how I edited all the clips together. The way I was going to originally set out the video was like a montage with music in the back but instead it is more of a mixture of montage, voice over and narrative.

The successes I had towards the end of this project were green screening because I could edit the green screen cutaways very easily and quickly. I also could simply export my video without any problems.

Some of the challenges I faced were… none! I faced no troubles towards the end of this project because any of the problems I did have were all at the beginning.

The only way I would extend my learning would be to have better time management because instead of spreading out the editing time (because I already had the footage) I edited in massive patches so I would do a big block at a time.

I am glad that I still learnt more then I envisioned and had so much fun looking back through all the memories and experiences!

This is a sneak peak of my video…

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