Humming bird traffic light challenge

Humming bird challenge 1

can you make a traffic light?

yes but  it takes more time than you would think to get to the finished product it takes about 4 or five sessions of design to finish it


• What is the sequence of the lights?

green for 12 seconds same with the turning arrow and then blue for 10 seconds


• Are they timed equally?

no they are not because there would probably be more cars so the cars get 2 more seconds then the pedestrians


• Is the sequence the same at night as it is through the day?

I don’t think I will ad that


• Is there a turning arrow?

I will ad that soon because I haven’t got the finished product


• Are there lights for cars and pedestrians?

yes the car light is green and the pedestrian light is blue and when 1 light turns of the other one turns on


• How are the pedestrian lights triggered?

all of the lights are on a timer so they can not be trigured and this made it  eseir


My initial goal is to make a working set of traffic lights that works well.


Here are the parts, purposes and complexities of my design

This is the first iteration of my traffic light system:

[insert video explanation]

[insert screencast of most challenging programming sequence]


The parts which were the most challenging were figuring out how to turn the lights off

I was able to get this working by setting the amount of light to 0





Debug it 2

This is a video of scratch debug it 2.1

This is a video of scratch debug it 2.2

This is a video of scratch 2.3

This is a video of scratch 2.4

This is debug it 2.5


This is debug it challenge 1.1

This is debug it 1.2

This is debug it challenge 1.3

This is debug it challenge 1.4

This is debug it challenge 1.5

MakeyMakey instruments

The plans for the instruments


The piano

The notes for the piano was D A B F we made the piano out of a coffee box paddle pops aluminium foil and a little bit of tape



The drum

For the drum we only had one drum sound. What we used to make the drum was a card board box a sheet of tinfoil and a little bit of tape.



The coding



A video of the instruments working