Point and shoot cameras

Hello .This is where I will be posting all the things I learn for Film School . What is film school ? You may ask. Film school is when the teachers teach us about how to make films. I will record all I learn in film school on my blog.

first we learnt angles for photos drawing attention to the object by using a natural thing that is already there and that may work as a frame . we also learnt to use grid and make the main object off center an maybe at the first or second column . if you are using the grid metheod we also learnt how to balance they main object out with something less important so it makes the image look more full but doesnt draw your eyes away from the main object in the photo
later on in the first stage of the first class we took photos. here are some of the photos me and shay took

Presenting Piece to Camera

Presenting Piece to camera

in the second stage we practiced voculs and practices that get us ready before we film we also had to reherse we also writ down dot points like don’t read off of a script don’t  or take hints from people. later on we did tongue twister i didn’t do to well at the tongue twisters but it was still fun . heres a video of me recording me doing tongue twisters



Taking apart old devices

these few weeks we have been able to pull apart old electronics and see what makes them work

I chose to to take apart an old five dollar mouse with an expose wire

Here is the design



here are some of the photos

Here’s what it looked like originally


First thing i did was take out the screw at the bottom and that releases the mane components and lets you to separate the pieces of the mouse easy

here’s a photo of the screw not there

After that i tried finding places where i thought the plastic would separate and open

here’s a photo of where the plastic opened

sorry didn’t take a photo

Here’s a photo of when i opened it

Here’s a photo of the shell

Here’s a photo of the devise that controls it

There is also a small scroll wheel and a screw but that not to important


Here is what i changed it into

I also created a Game called hit the target hears a photo of the game sorry it was blurry



These few weeks my class has been working on spheros I’m in a group with Archie and me


Here’s a list of what we’ve created so far

so far we have created

Hot potato

Here’s the code

first it says on start program that activates the line of code


start of loop 10

delay 10 seconds delays the code for 10 seconds you can change the amount of time

play bubble pop sound you can change the sound but this is the sound for a player loosing

The main led turns red and it goes real fast and moves everywhere to show that you have lost

end of loop


don’t forget thee is still another line of code

On collision play chomp sound to symbolise that they haven’t lost

and also the colour green to show they haven’t lost


we have also made a square

Here’s the code


On start program / when program is started


loop 4 times / repeat 4 times if you lower the amount it will not make a full square

speed 29 / you can make it any speed we just didn’t want it to be a huge square

delay for 0.9s / again you can make it longer or shorter but this is a reasonable size

Spin 90* for 0.9s / we made it 0.9 because  because we didn’t want to make it a very fast turn and make it go further than its supposed to

End of repeat


Speed 0 to make sure it stops after its finished



Theese few maths sessions we have been working on probability or chance but also spinners


this is something I made in one maths lesson

That what it looks like I’m going to use it for what I eat at hoe for dinner


Heres whats going on behind the wheel

Food Maths probability gues out of 10 anser
Maccas 1/32 guess 1
KFC 1/32 guess 1
rice paper rolls 9/32 guess 4
parents choose what’s for dinner 8/32 guess 3
Tacos 4/32 guess 2

Macas has 1/32 of a chance

Kfc also has 1/32 of a chance

Rice paper rolls have 9/32 of a chance

parents choose whats for dinner 8/32 times

tacos have 4/32 of a chance



Turtle art

Early in term 1 we made shapes in turtle art but it was just to get started here’s one of the shapes I made

I made a diamond and yes I know that’s not the scientific name for it but I will search it up

hers some of the code an the image of it

set pen size to 4 I did 4 because it was the average pen size but you can set it to another size if you want

pd = pen is down or drawing

This was the first version and test so it was a little weird I had it rotate 130 degrees when I didnt need to

forward 100 this is the length of each of the lines

right 45 degrees this is important if you don’t set it to 45 it wont make the same shape or the same angle

another forward 100

right 45

I don’t know why I didn’t make it turn I one move I stead of 2 .right 90

forward 100 to finish the shape


hers a better version I did later on this one uses 2 less blocks

it has gotten rid of the first right 135 because it didn’t do anything and also have gotten rid of the third last block in the other one and have combined Bothe of them=135 degrees

set pens size to 4 this is changeable

forward 100 if all the lines aren’t the  this stays the same or else it cant make the shape the same length as the other lines in the shape it wont make the same shape

right 135this stays the same or  else it doesn’t make the same shape

forward 100

right 45 forward 100

right 135

forward 100



Here’s another shape I did

set pen size to 4you can change this if you want I chose this because it was the default/recommended size

