Wireless microphones & cameras

This lesson of film school we learnt about wireless microphones and the cameras you use with them.



lapel microphones have a clip that can to your shirt and they are wireless so they are ideal for long shots

lapel microphones can pickup backround noise but since it is close to your face it you can still here the person over the wind

there is a transmitter the microphone plugs into it sends that sound to the receiver. the receiver is pugged into the camera so it then goes into the camera and records the sound using the wireless mic.


Hand held mic

The hand held mic does not need a transmitter because it has a transmitter built into it.


All mics wireless mics

make sur you pair the transmitter mic and receiver with the same number or else it is paired with the wrong one


HML Cameras

same things

it plugs in the same as other cameras it connects to the tripod the same and the screen also flips out the same and it also has the same handle so make sure you use the same precaution’s and more with this mic

Different things

there is a lid for the lens so it does not get damaged and you just press the button to activate it


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