For my term 3 passion project I intend to make a film on Hawaii and all my experiences travelling their. I hope to make a entertaining montage, humorous and factual video from the 10 times I have been there.

I used a GoPro the last few years so I have plenty of footage from then. I will use my MacBook Air to edit the video. Since I have already started editing I explored Google Earth Pro to get a video from Geelong to Waikiki.

My passion project is targeted at anyone who likes a little laugh or who loves warm weather or just wants to experience someplace through my eyes.

I am looking forward to watching memories from amazing holidays. I also love editing and I am trying new things with green screen cartoon sort of things!

I’m so excited for this terms passion project and can’t wait to see how it turns out! Here is a video I made using Google Earth Pro…


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