The Lost Princess

For our first session of DC this term we focused on a 12 minute short film they featured 3 real life stories and 1 scenario that very possibly has happened in real life. These stories all led to at least one message all in common.

The problem Charlotte faced was when she was online she got a friend request from a boy she had never heard of, he told her he was a friend of a friend meaning that they had never met might might know of one another. After talking for a little while Charlotte believed she ‘knew’ him and they had organised to catch up. That night Charlotte had been texting more then usual and even at the dinner table (Charlotte’s mum was very old fashioned and didn’t like the internet), her mum thought that this behaviour was unacceptable and snatched her phone from her hand, Charlotte dramatically stormed off while her mum read the texts. In this situation Charlotte could have met up with anyone because this ‘young boy’ had been texting lots of girls saying he was a friend of a friend.

This had negatively impacted Charlotte’s life because Charlotte would be online for extra hours and hours talking to this stranger. She had learnt to trust someone that she had never met. Charlotte also lost sleep because she constantly wanted to be online.

The issue got resolved by an adult even if Charlotte didn’t want her mum to know luckily she found out because she could have met up with ANYONE! She didn’t understand the consequences she could have faced.

One of the things Charlotte could have done better was she could have spoken to an adult before responding to a stranger. She could have just stood up for herself and said no if she felt uncomfortable talking online. Charlotte didn’t need to ignore her parents and should have spoken about it instead of lying.

The biggest message I took away from this true story was that you can’t trust everyone online. This means if you wouldn’t let them into your real life don’t let them into your online life. Another message I took away was that you should never give anything away about yourself or passwords or anything on the internet or social media because people can use that to do bad things.

These messages really confronted me and made me think about how I act online!

 ⬅️ Charlotte


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