Mini golf

This term you were given 3 choices but you could only make one. The choices were a model of a house, Toy story five, or a mini golf coarse that’s what me and my group chose. in my group there are three people Archie Mathew and me Jon. you also had to include electronics and it also had to include programming my group was going to use the humming bird kit but there wasn’t enough so we used the ev3 Lego robotics electronics.




My initial goal is to make a working mini golf coarse with a chest that opens when you hit the golf ball into the hole and then the chest closes after 8 seconds


Here are the parts, purposes and complexities of my design:


This is the first iteration of my programming but I had a few problems the motors would spin even if they weren’t activated by the sensor

This is the 2nd desighn of my code and you can see that I fixed how I how the motors are activated by using a brick that makes the makes the sensor wait and only activates the rest of the code when it senses the ball. I have also added something so it resets itself lets you take your golf ball out then puts the code in a loop

2nd screen cast of code




The parts which were the most challenging was figuring out how to fix the for the golf coarse so that the motors would spin open the chest and the close when the sensor sensed the golf ball


Here are some of the photos of the chest that will open




The great barier reif

This Month there is a school project I am doing about the great barrierreef on scratch I am building a diorama and the coding will be on scratch the people who are in my group are Mathew Archie and me Jon

the coding

sorry it turned out fuzzy I will attempt to fix it over a few days


the scan of my book

I have not got a scan yet but in a few days I will


the diorama stages

stage 1 not going to well but its going okay and we have got the rock an the san for the bottom of the ocean

I still have not seen the other stages so I cannot use any of the images of the diorama


Here is the list of material’s my group used

Pva glue

A card board box

Printed photos of fish

food dye sponges and if you cut it into rough pieces it looks like coral

Kabab sticks

Aluminum foil


see though blue plastic



And for the programming I used scratch