BBB- Project maths

For a week we have been doing, in Project maths a thing about a pool table.

How it works is there is a grid and you need to see how many bounces it will take until the ball goes in, you need to go though the square on the grid by a 45 degree’s. It can only turn when it hits a wall. To finish you have to get the ball in any of the 4 corners. The first lesson we had a lot of different grids on a piece of paper and we had to do them and find how many bounces it will take. I was sick for some lessons so I was only there for 2 lessons, other then the first lesson I was also there on the last lesson and the teacher told everyone the formula I was so confused how to do it at first but I slowly worked it out with some help.


The formula can be hard to learn but it will turn easy once you understand it. So first you pick the grid like 45 by 65  then you find a number that goes into both like 5 you would then count how many 5’s can go in each like 5, 10, 15 and so on. For 45 its (9) and for 65 its (13) then you see if you can put any other number into that and there is only 1’s which you don’t use so then there is no other ones so you plus the 2 numbers like the 9 and the 13 so 9+13=22. The next step is to -2 like 22-2=20 so that’s the answer of how many bounces the whole number sentence is 9+13+22-2=20 if you want to check your answer you can use maths 300 that’s what I did.

A part I found challenging was finding out how to do the formula.



Passion project #update


I have got all the thing I will need to make my passion project. in case you don’t know what I’m doing for my passion project it was Inspired from one of the crea8 projects I saw, its a piece of wood with a spray painted wood with a word that’s like a thing that you can hang up and it a nice little simple thing. Instead of using wood I am using a canvas because the paint will go better on that, I use a mould thing to spay the letters on that I got. I am thinking of getting maybe a star mould to add something to this. Since I am not a good painter I think this is not really painting its spray paint, I think this will be fun to make. The next step I have for my passion project is to start making it, I am probly going to make it on the weekend. The picture at the bottom is sort of what I’m thinking of doing.


Conservation film

This term our film is about an animal I chose the little penguin we need to talk about how we can save them. I think we will learnt about sharing the camera’s and more stuff about the animal. This is is my script.



Do you want penguins to be here in the future? Little penguins are an amazing creature; they are the smallest species of penguins. There lifespan is around 6 years and 80% of their life is in the sea and they get around 33cm tall.


Sadly, these cute little animals are dying from stuff that we can stop! Can you image this earth without these tiny animals?


A big thing little penguins get affected by is Pollution, I’m sure you have hear about pollution before but it’s not a thing to forget about, Pollution is a serious problem to this earth; slowly these animals will die without our help.


That’s not only thing that affect’s little penguin’s oil spills, fishers hooks and fox attacks are killing these animals.


Little penguin mistake broken balloons, plastic and pollution as food and eat it and sometimes go back to feed it to their baby’s, which kills these little animals. This is not their fault they don’t know any better than to eat the plastic.


There is also fisher’s hooks, nets and fish lines in the sea near penguins homes, they can get court in them and get hurt. We need to be more careful then this.


Its simple, all you need to do is spread the word about the little penguin and we can slowly work together to fix this problem.

The first line will be a P.T.C at the zoo. I am hoping to get a video of the penguin swimming and a video of the penguin walking.


Building views

This term we started a new thing in project called building views, there are all different stages of the project. The first step is to build the ones that it says to then draw the side view, you actually have to get down and look at the side, another way to find the side view is to see the highest block. We had to draw the side and front view.

The second stage of the math project is, the sheet shows the front and side view you have to make the one using the most blocks the lest and use 15 blocks, some were harder then others because the side view did not match up with the front so I had to move the front back which works. Out of use the most blocks lest and 15 I found using the less  blocks the hardest because a lot of the time I could not find places to take away blocks.

The next stage was using maths 300, on maths 300 they had the building views on it and they showed the front side and back view you had to drag and find how many blocks goes were you then had to see if you were right by only using the front back left and right views it can be hard to find out what the middle views are.

 This is the maths 300 program I was half way through finishing this one.



Passion project- term 4 #Description

I had no idea what to do for passion project then I thought back to when we were looking at the crea8 projects and I got an idea. inspired by what one of the people did there. Its like a piece of wood then you spray paint it a colour or some colours and with a word in the middle like a thing you can hang up. I thought what that girl did for her crea8 project, looked very nice. I’m not sure if I will make a short film on it and showing what I made or if I add pictures in a book of how I made it, with writing of what I made the idea and how I made it. I am wondering how the end resalt will end up.

Italy culture

This term in RVE we had to choose a country, and write about there culture and things about there country. I choose Italy, I learnt about there differences and similarities, event though there were a lot of differences there where a lot of things in common. It was so cool getting to learn about a county.