pd= pen down/draw



forward 100

left 45 or right 45

repeat 8 anything in this loop repeats 8 times I chose 8 because it takes 8 turns to make the full shape



after that you can add some things to make it look like this

to make this you need a

repeat 4 to make everything in the loop repeat 4 times also if don repeat 4 it wont make the 4 move shapes

pd=pen down/draw


repeat 8

repeat anything in the loop this include the forward 100

and you cant see this bock but it is a left 45

repeat 8


at the same time another piece of code is running that’s not in the repeat forward 100 left 90

end of repeat


so this is a pretty easy one I made


arc angle 195 is a little more than a half turn radius 100 means 100 wide 100 long

right 180 full turn backwards -195 means in the same place it was befor but facing the opposite way

ends of repeat


this is what I transformed it into

i’ll explain the code

fill screen colour 0 shade 0

set colour to 0

repeat 4

repeat 55

set colour to colour + 1 this means the normal colour +1

arc angle 195right 180 = half a full turn

arc – 195 means back to the same place but it is still at a different angle

arc 195 since its still at on a different angle it does it on the other side witch creates the first shape

right 180 arc -195 puts it back in the middle

left 5 makes it be but in a slightly different position so then its equally spaced

once repeated 220 times end of repeat


heres another thing I added onto it that I don’t yet fully understand it myself

i dont fully understand that one yet





here’s something cool i made

I’ll explain the code

set colour to 0 that’s the default colour


repeat 360 that means it will repeat 360 times

set pen size to 3thats1 below the default

pd= pen down

forward 1000 i made it 1000 to make sure it at least made it to the end of the sceen

right 180 half of a full turn forward 1000 to make sure its in the same place as it was before but in a different rotation

right 181 makes it 1 past the direction it was before

end of repeat


I’ll explain the code

set colour to 0 you can set the pen colour to anything you want

fill screen colour 0 you can also change the screen colour to anything ou want I chose black because it makes it stand out


repeat 35 times I don’t know how many reeats it takes to make a full shape this is a full shape but you could use less repeats than I did

set colour to colour + 10

Beetle blocks

This term we are using beetle blocks and to get started at 3d printing and getting started I chose to make an octogon her is the code and I will explain it

start extruding means pen down

rotate z is something you can change but it makes how much the turn is

Move you can change this to but try to make it a small number

repeat 7 you can change the number of how many times it repeats but whatever is in the loop repeats the number of times you put in

rotate z is something you can change but it makes how much the turn is

move  i put in 6.2.5 because it is double

rotate z by 45



The next thing id did was making a much shorter version of the code that also works much better

as you an see it makes the same shape except it makes it in a lot less bricks of code

and 360/8 means it turns 360 degrees in 8 turns and forward 8 times


after that we started making patterns like this

il explain the code

start extruding is like pen down or start drawing

set extruding Dia. to o.5 that’s how wide the line is

move 6 I chose that because that would choose how wide the shape is

rotate z by 360/4 that makes it turn 360 degrees In four points which makes a square

and then its in a loop that repeats 4 times

move twelve

rotate z 90

move 6

rotate by 45


And heres another one I made

Il explain the code

The first one is When _ _ _ Key pressed you can type in any key on the keyboard that the line of code gets activated by

reset it resets what has been placed from before

start extruding that means pen down . I chose lines but you can also choose curves

Move 3 that makes how long each line is .you can also choose a different number if you want

rotate z by 360 / 6 . that 360/6 means 360 degrees turned in four points

stop extruding = pen up

rotate z by 360/7 means 360 degrees turned in 7 points

and then all this is in a loop of 80 so it repeats 80 times


This one is a different one

IL explain the code

repeat it repeats every thing within it 10 times you can change this number if you want but it will not stack as many times and you can also add numbers to this so it will stack higher

When flag clicked starts the rest of the code

start extruding means pen down you can change it to curves if you want a more circular shape

set extruding dia to 1 that determines how thick the lines are you can change that if you want


repeat 8 that means anything inside this space repeats 8 times

move 5 that will determine how wide the shape is that will stack

rotate z by 360/8 that means it will turn 360 degrees in 8 points you can change the second number to make another shape if you want

after its repeated 8 times it  go’s onto the line of code after that


stop extruding = pen up

set z to z position +  1 that means it goes up by 1 each time it reaches the end

end of loop


and that’s everything I’ve learnt on printing 3D things