I have really been enjoying doing my passion project this term and looking back on lots of amazing memories.

So far I have achieved so much! I have almost finished editing the video and just have to add in little pieces to make it more entertaining. I have tried to use all ‘Hawaiian’ music so the Beach Boys and Israel Kamakawiwo’ol, to give it a relaxing but exciting feeling. I also have some videos of myself just talking to the camera about my favourite places.

Some learning I have done to up skill myself is learning how to use green screen on imovie because I thought that it would be as complicated as using Adobe Premier but it was much simpler. I also used sound effects and I learnt how much an extra sound can add to make all the sounds better. Another part of my video I learnt was how to use Google Earth Pro to get the intro or beginning of my movie! The last thing I learnt was how much music makes a difference to your movie, video or show.

Some successes I have had is everything I said in the paragraph above worked out perfectly because I had no trouble with my laptop or software! The only challenge I faced was getting some old videos onto my laptop and music onto imovie but that was quickly fixed.

The next step for my passion project is to fix any slight detail make every video or photo change on the beat (if you didn’t notice I’m a bit of a perfectionist). I also will need to save it in HD to get the best quality possible.

So far my passion project has been great and I am so excited to see what happens next! This is part of my video…

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