OTTT (our town through time)

I have learnt so much about rip curl and the surf history and its so cool what I learnt I am doing the history of surfing, I would like to focus on the history of rip curl, a brief bit of history, is that did you know that curl’s first boards were made in April 1969. I also learnt That the first sewing machine they used to make was a sewing machine was a Pffaf 138 zig zag.

The story that I thought was super cool, was how it all started at rip curl, how the whole thing started was two people that worked together loved to surf. They were talking one day and thought that would be a cool idea to make a shop that has surf shop. I did not know that’s how simple it could be to think of such a successful business. The first surf boards at rip curl were made in April 1969 which I thought was very interesting. They were just making surf boards intill a local surfer joined to make the wetsuits his name was Alan green. He spent a lot of his time at wetsuit drive company. He found a sewing machine which he could make the wetsuits with. I thought this fact was cool because I did not know this it is that the first sewing machine they used was called a Pffaf 138 zig zag. In April 1970 Alan green left rip curl.

I think this story is very worth tell because before I learnt about it I knew nothing about and I am sure that some people that life down the street from rip curl don’t event know how it started, and they would like and enjoy learning about it like I did. I think that is such a cool story that’s worth listen too for all people event people that don’t surf, I don’t surf and I found it so interesting to learn about it.

Something I would like to do in my film is a interview I’m not sure who but maybe someone. I think that would be a good idea because its interesting, you will also know its true because it from a expert and knows a lot about what there talking about. I also think they could re-act the two people talk and saying how they were like lets start a shop that will sell surf boards.

Passion project #description


When I heard that when had to do another passion project I had no Idea of what to do, I thought of lots off different things but not any of them where exciting to me. I love making things and I had an idea that I could make bath bombs because last year I tried to make them they were ok but they defiantly could have been better they looked weird and fell apart, so I wanted to make them again and thought it could be my passion project. I did want to make they cool better and more exsiting to make so I looked up cool types of bath bombs and thought of a donut bath bomb which I have never made before. This type of bath of has much more ingredients and would be so much more of a challenge to make. I was wondering where will I get the mould from I could just make a round shape using a measuring  cup then use a knife to make a circle in the middle, but I then found a problem with that which is that the bath bomb could fall apart if I cut it. Luckily I realised that we have donut moulds which is perfect. I have a picture of the moulds at the bottom.

I also put in a picture of a donut bath bomb.

P.P #editing

I Video my passion project last week and I have finished filming and have been editing a lot I have edited most of my first draft of the film. I have been editing on my computer, I am using to edit my film using adobe premiere I chose to use this because I know how to use it mostly, and when I did the slime film we were in groups so I did not do all of edit by myself so I thought that I would try to use that but do it by myself. I have learnt about editing and that is adding titles, I did know how to do this and I forgot some of it and had to find it out again. I found that my plan looks much different to how it looks now and what it actually looks like because some of the shots are different because some shots were a little hard to take from where we were. Even though it dose not look the same as the plan I think it still looks super good and I love it. If I could change anything I would make the camera still because some times when we were doing over head shots it was moving a bit, I did not film through my sister did.


The lost princess

Today we watched the lost princess, its about 4 character 3 are really character and what happened to them is really. I chose to talk about charlotte. The thing that happened to charlotte was she was on this game and texted this guy, the guy said that he when to school with her but he was lying. He also faked his age. They were planning to meant which could have ended very bad. Then one night when there family was having dinner. The mum took the phone and saw the messages. The mum then went and talked to her. They were planning to meant and the boy was not really a boy her age he was a adult and it would have been bad if she did go to mean the guy. You should never talk to a random person on messages.

Win at the fair

For the last couple project maths class’s we have been doing a game called win at the fair, its a game when you roll a dice and what ever number you can make you go start, left or right on a maths game called maths 300 you can change the rules and they way you go when you roll the dice. This is what I chose happens when you roll the dice.And once you roll the dice and go what way your meant to you keep rolling intill you get on a money price and that’s how much money you get how ever plays the game has to pay $1 and they could win up to $5 but you can change the rules on maths 30on how much you win. This is a picture of the original game board before I change the rules.and this is a picture of what I changed my board too I change the price’s so that they will have a less chances of getting a high prize. Our class all played this game and collected data on what number are most likely to get chosen. The numbers that where the most likely to get chosen is 0.50 and $1.00 that’s why in my new board that I changed I had a 0.50 where the $1 use to be so that they only get 0.50 instead of $1. I found that changing the arrows really helps I got much more money if I changed the arrows.

