EV3 lego robotics

In desighn we we  all the classes in year five  work on a robot .lego robotics is a fun but a tough challenge my favourite part is building all groups do a roaition of filming building and programming in my group there is three people adam Jacob and me Jon

my group went through 2 stages of building until we got the robot right

Stage 1.

We had a claw but we could only have 2 motors

Stage 2 . I don’t know if this is the final stage of my robot but for now it is.


these are the problems I came across with the robot


when we were building my group came across 2 problems when we started the thing that controld the robot was not working the secnd time we buit the shell but the core wasn’t working exept this time it was just we forgot to charge it everyone in our group felt so dumb including me and there was also another time when we plugged everything into the wrong ports we plugged the motors into numbers not letters.after that we finaly got it working but there but we were only aloud 2 motors and 2 sensors but we had 4 sensors and 3 motors so we got rid of the claw and back sensors  we donated the claw to Mathew and Archies group because it would be a waste if we didn’t use it .

right now my group is thinking about joining the Lego robotics but we haven’t got the finished product for coding

ok so I did some programming for the sensors but it isn’t the best programming heres a photo of my programming

sorry the photo of my programming didn’t work it went all fuzzy sorry