Some things that are different in Italy are, there meals take from 1 to 4 hours which is different in Australia because we normally take 1 hour so they do take a lot longer to eat there meals they are also not meant to rush meals.  Italians main meal is around at 1pm, which is not in Australia because that’s a bit like a late lunch, our lunch is around at 12.00 normally, another thing is cheese is important in the diet and meals, I learnt how different there country is with there meals.

Even though there are a lot of differences there are still things in common with Italy and Australia like, there are three meals of the day breakfast, lunch and dinner which is the same as Australia. People also wear accessory’s in Italy like sunglasses, necklaces and more. I also learnt that Australia and Italy both have a lot of Christians, Italy also has other culture in it.

If I were to live in Italy something’s I would find interesting is meal times like there main meal is around 1 pm which would be a difference for me since I have lunch around 12pm normally. If I did live in Italy something that would be challenging would be meals, and having cheese, cheese is a big part of Italians meals, it would be challenging because cheese is not my favourite, but it would be cool to live in Italy.

I think I have learnt a lot about Italy and also the things that are in common with Australia and Italy there are also a lot of defences too.

Passion project #reflection post

I have filmed and almost finished my editing and now that I look back at what I done not everything turned out like I planed. From my last passion project I know not everything is going to turn out as planed, like how the icing of the bath bomb was it was so runny but it made it look cool in the end. A big challenge for me was the camera we had a camera that ran out of the storage card thing and when we added a new one in it still did not work it was so annoying so I just started filming on my iPhone, which was ok but our film camera would have been better. if I were able to go back I would have ended up to add oil because some of the bath bombs stuck to the mould. But event though all of this happened it was still very successful, when I saw that the bath bombs where sticking to the mould I thought the whole thing would fail.

P.P #update post

I have been looking and researching ingredients for my bath bombs I’m making that are like donuts.  Here are the ingredients.

  • baking soda
  • citric acid
  • coconut oil
  • colouring (brown)
  • scents
  • melting soap colouring

I already have the moulds and I just need to get some more ingredients.

I am going to either make a time laps film or a how to film, I’m still not sure  but I will find out.

I learnt what makes the bath bomb explode and that’s the baking soda, the citric acid keeps the bath bomb together and solid, so it doesn’t fall apart. With out it, it would fall a part and when I try to decorate it and add the melting soap colouring, to make it like a donut.

OTTT (our town through time)

I have learnt so much about rip curl and the surf history and its so cool what I learnt I am doing the history of surfing, I would like to focus on the history of rip curl, a brief bit of history, is that did you know that curl’s first boards were made in April 1969. I also learnt That the first sewing machine they used to make was a sewing machine was a Pffaf 138 zig zag.

The story that I thought was super cool, was how it all started at rip curl, how the whole thing started was two people that worked together loved to surf. They were talking one day and thought that would be a cool idea to make a shop that has surf shop. I did not know that’s how simple it could be to think of such a successful business. The first surf boards at rip curl were made in April 1969 which I thought was very interesting. They were just making surf boards intill a local surfer joined to make the wetsuits his name was Alan green. He spent a lot of his time at wetsuit drive company. He found a sewing machine which he could make the wetsuits with. I thought this fact was cool because I did not know this it is that the first sewing machine they used was called a Pffaf 138 zig zag. In April 1970 Alan green left rip curl.

I think this story is very worth tell because before I learnt about it I knew nothing about and I am sure that some people that life down the street from rip curl don’t event know how it started, and they would like and enjoy learning about it like I did. I think that is such a cool story that’s worth listen too for all people event people that don’t surf, I don’t surf and I found it so interesting to learn about it.

Something I would like to do in my film is a interview I’m not sure who but maybe someone. I think that would be a good idea because its interesting, you will also know its true because it from a expert and knows a lot about what there talking about. I also think they could re-act the two people talk and saying how they were like lets start a shop that will sell surf boards.

Passion project #description


When I heard that when had to do another passion project I had no Idea of what to do, I thought of lots off different things but not any of them where exciting to me. I love making things and I had an idea that I could make bath bombs because last year I tried to make them they were ok but they defiantly could have been better they looked weird and fell apart, so I wanted to make them again and thought it could be my passion project. I did want to make they cool better and more exsiting to make so I looked up cool types of bath bombs and thought of a donut bath bomb which I have never made before. This type of bath of has much more ingredients and would be so much more of a challenge to make. I was wondering where will I get the mould from I could just make a round shape using a measuring  cup then use a knife to make a circle in the middle, but I then found a problem with that which is that the bath bomb could fall apart if I cut it. Luckily I realised that we have donut moulds which is perfect. I have a picture of the moulds at the bottom.

I also put in a picture of a donut bath bomb.