Our class goal for how much money we give out was around $700 if 1000 people played and that’s around what I got. If we give out $700 that means we would get $300 back because 1000 people are playing. But another thing we had to remember is that our game had to look fair and not just have 0.20, 0.30 and 0.50 so we also had to add dollars. I tried to add as much dollars as I can with out not losing too much money. I think people how play my game will enjoy it because it looks pretty fair and looks like you can get the big prizes easy.

After we changed the rule’s on our board we tested it on maths300 to see if we would win or lose money, maths300 quickly plays 1000 games and gives you the results. Here are my results from my game board.

Here is a screen recording on what I got when I ran some try on it. win at the fair blog post-q0bj3w

Me as a reader

When I read the space around me is mostly quiet, I sit in a room with no distraction. I don’t read out loud, my favourite type’s of books are humour and  family and friends.  The space around looks like a room that has no distractions and no one that can distraction me. I don’t really read the back of the book because I want to find it out by myself. When I read I feel conferrable. We I read I get lost in the book and cant put the book down. I use to read a lot and there I couldn’t find books that I liked any more so I stoped read as much but now I have a book that I like so I read a lot more. I cant listen to music when reading because I cant forces. I also cant read in a car because I feel sick. The book I’m reading at the moment I cant reamber the name but its a chose your own ever after about netball.

Birke Baehr’s


We just watch a new TED talk the talker was Birke Baehr’s, on how our food we eat is changed and is not healthy.

I think there is defiantly a message, I think the message is that people don’t really know what happens to there food and where it comes from, the way he got the message across is he kept the audience listen to him by being funny every now and then. He also had pictures at the back screen.

I was surprised that he did not have any technology to support him other then a microphone and the back TV. He did not event have a piece of paper with his script, which means he would have had to reread his lines over and other.

I saw that he did use some techniques he moved his hands around but he did move his hands around too much. He also walked around the stage.

DC cartoon


Today the teacher showed us 3 photos of people that are in love with there phone and its meant to be set as now, we had to chose out of the 3 photo I chose the photo at the top, some of the other pictures are a bit funny I don’t think this one is funny though, I think the people made this cartoons to get across a message I thought the message was that kids are on there phones to much the kid with the soccer ball wants to play soccer with his friends but they are to busy on there phones. I think this is a very important message because kids are on there phones way to much and should stop being on there phones too much. I don’t think this is a funny cartoon there are way to many kids on there phones.


TED talk Richard Turere

Today we watched another TED talk this time Richard Turere was the speaker, he talked about how the lions were eating many of there cows. After watching the TED talk I thought the main message was the kids can make amazing things, and you don’t need to wait for someone else to fix the problems you can that action to.

He made me and the other people watching the video understand the message by telling the problem that e had making it interning by real pictures of him, he talking like he wanted to be there and that he was not bored which helped the people watching not get board.

I saw that he only use the TV in the background and that was the only technology he used I have seen that other people use IPads to read there script but he did not do that.

The presentation was great there were many photo and more then the last TED talk video we watched I think he was great at getting the message across.

I think this TED talk got the meassage across pretty easy, I think that this TED talk also inspress other young kids to make a change and invent things event if it does not work the first time.


#production Passion project

Lately I have been working really hard on my passion project, in case you don’t already know but for my passion project I’m making a cake and I have finished planning, I have got feedback on my planning by many people and I am ready to film I will be filming in week 5 which s this week, but I will have to film on Saturday because that’s the best day that we can do I am going to have help making my cake by my mum. I have desisted what my cake will look like as well it will have icing dripping down the edge of the cake, and lollies or just icing on the top the colour of the cake will be a light blue or a light pink I have not chosen yet.


Now all I have to do is film which is already planned then I will edit I think I will defiantly get this done I found out lots of people have already filmed I think I chose a good time to film though because I have time edit and if I did film last week I would have been doing nothing for one of the week so I think it was a good Idea to film this week then the next 2 weeks I will be editing and then in 3 weeks I can get feedback on my film so far. I think my film will work out good!


I would like my cake to look a bit like this with the icing dripping of the edge.